1. danny334

    Effect audio and Toxic cables comparisons

    I have an issue. I own 2 cables from Effect Audio - Lionheart and Ares II+ Both cables are distinctly way better than stock however due to the thickness the cables are plagued with breaks and I have to keep sending them back to Singapore for repairs. That's about £60 gbp a pop for postage...
  2. T

    Toxic Cables Existing customer prize draw. HE-500 - EF-5 - Stand - Cable

    NOW CLOSED     So here it is, sorry for the delay in posting.   HiFiMAN HE-500 HiFiMAN EF-5 ROOM'S FS HEADPHONE STAND TOXIC CABLES BLACK WIDOW HE CABLE All new and unused  Total value £1,325   As some of you know, i always ike to give a little back to my customers few times a year...
  3. ebjarrell

    Sennheiser Momentum Replacement Cables

    I was just given a set of Sennheiser Momentum headphones but the cable is broken. (Dog ate it) Is there anyone who can point me in the right direction on getting a replacement set other than the ones from Sennheiser?   EJ
  4. econsumer666

    Audio GD in Europe? LCD2 balanced cable in Europe?

    Europe seems to s... big time when it comes to gear.   I have two questions: Can anyone suggest if some dealer offers Audio-GD gear in Europe? I'm going to be using balanced 5.2 DAC from Audio GD with NFB6 as HP amp and with LCD2. Where can I find a balanced cable for LCD2? (i can't do...
  5. T

    Toxic Cables, 1st Year Anniversary Competition. Amazing prizes to be won.

    1 year Anniversary competition.   Tell me what you think of the new, Toxic French Silk cables, any of my cables or Toxic Cables in general and win yourself  the following,   1st Prize, Audio GD NFB-10.2 (Fully balanced amplifier)   2nd Prize, HiFiMAN HE-300   3rd Prize, 6ft...
  6. hun009

    Recommend cable for he500 with digital source?

    Hi, I just brought a he500 which is on the way now. But I am confused about choosing the upgrade cables. I use Logitech transporter and little dot mk7+ to be the front end and want the cable with xlr. With these digital source(usually cold) it seems copper cable would give me a warmer voice...
  7. Goofyboy84

    Westone UM3X RC question..

    Hello!! I have been browsing the forum for quite some time and I have received a lot of helpful information. =) I have a couple of questions regarding the Westone UM3X RC please. I will be purchasing a set of these soon. 1) If I want to upgrade the cable, who makes them? 2) portable amp.. Can...
  8. branqazwsx

    Is an expensive LOD necessary?

    I currently have an iPod Classic going into a PA2V2 amp with a $7 Fiio L3 LOD. Coming out of the amp I have a set of Beyerdynamic DT 1350's. I was wondering if I am missing that much with my cheep little LOD. Do the more expensive LOD's from places like ALO Audio offer that much more to my music...
  9. SpyCam

    Custom cable for Sennheiser HD580, HD650 needed. Some cash for you

    I have Sennheiser HD580 and HD650 headphones and I am currently looking for a custom cable. I need custom cable for portable MP3 player to listen to MP3 songs. For this purpose I do not need the highest quality expensive copper or silver cables as they won't make sense anyways. Yet I want a...
  10. claud W

    HD600 and Toxic cables

    Anyone here use any flavor of Toxic Cables on your HD600s? Which ones and how did they affect the sound? I have original Cardas on my HD600s and it makes them smoother and more articulate. Its a big improvement if , like me, you change back to original cable to check the difference. My Cardas is...
  11. project86

    Toxic Cables Silver Poison custom IEM cable - wanna borrow it?

    UPDATE   I'm keeping this original post and all the info in it as an archive. But the program is over. Unfortunately a member  yjt93  accepted the cable and disappeared. Apparently he left the country from what we can tell. Currawong was helpful in trying to reach him but we haven't heard...
  12. longbowbbs

    Toxic Cables Silver Widow Headphone Cable Review

    Head-Fi is a cool place. It provides a chance to read about products I am not likely to see personally and I have the opportunity to talk to creative product innovators. Most of these MoT (Members of the Trade) are a long way from me and I would likely never had seen their work were it not for...
  13. Austin Morrow

    Toxic Cables - Impressions and Discussion Thread

    Everyone that I know in the forums has said nothing but absolutely positive things about Frank's cables, and his commitment when it comes to customer service. Toxic Cables, in my honest and unbiased opinion, makes some of the best cables around, and for a relatively low cost.   I have an HD650...