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Toxic Cables Existing customer prize draw. HE-500 - EF-5 - Stand - Cable

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  1. Toxic Cables
    So here it is, sorry for the delay in posting.
    HiFiMAN HE-500
    HiFiMAN EF-5
    All new and unused 
    Total value £1,325
    As some of you know, i always ike to give a little back to my customers few times a year and here is the second time for 2014
    Rules for the draw are as follows,
    You must be one on my exististing customer, this is not open to those who bought the cable used or from anyone else, must have been purchased directly from me.
    To enter, just put "i'm in" in your post and that post number will be entered in to the random draw. You can post as many times as you like, but the first post that has those words in, will be the only post entered, if you fancy having a different post number, just say the words in that post and not the first.
    Another few things, these are not a must as i realize not everyone joins these places.
    If you could like my Facebook page, it would be much appreciated, don't know why, but i see it as a rule in most of these draws, so thought why not get my numbers up [​IMG] 
    Secondly, if you could post a picture of the cable you have, this would be great, would love to see how they look not after some usage.
    Here's a quick snap of what the winner will get,
    Winner will be chosen at random by someone other then myself using a random number generator, so all can see it was fair.
    If there is something in the package you don't need or already have, please say so and i will donate the value of that item to charity or hold another draw, your choice.
    Thank you to everyone who has supported me over the last 2 years i have been in business, it's been one hell of a ride and busier then i had ever expected or been prepared for, thank you.
    I do know that there are customers who purchase from my 2 dealers and i do appreciate it and will do something seperate for you guys down the line.
    Winner will be announced on the last weekend of the month.
    TheOneInYellow likes this.
  2. alan_g
    i'm in
  3. jrprana
    I'm in
  4. eddiehaha
    I'm in
  5. hifimanrookie
    I'm in


    And here is a pic of the custommade BW cable ur baked for me..i love it!!


    Ps..i was one of the first ones liking ur facebook page :D
  6. achl354
    I AM IN!!!
  7. longbowbbs
    I'm In....
    I am SOOOOO in.....[​IMG] 
    BTW, I think I was your first Facebook Page like......
  8. gebo
    I'm in.
  9. Zolty
    I'm in.
  10. ostewart
    I'm in!!!!!
    Purchased many supplies from Frank, waiting for some more silver cable to arrive :)
    I was also one of the first to like the page, and since using toxic cables, I never use any other brands of cable.
    Recabled with franks copper cable :)
  11. nipit
    I'm in.
  12. bluewrx1025
    I'm in.

    So so in! Been a fan on Facebook for a while as well.
    My current rig. And currently waiting on 2 more of Frank's amazing cables.
  13. fishbone
    I'm in.
  14. Angelbelow
    I'm in.

    Liked on facebook too.

    Gl everyone :)
  15. Shini44
    I'm in.
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