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Custom cable for Sennheiser HD580, HD650 needed. Some cash for you

  1. SpyCam
    I have Sennheiser HD580 and HD650 headphones and I am currently looking for a custom cable.

    I need custom cable for portable MP3 player to listen to MP3 songs. For this purpose I do not need the highest quality expensive copper or silver cables as they won't make sense anyways. Yet I want a good quality cable for everyday use, that could be like 50% cheaper than the highest quality audiophile ones that we would use at home. So I'm searching for anyone who could sell/make me one.
    The components for the cable:
    1x 3.5mm high quality Headphone jack plug
    2x Sennheiser headphone plugs (small ones, don't know the name, here are how they look:

    1.5 meter cable, cable needs to be pretty flexible but durable, resistant to various wearing situations (it will mostly be used outsides, for sport, etc), white color or transparent insulation if possible.
    The following cable would look like the one for me, regarding the looks and pricing, just that seller doesn't offer/make cables for Sennheiser HD580 or HD650:
    I will need international shipping to European Union. I will gladly pay you via PayPal or through Ebay system.

    If you are interested, please PM me what cable and connectors you can offer, what soldering will be used and what final characteristics of this custom cable would be, what your prices are. Or if you could recommend someone that i could get in contact about this matter - be so kind to let me know.

    Thank you very much and I will be waiting for your answer.
  2. dercius

    You may want to check with the toxic cables company. They make well built cables for some of the lowest prices around.
  3. SpyCam
    Thank you for letting me know.
    I already ordered my cables from someone else.

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