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Help selecting a new cable for Shure 535's

  1. el1011
    I have had my 535's for 2+ years and love them as much as the day I got them. My OEM cable is starting to cut out at the plug so it is time for a new cable. I appreciate great sound, but don't consider myself an audiophile, mainly because I have other hobbies that take up my spare time and $$$$$. Anyway I am looking to spend no more than 2-300 dollars on a new cable and an looking for some direction on what cable will work with my 535's. I am liking the Cronus, but am unable to tell if they will work for my Shures. How can I tell if a specific brand is compatible? Also, does my OEM cable simply unplug from the shell? I have pulled lightly, but it did not budge and I did not want to break anything.

    thanks for any help that you can provide
  2. theque
    The way I see it is you have 3 choices...
    1. Just buy a direct replacement cable for ~$45.
    2. Buy a Baldur MKII cable because you think for some reason the cable is going to make a sound difference and it has, at least by cable enthusiasts consensus, the best sound with the SE535's.
    3. Buy a sexy designer cable from somewhere like DHC because you know the actual cable will make no difference in sound, but you have money to burn and want something sexy looking.
    For the record, I choose option 3 for the SE535LTD-J I just gave to my fiance.

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