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Is there a general 'headphone' cable ?

  1. goodsound
    Broke my AKG K81DJ cable and tried splicing and soldering it but the strands are too thing and have really weird insulaton coating on them - they just break up when trying to scrap the insulation off. So I have no choice but to replace the whole dang cable all the way from the drivers to the plug. Are there any cables available that I coud use readily ? Like a cable that would split into a 'Y' to go to each side of the headphone. Do cable companies like Belden and Canare made cables specifically for this type of purpose ?
    My first preference would be to just use such a cable then go for a full blow diy job using multiple wires and then a sleeve/jacket to go over it and such.
    Please advise.
  2. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    There's no dedicated headphone cable on retail unfortunately, given that you can't exactly make a spool of cable with Y-splits all over it. AKG distributor might have the cables on hand for repairs, you can ask them to send you one and you just solder it on instead of sending the headphones to them.
    Or you can buy a Sennheiser HD600/650 cable, snip off the connector pins, then strip and solder as necessary.
  3. goodsound
    Doesn’t have to be ‘Y’ out of the box, all I need is just two parallel dual conductor or coax type cables stuck together (like zipcord or speaker wire). Then I can just pull the two parellels apart as much distance I want at the headphone end.
    Thanks for the Senn suggestion. Looks like they have a similar cable for HD222/414/424 also. I will check with AKG.
    Actually when I look at the HD222 rca style termination I wonder – why couldn’t I just use some relatively thin and flexible parallel coax (rca type) cables for this ? Instead of rca pins I would have a stereo pin on one end and bare termination for soldering on the other. The ones that come on some composite video+audio cables are particularly thin and flex. And I am sure those come in reel/bulk – meaning if there are mass market products made using those cables then chances are they are made by Belden and Canare.
  4. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    There's wire that's a lot like the Sennheiser stock cable (two thin cables stuck together, each with paraellel conductors). I've seen it in electronics supply stores but I have no idea what they're usually used for.
    I think that's possible but the cheapness of that thin cable will probably penalize you with how difficult they are to work with. But if you have steady hands it should be no problem.
  5. goodsound
    Thanks. I will check what is the thickness/diameter on those although I can get some idea about the relative size as compared to the pin, from the picture. but yeah if it works out thats exactly what I am looking for.
    Senn makes a cable for HD222/414/424 that might work too, and also HD212PRO, HD477, HD497, EH250, EH350. These are cheaper than the HD600/650.
    Besides that, I found a couple of cables from belden so thought I'd post here - 7700A/1807A. Total thickness is a shade under 6mm for both channel wires combined.
  6. Headzone
    Just to hijack this thread, does anyone know where to buy coiled headphone cables?
    I found some from ebay, but I have no idea how is the quality with these cheapo cables: 

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