1. Mheat122134

    Best 3.5mm Audio cable for Headphones?

    I'm using beats studio i'm looking for quality and maybe volume control etc.
  2. goodsound

    Is there a general 'headphone' cable ?

    Broke my AKG K81DJ cable and tried splicing and soldering it but the strands are too thing and have really weird insulaton coating on them - they just break up when trying to scrap the insulation off. So I have no choice but to replace the whole dang cable all the way from the drivers to the...
  3. AnthonyMcEwen

    Broken Wires.

    Right, nice and simple really, all I want to know is can you replace wires / cables on most headphones as I am scared of spending a big chunk of money on them to break the cable, not that I am likely to as I am really care full with my stuff . So for this reason in was looking for ones with...
  4. el1011

    Help with selecting a new cable for my Shure 535's

    I have had my 535's for 2+ years and love them as much as the day I got them. My OEM cable is starting to cut out at the plug so it is time for a new cable. I appreciate great sound, but don't consider myself an audiophile, mainly because I have other hobbies that take up my spare time and...
  5. BoBDylan

    Any good Upgrade Cable for ESW9 ?

    Im planning to upgrade my ESW9 cable , my goal is to achieve    * more Intruments Separation    ******* most important * More detailed Bass (not muddy )    * Mid , forward  and spectacular  ******* 2nd * Low , not bassy     * High , no change , still ESW9 signature.  *******3rd...
  6. epion2985

    ATH A900LTD (detachable cable mod) *questions*

    Hi guys,   After 5 years ATH A900LTD cable gave out; time to fix. I decided to go with a detachable cable to make swapping more convenient in the future. I am sure I can manage (mechanical engineer) but had a few quick questions.   Pictures will be posted on completion to appease the...
  7. lawonga

    Cold and cables for customs

    Now that winter is onset, those of us living in or near the north is about to brace this year's expected abnormally cold weather. I currently use Westone cables, which I really like but I was also wondering if there were any really good budget aftermarket cables that could survive in semi-cold...
  8. gumienny22

    Great Sounding headphones w/ a detachable cable?

    Okay, So I have a budget ranging from $200 to $300. The most ideal set of headphones right now for me would be the Crossfade M-100 but I don't know when they'll come out. Any suggestions on what I should get? Should I just wait?  Also, if It has a mic, 10x better. Detachable cable is a must, I...
  9. haslaughz

    Why are these headphone cords so damn long?

    These Grados are 7 feet long. Denons are 9 feet. What gives? Why is the length so long?
  10. WhipeeDip

    Ultimate Ears Cable Bent Pins

    I bent the pins on the right side of the cable for my Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10 while putting them in. However, I bent them back to normal quite easily and the sound seems to be fine. Do you think there's anything wrong with the cable or is it going to be fine?
  11. TRC89

    Denon ah-d5000 with detachable cable connectors?

    Hi,   Is it possible to modify a pair of Denon ah-d5000 so that you can change the cable (e.g. a cable for home use and one for mobile use)? Possible or not how durable is the standard cable?    Thank you in advance for any replies.
  12. dvada191

    Need help getting a cable for my headphones.

    Hello again. I, after researching headphones extensively online, have decided on buying some modded Audio Technica ATH-M50's with removable cables. However, I'm not too sure I will prefer the stock cable, simply because it isn't very portable, so I want to get a different cable. I've boiled it...
  13. davidjearly

    Replacement cable for Unique Melody TF10 remould.

    So, now that AmpCity have stolen my money and are no longer replying to emails about my order, I need to get hold of a replacement cable for my custom TF10 that they remoulded. Cost is an issue as they've already taken money off me and there is no sign of getting it refunded. I would...
  14. samwell7

    Can't Remove the Cable from my K702's

    Hey! I've had my AKG K702's a while now and have taken the stock cable out a few times, although I tried to to take it out before and it just. will. not. come. out.   I've pushed the little button right down and tried to pull it out hard and nothing happens, I've tried to pull it like...
  15. JayNetTech5

    Headphone 3.5mm bits eventually get scratches?

    Why do my gold plated headphone plug bits get scratched by simply inserting and unplugging from headphone jacks? I see they start to form a faded slightly purple ring or rings around the bit, or have a slight scratch on them. Is this normal? Look at your plugs and look to see if you see...
  16. Apslac

    Sennheiser HD 280 Pro - Cable repair doubts - HELP!!

    Hey all!   My Sennheiser's cable is busted and it makes listening to music an excruciating experience. I need to change them, but before ordering the replacement I wanted to ask you if anyone knew an alternative to that cable which I find to be a tad too long sometimes. Is there a shorter...
  17. DSchwartz88

    Amazon Cable

    I know i know, but I need a cable sooner rather than later, and i'd like it to be 90deg and fit the MrSpeakers MadDog. Will this be fine? I realize cables are a topic like religion, but are these going to seriously degrade performance vs. the stock Mad Dogs cable?  ...
  18. Goofyboy84

    Westone UM3X RC question..

    Hello!! I have been browsing the forum for quite some time and I have received a lot of helpful information. =) I have a couple of questions regarding the Westone UM3X RC please. I will be purchasing a set of these soon. 1) If I want to upgrade the cable, who makes them? 2) portable amp.. Can...
  19. trunolimit

    Custom Portable headphone cables

    I'm wondering, would it be hard to DIY a custom cable for the Sennheiser HD25 to include an inline control for iPhones and android phones? Do they already sell this?
  20. Remus Lupin

    Ultrasone Pro 900 3.5mm cable issue - need replacement

    Hello,   I purchased a brand new pair of Ultrasone Pro 900's less than one year ago from ebay. While they sound amazing, I started having an issue with the included 3.5mm headphone cable about one month ago. Sound will only come out of one side of the headphones. I know it is the cable...
  21. Gilly87

    Help with SM3 cable polarity

    Does anyone have a pair of SM3s that they know are hooked up properly? I'm trying to figure out where the blue and red dots go.   (TF10 problem fixed :) )
  22. takato14

    Recabling for the Pioneer SE-700? (Desperate)

    I just received a <beautiful> pair of Pioneer SE-700s. I am absolutely in love with them, both looks and sound.   However, merely one day after I got them, the headphone side of the cable began going out. I desperately need someone to recable them, but they're so hard to work with I can't...
  23. strike771377

    replacement cable for fidelity customs

    I have a set of fidelity custom duals that I have had for around 3 years or so (before they started stealing money ;)) and the left side of the cable started shorting out.  Due to the company not being reputable any longer, I obviously didn't want to order a replacement set from them.  So I...
  24. howay96

    Edition 8 extension cable

    I recently purchaced a pair of edition 8.... I wanted to recable it with a better cable... but after recieving the headphone, I could not dare to open them up..... SO I was thinking about buying a extension cable... When I use a better extension cable, is there any chance of the sound...
  25. HeatFan12

    Anyone Use DeoxIT on 1/4" Headphone Plugs?

    Well, I use it on RCA connectors, ICs, tube pins and sockets but have never tried on the headphone plugs.  Some of my phones have the Furutech FP-704 plug which is huge and for some reason they like to seat too nicely in the amp...lol....Nothing wrong with the plugs, just looking to lube it up a...