1. Tolblo

    IE8 silver cable broken. Can I fix it?

    I recently bought an upgrade cable for my IE8's:  ...
  2. swittenberg

    Q40 Replacement cable?

    I'm looking for a coiled cable that would work for the m audio q40's? Im not sure what would work because you have to screw the cable into the headphones.
  3. coffeedragon

    Shure SE 315 replacement cable suggestions

    I just picked up a lightly used set of 315's to replace my VERY old but dependable SE110's.  They've got just enough hours on them to be broken in and I've got to say, I'm blown away.  However, I've got one huge gripe, the cable.   The stiff section at the IEM end of the cable is a complete...
  4. dantecho

    M-Audio Q40 Studiophile Replacement Cable [Found the Solution]

    I've had m-audio q40 studiophile headphones for about two years now and i have gone through 3 replacement cables already.   yes, i know the pain people. we all went through the same ******** and have to deal with ****ty customer service from m-audio.   i, in fact, sent an email 4 days...
  5. lawlz

    -HD800 vs. LCD2 Stock vs. LCD2 Recabled vs Magnum V4-

    http://www.head-fi.org/t/624760/my-experience-with-headphone-lounge     As a disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Symphone Labs, Headphone Lounge, or Double Helix Cables. I have simply tested and just so happen to own some of their products. I am writing this to share MY personal...
  6. JD1993

    HiFiman HE-400 Replacement cable?

    The white prong in one of the cables for my HiFiman HE-400's broke. I tried to contact them and ask them which ones to get as a replacement, as I've only had them for 5 days, but they haven't responded. What is a good replacement cable for he HE-400's and how much will it cost? I really don't...
  7. afhstingray

    TF10's cable keeps dying on me, been through 3 replacements already. Try another brand?

    Just wondering what other brands of cables i shoudl try out. i find the orignial ones very comfortable, so i prefer one thats similar to the original one, but i dont want it dying on me every 2 months so it has to be well made. If it has a microphone thats a bonus, as i'm using the TF10vi and i...
  8. Thommohawk

    Detachable cable, Up front sound, Decent amount of bass + treble....any recommendations?

    I'm coming from the DT 990 Pro, however I'm looking for a new pair of headphones as the cabling inside the earcup has gone on it. Time to research an upgrade again.   So yeah looking for a headphone that looks like it could survive doomsday (ie more metal less plastic) with a detachable...
  9. Louboutin

    Westone 3 Cable Repair?

    I bought my pair of Westone 3 many years ago, so basically I don't have the warranty anymore. Recently, I noticed that there was a slight rip in the cable, (location of which circled in the following image), and I'm wondering if it's absolutely necessary that I send it back to Westone for...
  10. Kukuk

    ZX700's VERY noisy out of Little Dot I+

    This is really bugging me: when running my ZX700's out of my Little Dot I+ the signal is very noisy. From what I gather an impedance adapter would fix this, is my understand correct? If so, where could I get one?
  11. Rakielis

    What $200 headphones have detachable cables?

    Hey everyone!   My ATH-A500s have a short in their cable and I've had them for about 5 years, so I'm starting to look at some replacements.  I have a better paying job now so I'm thinking about upgrading to DT 770 Pros or something... But I know a few headphones out there have detachable...
  12. DiscoBurger

    Black Dragon with ultrasone pro 900s...anyone have?

    Hey forums,   So like many of you I am obsessed with the "headphone game" and though I like my Ultrasones I of course want to make them better. I have been reading about re-cabling, but there is not a lot of literature about how the ultrasones sound with the black dragon. I was wondering if...
  13. Rocko1

    Flat Cable Source?

    Looking to re-cable my headphones and wanted to know if there is a place to buy bulk flat style cable that will work? Thanks.
  14. Steely Dan

    Oxidation cross contamination?

    This might have been addressed on here before, but a quick search through the threads on oxidation didn't turn it up.  The question is, if you have an oxidized plug, and you're using that in your source device, and also using it with other headphones, will that oxidation transfer to the output...
  15. Rocko1

    Source for good 3.5mm Stereo Jack?

    Looking to shorten my headphone cable and need a good 3.5mm stereo jack I can solder on. Any sources or recommendations? Thanks.
  16. Aaron622

    Etymotic ER4 cable advice needed

    I've used an Ety replacment cable by APureSound for several years, but it recently broke.  I haven't been able to get in touch with Alex at APureSound as far as a repair, and from what I've read, he doesn't seem to be in business.  Below are some pictures showing the damage: At this point...
  17. 1FakeAccount1

    need a decent sounding iem with removable wires!!

    my klipsch s4i's have been broken for a while now (they broke where the wire goes inside the iem) and now im looking for some iem's that sound halfway decent but has removable wire so i don't have to worry whenever i pull on the wires and so that when the wire does inevitably brake, then i can...
  18. ikhayal

    HD 598 Shorter Cable

    Any news on that shorter cable with 3,5mm end that Sennheiser was going to release ?
  19. lawlz

    How to maximize sound quality?

    Hey all, after years of listening of listening to music with 30+ pairs of crappy headphones (iPod headphones, Skullcandys, etc.) and a couple IEMs (Shure E3C, Brainwavz M2), I decided to take a huge step forward and make a huge investment into audio equipment.   Here's what I have purchased...
  20. willpayne

    Best Replacement cable for UE Triple.fi 10?

    Hello, I don't know a lot about replacement cables, but I was wondering which one is the best for the TF10. My budget is around $25-$35, and currently I am looking at the FiiO RC-UE1. They cost around $25. I was just wondering if there was a better option for around that price. Thanks a lot!! :)
  21. disastermouse

    Balanced cable for Mad Dogs (Modded Fostex)?

    Is there an available balanced cable for Mad Dogs? I know the stock cable goes into only one side. I know one of the modders has modded it with a balanced cable. Pardon my ignorance, but can you have a balanced cable that enters only one side? Is there a ready-made solution to balance them? The...
  22. Swarkestone


    What´s the best way to go about changing the cable on my Beyer DT531 groovalizers. They´re getting on a bit and the lead feels a bit dodgy and I would like to fit a one-piece 6m lead. There are replacement cables on ebay but only 2.5m long. Is it easy to "crack" the ear-pieces ? Does anyone have...
  23. TheLastMan

    Detachable / replaceable headphone cables?

    An old and very large pair of "over-ear" Sennheisers I owned (forget the model number) had a detachable (and very long) headphone cable.  The cable was Y shaped with a pair of conductors going to each ear with push-on connectors a bit like the ones that connect a phono cable to the back of a...
  24. phunkfarm

    I just snapped my detachable cable to my Sony XB-1000 in my car door. What should I do?

    I have the screw piece of course but what should i do to repair since the break was in the middle of the cable?   I can't even seem to find the original cable anywhere to replace.  Is there someone to repair that you'd recommend?