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Questions About Built-In Westone Over-Ear Cable Guides

  1. dfrost
    I'm using and really appreciating the new Westone EPICS MICS cable on BTG-Audio modified Fischer DBA-02's, and trying to decide if I like the soft wire inside the cable sheath. It is easily formed/reformed to shape, and the clear sheath will prevent cable stiffening in this area, the problem that caused me to modify these DBA's.
    But it is a pain when storing and extracting these for use. They create tangles on this otherwise superb cable, and I'm wondering how long they'll last being bent and reformed to shape after almost every removal from the generic case I'm using. I'd previously liked how "pocket friendly" (in the soft Fischer pouch) the DBA's were without ear hooks, but they certainly don't go in my pants pocket now.
    What are the opinions from Westone users on these wire guides?
    - Are the Westone cables likely to stiffen in time without the clear sheath?
    - Any ideas how I could extract the wire but retain the clear sheath?
    - If I could extract just the wire, will I the clear sheath now keep the cable from laying properly over-ear? (BTW, there's no cinch on this cable.)
  2. Lillee
    I see what you mean. How about a larger case so you don't have to bend the wire as much? I use a Shure pouch which is oval shaped which allows me to put the earphones and cable in simply by wrapping the entire cable around three fingers on one hand, starting with the earphone end. This doesn't bend the ear hook wire at all and slips neatly into the pouch.
    A replacement wire is not THAT expensive if I recall correctly, so I wouldn't worry about it too much? (compared to other cables costing $300+)
    It can be easily DIY modified too if you know what you're doing...

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