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need a decent sounding iem with removable wires!!

  1. 1FakeAccount1
    my klipsch s4i's have been broken for a while now (they broke where the wire goes inside the iem) and now im looking for some iem's that sound halfway decent but has removable wire so i don't have to worry whenever i pull on the wires and so that when the wire does inevitably brake, then i can just replace the wire.
    so yeah, basically i really want a solid sounding iem which are basically indestructable (as far as the wire goes)
    I also currently own a pair of ie80's but i want to treat them really well and not take them out to much so these iem's are going to be beat on quite a bit.
    as far as i know the ie8/80's and the shure's SE line. 
  2. AstroTurf
    Why not just take care of your stuff, and not yank on the wires?

    Just Askin, Jim
  3. 1FakeAccount1
    i do do that. i really tried to take of my s4i's but the broke anyway. all wires will brake someway, so i might as well get some iem's with replaceables for when they do break. 
    i've found a good deal on the shure 425 and 315 so i might look into them.
  4. dfrost
    Another alternative would be to use BTG Audio to modify IEM's to add Westone plugs. He has done that to quite a few types with great success and quick turn-around time. His website shows many of those. I'm using DBA-02's right now with a Westone EPICS MIC cable and love 'em.
  5. meyameya
    Have you played with the idea of westone UM3X RC? honestly, i'm a pig when it comes to handling my stuff. The cables are replaceable but I never needed to get new cables despite how badly i treat the wire. So how badly do i treat it? I wrap it around my music player like it's a rubberband - tight. I put it in my pocket and it tangles. i've been doing that almost everyday for more than a year and no damage done to my earphones. You know that thing that happens when you're walking with them on and the wires get caught on something and suddenly you rip the IEMs off your ear? that's happened to me a few times and it's still working perfectly :D 
    And i forgot to mention - incredible sound. mids are forward so you might be surprised when you first try it but then it actually gives you a more intimate sound especially when listening to acoustic/live/unplugged recordings. shines even more with female vocalists. I believe the UM3X has huge difference from the IE8s but you might actually appreciate it. Note that I felt like puking after hearing the UM3X(as i couldn't sample it) because i felt that i was cheated. After a few days, i adjusted to the sound and i've never looked for anything else :D
  6. tme110
    I don't know how they compare to the ie8/80 since I'd never use my ie8's to work out in but I've been through dozens of headphone cables from jogging and commuting on cheaper headphones but one day got a set of cx190's (senn workout headphones) and I have yet to have a problem over a year later.  They sound surprisingly good too esp for the cost.  But the point being that a purpose built work-out phone with re-inforced cable may be what you need.

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