1. ArmAndHammer

    Ficsher Audio FA-002W recable...anyone done it?

    I think mine need it. The cables are super thin and subject to constant static and interference from my computer whereas my Grados with their thicker, better shielded cable do not suffer from the same issues. I was wondering if anyone has recabled these headphones and if so, could you shed some...
  2. Bossatiger

    B&W P5 Upgrade Cable alternative

    Did some Google searching as both my P5 cables have been worn up. I found what looks to be a decent cable. Looked up a forum or two and they mentioned a "Marantz PEC/P5 cable" which led me to this. Some more quick searching and I found the Japanese (It's Japan Amazon!) Amazon page for the PEC/P5...
  3. FACSman

    Napa Acoustic NA-208H Discussion Thread

    Am thinking about buying this amp; wondering if anyone else out there is using it and what your thoughts are...   TIA - Rich
  4. BaileyAblaze

    Audeze LCD-2 Best Amp

    I am considering buying the Audeze LCD-2's however they are very expensive. If I got them, I would only be able to spend $300 on a Desktop Amplifier/DAC. Which Desktop Amplifier/DAC do you think is best for the Audeze LCD-2's for under $300?
  5. pjones8

    sony d25 lineout

    Hi   I please forgive my complete ignorance on this matter.I recently purchased a Sony D25 along with Sennheiser hd 595 headphones,everything sounds great but I would now like to get a Slee Novo headphone amp. My question is how will this work? presumably the amp is connected to the D25 via...
  6. xecure

    Fostex T50RP Question about input: Do they only come with 1/4"?

    Hi guys, just bought a pair of fostex T50RP. I wanted a pair of headphones to keep for a long time and mod. After reading a few reviews here I was under the impression that they come with an 1/8" jack and have a 1/4" as an adapter. Mine came with an 1/4" input. Any idea if there are two...
  7. Noykrub

    Upgrade cable for HD650

    Hi everyone,   I looking for the best cable for my HD650. Please help me to choose which one is prefect match with HD650 below   1. Zu Audio Mobius MK.II 2. Stefan AudioArt , E-Series Equinox   recommend me please .. I have no any idea about these cable or if you have other one...
  8. xoundmonster

    Oyaide Cables?

    Hey guys what up, was wondering if any of you guys have any experience with oyaide cables for the Shure iem series? http://www.oyaide.com/ENGLISH/AUDIO/products_category/headphone_earphone_cbl/pg750.html Please do shed some light on this?   Thanks in advance. Marshall
  9. Staal

    Review: The Toxic Cables 8-wire Hybrid IEM cable (& comparison with TWag Hybrid)

    Intro   Frank from Toxic Cables has been kind enough to let me audition his 8-wire hybrid IEM cable. My ears were pleased, however, my wallet was not as I ended up liking the cable so much that I had to buy it. Much like the one released by Whiplash this cable is also a hybrid cable...
  10. GNURush

    Static discharge from my IEMs

    I bought a pair of Sunrise Xciteds a few months ago, and when I have them plugged into my computer via a 3.5mm extension, I am hearing popping, and it feels like static between my IEMs and my ears. I'm thinking that the problem might be buildup of static in the extension cable, which is then...
  11. Blackcircle

    Change from Cardas cable for HD600 to ......?

    Hi, I want to ask you some advice, I would like to rewire my HD 600 with cables Toxic Cables, currently on my HD 600 I as a Cardas cable. In particular, I would ask you, if there is a big difference between the Viper and the Silver Poison in listening, and if the difference with the Cardas...
  12. XGC75

    Damn cat keeps biting through my chords!!

    At first it was my oldest pair, the headphones that started it all for me, the Sennheiser HD212 Pro's. He severed both left + and - wires. Fortunately I could fix those (but the OFC doesn't really apply anymore, so there's that nagging in the back of my mind), and what a PITA that was!  ...
  13. shotgunshane

    BTG-Audio Cable Impressions, Reviews and Discussion | Sunrise, Starlight & FitEar

    I've decided to change this to a BTG-Audio Cable Impressions, Review and Discussion thread.  As such, I'll add links to other reviews here in the first post.  Below those links is my original review.   Reviews: doublea71 - sunrise cable review tomscy2000 - sunrise cable review...
  14. Windsor

    General headphone cable burn-in question

    Hi there - For my Sennheiser HD600 headphone, I recently bought a new stock HD600 cable which now has a been used to listen to music for around twenty hours. I would like to burn-in the cable some more and wonder if just plugging the HD 600 cable into the headphone socket of my DAC/Amp whilst...
  15. E

    Split mic cable help

    Hi guys, I'm relatively new to the forum, just recently purchased a set of Sennheiser HD598. Due to the fact that my sole purpose is to use them for my computer, I'm recently trying to find simple enough solutions to mod my own mic onto the headphones. So I've purchased a set of turtle beach XC1...
  16. kidfiction

    Extension cable degrades quality on Philips Citiscape Uptown

    I just recently purchased the Philips Citiscape Uptown headphones (http://www.head-fi.org/t/612677/review-philips-citiscape-uptown-updated-sept-13-2012), and they're working fantastically in my iPod, phone and directly into the computer. However whenever I plug them into an extension cord (some...
  17. Gallade475

    The beats cable, how good is it?

    Everyone here knows(hopefully) that the beats by dre are a terrible deal, but how good is the cable off of the pros? Are they sub-par, fine, or great?
  18. StratocasterMan

    REVIEW: Dayton Audio 3.5SC-6 3.5mm Stereo Male To Male Cable 6 ft.

    Introduction:   This is a review of Dayton Audio's 3.5mm stereo Male to Male cable which is 6 feet long. I bought this cable from Parts Express. The part number is 181-713 and the price was $11.79. Here is a direct link to the product:  ...
  19. 3rddimension

    Westone 4 Cable Cut!! Please help!!

    Hello everyone. Last year i made the investment and purchased a pair of westone 4. An x cut both the cables of my earphones for revenge before disappearing!!!! What is my best option here?? I don't wanna try to mold them myself. I live in greece. Should i send them back to westone for repair? Or...
  20. ckacosta

    Please help with a replacement cable for my ER4P

    I need a new cable for my out-of-warranty ER4P. I think I have narrowed it down to two choices.   - An actual ER4P cable for $85: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=290628895406&ssPageName=ADME:X:RTQ:US:1123   or   - A Shure cable for $30...
  21. Joe Bloggs

    Do replaceable cables work?

    Many people say that the cables on their IEMs die like flies, so they want or use IEMs with replaceable cables.  My experience is the opposite: I've never had a pair of headphones fail at the cables, IEM or otherwise, except by extreme abuse not induced by me (e.g. pulling the jack off tight...
  22. sberamji

    Review: Sennheiser HD25-2 with the SAA E-Series cable

    This is a review of the Sennheiser HD25-2 along with the Stefan Audio Art E-Series cable.    Well, my quest for the holy grail of audio started years ago when I first bought myself a pair of ALR-Jordan floor standers. At that time I was a novice and did not really understand audio but since...
  23. loft

    Head-Direct RE0 recabling - anything against?

    Hello there!   Last night I've noticed that one of my IEMs was not working. The left side cable seems to be the problem. And because I have the cable from an old, broken Sennheiser CX300 lying around, I thought I should recable the RE0.   Would anybody have anything against this...
  24. mc906

    TF 10 cable connector got bigger due to UERM cable, normal?

    I got the UERM cable for my TF10 after reading a few threads about them. I noticed that the connection is thicker than stock cables but I assumed they would fit normally into my TF10, however the made the "hole" bigger on my TF10. Now when I try to put the stock cable back into the TF10s...
  25. mrjayviper

    triplefi cables - Are they really that horrible?

     I was reading Amazon and lots of feedback in regards to how sucky the cables are.   The phones will be staying at work and will be probably be using 50/50 with my Den D7000.   Thanks! :)