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Westone EPIC G2 Cable

  1. phnx90
    Noticed that the new UM1 Colors (picture below) now ship with the new EPIC G2 cables, together with the new EPIC tips.
    Can anyone provide any details as to what kind of improvements we can expect from the second generation EPIC cables?
    It looks like they've ditched braiding...if my experience with Shure cables is anything to go by, these may be less durable.
  2. jrwong28
    Nothing is perfect Shure cable is very durable but not comfortable westone cable not as.durable as.shure but they are more comfortable than shure
  3. phnx90
    Your experience is the polar opposite of mine. I had my Shure E500s replaced because the cable that wraps around the ear snapped, and the SE530s that replaced it broke in the exact same way (shortly after the rubber guards on the units themselves fell off that is).
    My Westone 3s too had two cable related issues, but both times it was my fault. First time, I hole-punched my Westone 3 cable by accident; second time, I just didn't take good care of them, so the part where the cable comes out of the each monitor fell apart.
    Agree that Shure cables are uncomfortable though. The SE215s I bought recently are such a ordeal to put on compared to my Westone 4Rs.
  4. jrwong28
    Buy upgraded cable ^_^
  5. phnx90
    I'm strongly considering it, any recommendations? So far only seen Chinese custom cables going for almost USD250 in silver and copper, but I do know there are others out there...
  6. DieselDan
    I've been looking into BTG Audio and PlusSound. Lots of customization options, and the feedback from the Head-Fi community has been overwhelmingly positive. Cheapest options start at under $100.
    Been looking into a new cable option for my Westone 4R's, since I've discovered that I really don't like memory wire. 
  7. 808Ronin
    BTG Audio for the win! Great service and products at a fair price with a personal touch. Brian Goto the owner will work with you to make sure you get what you want. Nothing but respect for this company. 
  8. tomscy2000
    I have experience with both companies (BTG and plusSound) --- both are amongst the best in terms of service --- way, way better than the "bigger names" like Whiplash or Toxic, for example.
    People won't go wrong with either.
    However, only Brian Goto provides a recabling service (AFAIK, plusSound doesn't, but you may want to check) --- for the models you guys are referring to (UM1, W3, E500/SE530) only a recable will suffice, because they don't have removable cables. I know that both the UM1 and W3 can easily be modded to accept MMCX connectors if you want to convert them into removable cable versions, too. The regular two-pin should also be possible; I know BTG has done mods like that before.
  9. phnx90
    I'm in Hong Kong so I'll need to look around the consumer electronics malls to see if any W4R compatible cables are being sold. So far the ones I've tried (handmade in China, silver/copper cables costing USD 350+) were all disappointing as I couldn't tell much of a difference. Would've been easier if there were two 4Rs to compare as opposed to having to switch cables on one pair I suppose but if differences are that subtle then I doubt they'd be worth it.

    I did try the Fiio E17 though and by god did the bass and mids become heavenly. Shame I'm now broke as he'll though...but once I somehow manage to get some cash I'll buy a Fiio and look into cables - the stock ones are unwinding right where the memory cable ends. I'll be looking for more transparency and neutrality - excessive bass or treble boost is a no, though I'd take a bass boost over treble any day.
  10. 808Ronin
    I had Brian mod my W3 to accept the two pin jh/westone typre removable cables and he did a great job. I also purchased his sunrise ciem cable and its a great compliment to the W3. 
  11. outmywindow
    Personally I never had a problem with the original epic series braided cables throughout all these years, so I'm skeptical about the G2. From what I've seen though, the outer sheathing material used on these cables is a lot more flexible than the sheathing that comes on the current generation shure cables (like the se215), so I would at least think that these should not suffer cracking or breakage like folks have encountered.
    If anything though, I feel like this cable is more geared towards the more average or on-the-go person who wouldn't be able to properly care for the braided style cable throughout the day whilst using these. Most of the complaints with the W3s that I remember were either unwound cables or the cable would short out at the contact point between the cable and the edge of the stress relief on the IEM itself.
  12. Mooses9
    also supporting BTGAudio here, had bought a pair of se530's with the normal cable issues, sent them off to brian and had him do the removeable cable mod on them. got them back in 2 week turn around...excellent work excellent craftsmanship you cant beat his prices.
  13. KingAlex06
    I have the UM1s with the G2 Cable and I have no issues with it. Really. I enjoy tugging it when I have nothing to do. It feels so strong.

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