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Created JH Audio VI cable from UE cable, Easy, Cheap.

  1. thapchild
    Having owned the 10vi prior to ordering my JH16 I held off on ordering their Voice cable.  I saw a post where the user said the UE cable was too loose to use. However the JH VI cable looked bulky as hell, and they refused to send me pictures of it (even though I spent $1300) ... what ever.
    When my JH arrived, I remove the stock cable, and took the extra non microphone cable from my TF10 (didn't want to cut up my vi cable for my TF10).  I trimmed down the plug shroud, so the plug could engage all the way.  Used a pair of electrical scissors (I'd assume a razor blade, or regular scissors would work just as easily). (pic below)  Using it for a day with zero issues, even swinging the IEMs around by the cable slightly with no issues I ordered a replacement 10vi cable from logitech.
    Other users have posted that the plug is too lose and it falls out.  I spread the pins slightly to put pressure on the side of the JH connector walls.  I did this by placing the scissors in between the plug and pushing down till the desired gap was achieved. (see picture below)
    The cable DOES come out easier than the stock cable... however it's far from falling out, i pick up and carry the JH16 by the cable and it doesn't come lose at all.  Even if, a very very small amount of glue would hold it in place.  Rubber Cement comes to mind, but on mine, with two different UE cables they hold in just fine and no glue is needed.  The sound quality is the same as the stock cable to me.  I can't hear any noticeable difference.
    I ordered a replacement 10vi cable from logitech for $30, it arrived in less than 1 day, free shipping.
    Here is where you can buy the cable:
    Here are a few pictures.

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