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    bad trader!! crap, i need help!!!

    Wow, looks like this guy really went in for a big haul. Really sorry to hear about this.   I've dealt with a few FS forums on the Internet over the years, but Head-Fi's has been consistently the best and safest in my experience. It's filled with some of the nicest and most honest people I've...
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    bad trader!! crap, i need help!!!

    Quote:   Thanks for the clarification. I find it strange that he posted here in this thread. Hope this gets sorted out soon for all involved.
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    bad trader!! crap, i need help!!!

    OP, sorry to hear about your troubles. Have you contacted a moderator yet regarding the issue?   Not sure what's going on with lvrhs, but he's still active on the forums and clearly not hiding the fact that he has the IE8:     
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    Making a trade on forum

    I've been buying/selling on the forum for almost 7 years, and I've never had any issues. In fact, I consider this one of the safest and best trading forums out there.   That said, you can never be too careful, especially with the large influx or new members lately as Head-Fi has grown in...
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    AKG K550 - NEW!!

    Quote:   Since the frequency response for the K550 is pretty flat, I'd say they're suitable for just about any genre.   Quote:   I don't think the K550 provides enough of a difference from the Senns to justify owning both. Not saying that they sound exactly the same, but I just...
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    AKG K550 - NEW!!

    Quote:   I don't consider them similar sounding at all.    I demo'ed the DT770, and I didn't like how the mids and vocals sounded on it. The K550 definitely has a much better midrange as well as less sibilant highs. You give up some bass in the switch though. I think the AKG is...
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    Help! Can't decide between Denon D2000 and AKG K550 !

    Quote:   Depends on how noisy your environment is. I don't think the D2000 isolates well. It leaks too much for cubicle use IMO. I wouldn't ever use mine at work.    So if isolation (both in and out) is important, I'd say get the K550. That's what I use at the office.    I haven't...
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    The Deals Thread (CLOSED! See the last post for the link to the new thread)

    Quote:   This is a great price, but shipping at $8.80 kinda kills it. However, it looks like the shipping rate is flat up to 10 of these and then increases nominally beyond that.   Anyone in the L.A. area want to pool up to buy for a few of these and spread out the shipping costs?
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    Multi-IEM Review - 352 IEMs compared (Pump Audio Earphones added 04/03/16 p. 1106)

      Quote:   Thanks for the reply. What about the thinksound ts02? Forgot to include them in my original list.   Price cap is around $100. The Spark sounds like it might be a good upgrade given the similar sound signature to the S4.
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    Multi-IEM Review - 352 IEMs compared (Pump Audio Earphones added 04/03/16 p. 1106)

    Looking to get a gift for a friend. For someone who likes the Klipsch S4 sound, what would be considered a good upgrade that maintains the "consumer-friendly" sound with ample bass and added clarity?   From perusing the reviews (great job, Joker), it seems like the most appealing options...
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    Open-back Headphones to supplement my AKG K550

    You could pick up a refurb K701 from AKG for $200:
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    Need to replace my beyerdynamic dt770s - what's as good or better for under 300?

      Quote:   I've never heard the Teslas, so I can't speak to something that sounds like them. I've found that all the Beyers I've tried (770/880/990) present vocals in a very metallic-sounding way that I find really unpleasant. The 880 was the least offensive of the trio, but my...
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    The Deals Thread (CLOSED! See the last post for the link to the new thread)

      Quote:   Contact J&R for a pricematch. They ship to Canada.
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    Need to replace my beyerdynamic dt770s - what's as good or better for under 300?

      Quote:   The DT880 is very different from the DT770. First, it's an open design (no isolation), and second, it has a neutral frequency response, whereas the 770's have a V-shaped curve (emphasized bass and treble).    Hopefully, that different FR will be to your liking. Just keep...
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    Annoyed with Amazon!

      Quote:   September 2012.
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    So this guy claims that the Uptown's top the M50's....

    The video review is for the Philips Uptown. The Downtown's the smaller, portable, supra-aural phone.
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    Question for anyone with AKG K550 and Sennheiser HD600.

    I have the HD650 and K550. I had the HD600 once, but it's been too many years for me to try and compare them to anything. Based on memory, the 600s were a bit edgier than the 650. (I had both at the same time and decided to keep the 650.)   As others have said, their sound signatures are...
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    My order of Audio Technica M50s just arrived this morning!!

    Quote: The comfort can be improved by getting Shure 940 velour pads and either replacing the stock ones with the Shures or putting them over the stock (double-stacked).  
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    [Review] Brainwavz HM5, A New Neutral Champ

    Quote:   You'll primarily be sacrificing comfort and mids. The M50s are a fun and lively listen. I don't find them that comfortable, but my wife (non-enthusiast) likes them quite a bit. I prefer my HM5 over them due to their smoothness and comfort.
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    ignore - wrong forum

    posted in wrong forum - please delete
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    Best headphones for running / gym? KSC75?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Icculus23 Most sound reviews for the KSC75s are great bang-for-the-buck, correct? Yup, the KSC75 are one of the best-for-your-buck headphones that you'll likely ever find. Quote: (also, are there any reviews of folks wearing the KSC75? I can't...
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    Best headphones for running / gym? KSC75?

    The girlfriend uses the KSC75 for running. It stays on well for her, and she loves the sound. The only issue is the pads getting dirty over time due to all the sweat. However, you can get replacement pads easily from Radio Shack. They're also cheap enough that just getting a replacement pair...
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    Soundmagic PL-30 foam tips

    Those Shure olive tips will only fit the PL30 if you remove the plastic inner core. The opening is too small to fit without modification.
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    Are my Meelectronic M6's defective?

    Quote: Originally Posted by skev13 Also, to describe the soundstage - the mids sound 70% on the right ear, 100% on the left. Right ear's mids sounds awfully muffled. I don't recall the crinkling issue, but my original M6 also had an issue of imbalance. Right earpiece was...
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    re0 warranty issue

    If they can't access the tracking page, try taking a screenshot of it and sending that to them. It may not show delivery, but it'll at least show that you mailed it to them. You can also try contacting Fang (Nankai) directly as he represents Head-Direct here on Head-Fi.