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  1. todd92371

    Tracking down a classical piece- your opinion?

    I believe Concerto was mentioned also.  
  2. todd92371

    Tracking down a classical piece- your opinion?

    Hello, Was listening to public radio and heard a great composition. I was in traffic and he was speaking fast. The only part I got was that it was called "The days"? German composer/conductor? and I believe Halsey was mentioned? Has anyone heard this piece?   Thanks, Todd
  3. todd92371

    Yuin PK3 Impressions Thread

    I've finally had a chance to try these amped. Just got a FIIO e11 and these sound even more amazing. I just can't get over the sound coming out of these little buds.
  4. todd92371

    Best drug-related album/CD or most "trippy" CD/album...

    Chipmunk Punk by Alvin and The Chipmunks  
  5. todd92371

    If you still love Etymotic ER4, this is the thread for you...

    I have re-discovered these little guys for classical and am absolutely in love with them for that genre. The clarity and separation just amazes me. And they are so dynamic. I don't use them much for anything else. Maybe some Jazz here and there. But, They are my favorite for classical.  
  6. todd92371

    Replay gain with classical music?

    I have heard that replaygain can implement distortion and clipping in classical music. I need to do some trials and see if I can detect any of this.
  7. todd92371

    Vivaldi- suggestions?

    Hello, I am really favoring Vivaldi as of late and love his work. Can you recommend any exceptional Vivaldi cd's with outstanding sound quality?   Thanks so much!
  8. todd92371

    Replay gain with classical music?

    Do any of you guys use replaygain with Classical music? I've noticed that the dynamic range makes it sometimes hard to hear the quiet parts.   Thanks, todd
  9. todd92371

    Thank you Bruce Cockburn.

    Man.. This song just gets me.
  10. todd92371

    Sony MH1C better than CIEMs or just another ATH-M50?

    Just tried the tape mod. WOW. I didn't mind the lower end before. But, now their is an increased cohesiveness and tightness overall. Maybe a dot more fatiguing now?? I don't see how they could be described as boomy after this mod. Good stuff.  
  11. todd92371

    Philips SHE3580 IEM review--how can something sound so good for $10???

    I just got a pair of these in. Wow. I usually listen to classical music while working with my Yuin Pk3's. I believe that I prefer these. I never thought I would say that. There is a sense of transparency with classical music that may overcome the Yuin's in some ways. I need to listen more. But...
  12. todd92371

    Yuin PK3 Impressions Thread

    Wow! So, is the new cabling supposed to also create a more solid foundation to alleviate the one channel loss? Or, is it mainly a sound improvement thing?   Thanks.  
  13. todd92371

    Options for Good in ear buds? List.

    Can't say enough good things for the Yuin Pk3's. They constantly blow me away. I have been listening to them at work for over 2.5 years now. Just love them.  
  14. todd92371

    Muddy Waters- Folk Singer- Wow.

    Wow, I was listening to this last night and everytime it just blows me away. It amazes me the magical recordings they were able to attain awhile back. Just a wonderful album.
  15. todd92371

    If you still love Etymotic ER4, this is the thread for you...

    I will always love the way these guys present a piano and a woman's voice. Good stuff.  
  16. todd92371

    Sony MH1C better than CIEMs or just another ATH-M50?

    It gets confusing to me when we get into "this is better than that". It seems that there comes a point where different phones have a flavor that not everyone has to enjoy. But, they may be the bee's knees for someone else. I think there is a line that you cross when quality comes into play. But...
  17. todd92371

    Ever a quality snob? :)

    Have you ever stopped listening to a piece of music or album just because the quality wasn't that great? :)
  18. todd92371

    Sony MH1C better than CIEMs or just another ATH-M50?

    once you apply an EQ of bass reduction for the mh1c, I can't tell the difference between the two.   What type of bass reduction did you apply? Amount and frequency?   Thanks. :)  
  19. todd92371

    [REVIEW] Sony MH1 – The Best Kept Secret

    I had that same problem at first. Just attached the included shirt clip at the junction of the two cables and clip it to a shirt or jacket right beneath the left ear. For some reason, I didn't get a good seal at first. But, with time- they just started staying in better. Microphonics is there...
  20. todd92371

    Sony MH1C better than CIEMs or just another ATH-M50?

    You guys are scaring me. I'm getting up to around -4 through 0 to achieve a good volume with the Sanza Fuze and mh1c's. Man. That is why I was thinking about getting an amp. The Sansa is driving them admirably. But, I'm really having to get close to it's maximum volume output.
  21. todd92371

    The venerable Sansa Clip and Fuze.

    I remember getting one of the first players. I was hoping that they would never mess with them. It seems they realize they have a great little player on their hands and are keeping them alive.  
  22. todd92371

    The venerable Sansa Clip and Fuze.

    Just wanted to take a moment to give a bow to these guys. It amazes me how something so inexpensive and small can put out such a transparent nice sound.
  23. todd92371

    Broke my Etymotics...didn't care for them anyways. Need new CHEAP IEM's. help!

    Sony MH1c's. I don't listen to my ETY er4p's since I got mine. Love them.  
  24. todd92371

    Jazz cd's you recommend?

    Looking for some jazz recommendations with exceptional sound quality? Am enjoying Bill Evans - Complete Village Vanguard 1961 as I type. Good stuff. Thanks so much.
  25. todd92371

    Does anyone own this jazz collection?

    How is the quality? Thanks! Perfect Jazz Collection: 25 Original Jazz Recordings [Box set, Import]