Vivaldi- suggestions?
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Nov 27, 2006
I am really favoring Vivaldi as of late and love his work. Can you recommend any exceptional Vivaldi cd's with outstanding sound quality?
Thanks so much!
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I can't recommend a CD, but take a look at this link:
The seventh entry on the list is Vivaldi.
High resolution FLAC and it's a free download, so it's worth a shot. Nothing to lose for free, right?
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The Brilliant Classics Vivaldi box is excellent. I think it's on sale right now at
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For something exceptional that is off the beaten path take a listen to Cecilia Bartoli's  "The Vivaldi Album".  Great singing and playing and really nice sound.
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I've probably got over 100 Vivaldi albums, this one is my favorite - Podger is outstanding, as is the sound quality.
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Naive Classique is my go-to label for Vivaldi. Outstanding sound and HIP performances from the best Italian, French, and Spanish groups. Any Vivaldi recording from Alessandrini/Concerto Italiano, Biondi/Europa Galante, and Savall/Concert de Nations is leap and bounds beyond anything released in the anglo-saxon world. There is something in Vivaldi lightness that just requires that Latin touch.
Naive is running a Vivaldi Edition, based on 450 Vivaldi scores that were practically buried in the National Library in Turin, Italy. This project is changing the perception of Vivaldi from a composer of entertaining concerti, to one of the masters of Baroque vocal music.
Their CDs used to be expensive but recently they have started releasing some bargain box sets: for example this Vivaldi Sacred Music box set contains one of my desert island recordings

if you want to check Vivaldi's Operas you should probably consider this highlights boxset, which unfortunately does not include my favourite Vivaldi opera recording:

(as you can see there is a pattern in the Vivaldi Edition covers...)
If instead you are looking for Vivaldi Concertos I doubt you can find a better bargain than this Europa Galante boxset.
Finally I should mention that you can find all of the above (and then some) on spotify...
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This is my favorite version of the L'estro Armonico

never heard of this band, but triggered by your recommendation, I looked them up on spotify and found this recording instead (same band minus Hogwood)


can't say it is my favourite version of the 4 Stagioni (yet?), but it is *very* different, in a good way. And the sound is spectacular, almost to a fault.
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An excellent four Seasons performance & recording

came here to recommend this guy. i found a similar copy of this at the library on my campus. Most Excellent stuff here
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