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Retired in 1999.

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    Retired in 1999.
    Throwing pots, I fire ^6ox, and a little Raku or Reduction when the opportunities arise.
    I use Music Collector to keep track of my CD collection, 1248 albums, 1421 discs, 18266 tracks, 1235hr. 43min....08/05/17

    I volunteer with HATS, "Helping Animals To Survive". We are an Animal adoption group working to make the Lincoln County, NC Animal Shelter a "no kill" facility.
    Headphone Inventory:
    <<<< CURRENTLY OWNED >>>>
    AKG K1000 #5142, Balanced
    Bose QC15, Don't fly without them
    Denon AH-D7000, Balanced, my 2nd pair
    Etymotic ER4P w/custom fit tips
    FiiO EX-1, these sound really good
    Grado RS-1, #5086 Balanced
    HiFi Man HE-400 Balanced
    Philips CitiScape
    Sennheiser HD420 circa 1982
    Sennheiser PX-100 II
    Sennheiser RS-180...my TV watching phones
    Sony MDR-V6 circa 1990

    <<<< PREVIOUSLY OWNED >>>>
    Alessandro MS-1
    AKG K702, now in NY
    Audio Technica ATHES7
    Adudez'e LCD-2 v1 #5312331 Balance, now in AZ
    Beyerdynamics dt770 (250 ohm)
    Bose QC-1.....traded to Bose for QC-2
    Bowers & Wilkins P5, now in Philly
    Bose QC-2.....dont fly without them!
    Denon AH-D2000
    Denon AH-D7000 Balanced...beautiful, now in Canada
    Grado SR-80...gone but not forgotten
    Grado SR-325i, #5693 w/headphile mods
    Grado GS-1000 #347, nice, but I am an RS-1 kinda guy
    Grado HF-1, #302, liked'em but underused, now in MN
    Grado HF-2, #144, Ditto ^
    Klipsch Custom 1....my granddaughters lovin them
    Pioneer SE-50 circa 1972....now in Missouri
    Sennheiser HD-280
    Sennheiser HD-650...gone and forgotten, just not my sound
    Sennheiser PX-100
    Sennheiser PMX-200
    Sennheiser RS-140
    Shure E2G.......now leading a new life in Singapore
    Shure SE310....now in The Netherlands
    Sony MDR-F1
    Sony SA5000
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    <<<< CURRENTLY OWNED >>>>
    FiiO E11 portable
    Woo Audio 22 balanced desktop
    Yamaha A-S300 speaker amp - dedicated Snell KII speaker & K1000 power source

    <<<< PREVIOUSLY OWNED >>>>
    Grado RA1/HG...now a French Grado
    Grado RA1 9v
    PA2V2................ nice little amp
    C&C Box V2....a pretty little thing
    C&C XO...........not very reliable
    Woo Audio 3+.....bought from Jack at CanJam08
    Woo Audio 2........great amp but wanted balanced
    Headamp AE-2..nice portable amp, just never used
    iBasso T3D......lost twice on the way to Paris
    Source Inventory:
    <<<< CURRENTLY OWNED >>>>
    Yamaha CD/SACD S2000 w/balanced o/p
    PDP - FiiO X3vII 8gb/128gb SD

    <<<< PREVIOUSLY OWNED >>>>
    Cambridge Audio DacMagic....now living In Salisbury, NC
    Cambridge Audio DVD-99 SACD
    Marantz CD-5001
    Pacific Valve Vanguard CDM12....now in NJ
    PDP - Samsung YP-R0 8gb - my Wifes now
    Sansa e280 v1 8gb
    Sansa clip 2gb
    Samsung Galaxy 4 8gb/32gb SD - sold to Amazon
    Yamaha 1800 DVD/SACD
    Cable Inventory:
    ALO 1 meter power cable
    Isotek 1.5 meter premium power cable
    Blue Jeans interconnects
    Power-Related Components:
    Isotek Orion AC line conditioner w/Isotek premium power cord, won at CanJam08 from Let There be Sound
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Bose Companion 3 series II for my computer
    Bose RoomMate II Portable, 1987 vintage & sounds great!
    Bose RoomMates, for tunes in the garage
    Snell KII powered by Yamaha AS-300
    UE Boom, a great little portable speaker
    Music Preferences:
    Pretty much everything with the exception of a few Genres I find annoying like Rap, Metal, Dubstep...etc.
    Canon T3i DSLR with18-135mm & 70-300mm IS lens

    And I still like my 1999 Tacoma, looks good and runs great with 193k miles. It's gone, sold it I miss not having a truck...........but my new ride, a 2008 Miata GT with retractable hardtop is soooooooo much more fun to drive.

    My DJI Phantom (std.) Drone is a blast to pilot.

    >>> I last updated my profile August 5, 2017 <<<
    Retired in 1999 after 32 yrs. in IT. Started when 16K made a main frame. Into audio since I was 12.


    You might be a Redneck if..........there are hub cap wind chimes anywhere on your street.
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