The venerable Sansa Clip and Fuze.
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Nov 27, 2006
Just wanted to take a moment to give a bow to these guys. It amazes me how something so inexpensive and small can put out such a transparent nice sound.
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Sansa Clip/Clip+ are the only portable players I've used for 5+ years.

It's funny, when the original Clip was first released, I think I knew it was special and was going to be around a long time, a bit like an "anti-ipod". I had a Cowon G3 for about two years prior to the Clip being released, and the Clip just seemed like the perfect distillation of the idea Cowon was running with.

More info on the G3:
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I remember getting one of the first players. I was hoping that they would never mess with them. It seems they realize they have a great little player on their hands and are keeping them alive.
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The rockboxed Fuze seems to power the ER4S no problem. Still totally blown away by that, especially after all the reports claiming otherwise.  Definitely my favorite source.

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