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  1. MdRex

    anybody like britneys new album?

    I havent listened to the whole of Brit Brit's album, but all the singles are catchy enough. I actually like the first single "Gimme more". Sure its shallow, gimmicky and everything pop culture is about. It was meant to be be trashy dance music and it succeeded. Congrats. If brit brit doesnt...
  2. MdRex

    Nine Inch Nails new album out

    I bought the $10 2-CD version and it came with that free download, tried to download the FLAC version twice, both times files came out corrupted...
  3. MdRex

    Nine Inch Nails new album out

    I thought this is such a great idea, really neat packaging and being able to download the FLAC rip of the album when you order a $10 copy is excellent, now I dont have to wait for it to ship before I can listen to it. I hope more bands can take cues from them, this could potentially stop...
  4. MdRex

    one song explodes

    Smashing Pumpkin - All the songs from siamese dreams
  5. MdRex

    Grunge Music Revisited

    Darkangel: 1991 is more shoegazy and borrows quite obviously from MBV's guitar feedback and noise, its not totally shoegaze nor grunge but somewhere in between. It is a collection of their earlier unreleased works. No Return in The End is their last and latest album. I don't think it...
  6. MdRex

    Grunge Music Revisited

    I don't know if they are considered to be under the grunge tree, but Silversun Pickups is great, sounds like Smashing Pumpkins, which isn't a bad thing.
  7. MdRex

    Where does Lou Reed fit in?

    panties-in-a-bunch alert?
  8. MdRex

    Time is running out, broken Grado 325 (not i) worth what?

    they look like the rarer pre-silver-aluminiun SR325 that I was looking for a while back, at the price of thefinal bid, I wouldn't mind paying for it as long as the drivers are working, then getting parts from cheaper grado to fix it.
  9. MdRex

    I can't believe no one has started a Live Earth Concert thread.

    -Some performers could have used (or abused) the event as a platform for promoting their products (i.e. their albums) but I do think some performers may have been doing it because they actually care for the cause. Either way, it is unfair to judge every artist to be there for free publicity...
  10. MdRex

    The strangest or most painful voice in rock/pop!

    Quote: Originally Posted by NightWoundsTime The singer AND the kid who raps in Linkin Park. I could at least tolerate them in small doses if it weren't for their voices being the most annoying things ever placed into rock music. Just rediculous how popular they are. It's not as...
  11. MdRex

    Transformers movie thread

    On a side note, i think the Movie toys are pretty well made. I owned a Deluxe class Barricade and have played with a Ironhide. Both hav e clever touches that even include details like the internal furnishing of the car. The movie's starscream toy is pretty ugly tho
  12. MdRex

    Is Rock n Roll almost dead?

    lols... gone with Nirvana, but smashing Pumpkins kept pumping out music... I don't see how rock died with Kurt.
  13. MdRex

    Transformers movie thread

    Quote: Back to the script. I absolutely cannot stop talking about it with my brother and friends. I had to break away and vent here because they can't take it anymore. What a classless, trite, predictable, insulting to call humor piece of trash. Why the humor angle in the first place? I...
  14. MdRex

    Las Vegas: So damn hott that I have to run at 2am

    Quote: Originally Posted by mrarroyo I would think that using a threadmill would be healthier than running in that heat. Not wholly true since gymnasiums (which I would assume one would fine a treadmill) can be filled with germs in the air and equipment. I get wet noses...
  15. MdRex

    Kelly Clarkson - My December

    I thought I should mention this album around here since otherwise it will be overlooked as another pop album. This is an extremely fine album, without going into too much details, yes there are still some sugary pop moments (e.g. "one minute") but most of the songs have less sugar coating...
  16. MdRex

    Admit your "fanboyism"

    U2, DreamTheater and Smashing Pumpkins. I have all their studio albums except for Pumpkins which I am actively working to get all their albums.
  17. MdRex

    What album do you listen to when you're sad?

    I haven't really heard the album in its entirety, but James Blunts "Goodbye My Lover" makes me tear everytime. and Death Cab For Cutie -- Plans
  18. MdRex

    Overhyped and should be avoided!

    Quote: WARNING: if you want people to think your I.Q. is over 180 you'll have to pretend to like it. I don't take drugs or drink--so that might hamper me Made me lol... I am listen to clips of the album on amazon... out of curiosity.
  19. MdRex

    Inventor finds energy source while looking for cancer cure.

    The thing is that he couldn't sustain the "flame" without putting in electricity to run the radio wave machine.
  20. MdRex

    Overhyped and should be avoided!

    that shows how diverse we are (and how snobbish we can be about our own musical taste) and when people don't like what we like, we conclude that their taste isn't mature enough to appreciate what we like.
  21. MdRex

    Overhyped and should be avoided!

    I think the phrase "top <insert number> of the past <insert period>" is a overly used cliche to tell people that I really really like what I am hearing. Pick ten different who listens to different genres and have different taste in music and the list of "top tens" will be very different.
  22. MdRex

    I use it to catalog my CD collection.
  23. MdRex

    So Who's Getting an iPhone?

    Quote: Originally Posted by blessingx I thought it would look a little more polished in real-life. Apples design, logo and Windows sounds and graphics, its called a "tPhone" on the menu screens. Are they trying to get sued by both Apple and Windows?
  24. MdRex

    Placebo/Snake oil reigns supreme!

    Hey its not my money or my inconvenience, so whatever.
  25. MdRex

    Dream Theater- Systematic Chaos

    I think DT is one of those bands which have diverse opinions. For example, there are many people who love SFAM but I thought its contrived and never really got into it, many people love Awake, I never thought it was mind blowing. Then there's Octavarium, so many people thing its bad because...