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Woo Audio Amp Owner Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by dannie01, Jun 9, 2009.
  1. abvolt
    That sure has been true for me, the warmer the amp the better the sound I'm glad you mentioned that I've wondered the same. Also when I roll a pair of 6080's in my amp it does run warmer a lot over say a pair of 5998's. I've even noticed the same is true with my dac the longer it's on the better it sounds..enjoy
  2. joseph69
    I'd have to agree with both, @Badas & @abvolt.
    After having my BHSE/WA33/WA6 powered on for a few hours they definitely sounded warmer too me.
  3. Matro5
    Just curious - how does the WA6 compare to the WA33? Different leagues, certainly, wrt price, but if you have any thoughts, I'd be interested.
  4. joseph69
    Different league. That doesn't mean the WA6 wasn't a great sounding, enjoyable amp, though.
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  5. Odin412
    Very true. I really enjoy my WA6 - and playing with different tubes, of course.
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  6. joseph69
    I owned my WA6 the longest out of all the amps I've owned through the years. I only sold it after buying the WA33.
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2018
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  7. JLoud
    I have a WA6 se and a WA5le. The 5 is definitely a step or two above the 6. I still enjoy the 6 but I can easily tell the difference. How does the 33 compare to the 5? Very curious.
  8. derekphone
    I gave them a call and Mr. Woo himself called me back and we talked for an hour. He gave me tons of support on a small issue I had with RF. He also gave me lots of advice on all things audio. He sent me an email after and was very gracious and told me to reach out anytime. I didn't feel one ounce of being a nuisance. Amazing support really.
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  9. atbglenn
    My 9 year old WA6 is still going strong. Still very satisfied with it.

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  10. derekphone
    How does the Modi 3(?) compare to the WA6. I know, it’s in a different category, but that’s exactly why I’m asking. I like to test assumptions. How much better is the wa6?
  11. atbglenn
    The Asgard and the Woo are two different animals. The Asgard is ok for its purpose. It's connected to my Mac Mini via a first gen Modi DAC. I have 20,000 MP3's that I can access. It's more for convenience when I'm not critically listening. The Woo is connected to my CD player. The Woo's configuration sounds much better. I never tried the Asgard with my CD player. Maybe I'll do that someday.
  12. derekphone
    Thanks! You never know. I’m liking my WA6. I’ve only had it for a couple weeks. I’m new to the headphone game, came from 2-channel.

    I recently came to a conclusion on an element of my setup - the crossfeed function. I initially heard it on the ifi pro ican. Did research, found the Goodhertz plugins for Mac and tested that out. Went back to the store to test the ifi and I was surprised to confirm the goodhertz performed the task of crossfeed and getting the sound out of the head quite a bit better in effect and in maintaining sound quality.

    I also tested the Hd800 against my HD650 on that amp in the tube setting and definitely preferred the 650.

    This is reminding me to question everything. Price and opinions don’t mean much until you hear it on your own. $300 vs $2000 , that’s a huge difference and I actually prefer the 300? Crazy. Of course the combo of other equipment plays a role but still.
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  13. davehg

    I had to pack the WA5 away today to prepare for a house remodel, but decided to keep a system in my temp quarters built around the WA22. Been listening to various headphones and so far the HD650 and Focal Clears are winning out over the LCD3f.

    I can’t say I’ve enjoyed the Audeze WA22 pairing. On the WA5 the Audeze runs fantastic. Wonder if it’s just a matter of tubes? Currently running the Brimar 5UG4, Mullard 6080s, and Sovtek 6SN7GTs. Sound is clear if a little glassy.
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  14. attmci
    You may want to try some other power and driver tubes. Then get a nicer rectifier tube.

    Many of us like the WA22/LCD-3f pair.

    I prefer to cheaper clear-top 2399/5998. I took a close look at both tubes yesterday, and found the structure of the clear-top 2339 tube is almost identical to that of a 421A. But the clear-top 2399 are very rare. More rare than diamond. So if you find one in the future, grab it........no......let me know. LOL
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2018
  15. UMN
    I am new to Headphones. I first bought a Massdrop HD6XX, and then a used WA6.

    Over the years, I had many tube amps in my large system, so I am no stranger to tube rolling.

    I like a dynamic sound with good imaging, that is not fatiguing. My tube set in the WA6: Rectifier: RCA 1953 coke bottle 5U4G. Woo adapters. Sylvania VT-231 1943 drivers.

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