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Woo Audio Amp Owner Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by dannie01, Jun 9, 2009.
  1. KEV G
    Oh man, changing capacitors, wouldn’t know how to go about that. More to learn about this tube game, thanks for the tip
  2. thecrow
    Is that another account for old guy radiola by any chance?
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  3. attmci
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  4. zeroduke
    It seems so
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  5. thecrow
  6. attmci
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  7. 18inch
    hi all, has anyone tried the Sophia Aqua 274b with the wa6 by any chance? am curious to know how it compares to the popular Sophia Mesh
  8. abvolt
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  9. attmci
    Worth about $35 today.
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  10. KEV G
    Hi peoples of Woo, forgive me if this has been answered in this thread already as I’m a new Woo person as of Thursday and absolutely loving my WA2. I’m trying to work my way through the thread from the start and only a few pages in. My question is how well do the LCD 2 pair up with the WA2. I’m not going to start tube rolling for a couple of months at least as I’m new to this tube business. It had the $200.00 tube upgrade when it was originally purchased by its previous owner 7 years ago. Thanks again for your thoughts.
  11. flea22
    Hey guys, interested in upgrading from my wa7 tp to another woo amp. Has anyone owned this amp and upgraded? Was it worth it? I have fallen out of love with the fireflies, the dac has completely stop working. So I went all out the other day and bought a chord qutest and using that with the wa7 at the moment. But now 2 leds that light the tubes in the power supply stop working in 10 mins use of the amp, now this is only a cosmetic issue but it drives me crazy. And Im in Australia so it will cost a fortune to send it to the us to fix. Was looking at the wa2 over the wa22 because I dont use balanced interconnects. Would a wa2 be a upgraded over the wa7? Or should I be looking higher up like a wa5 cheap version?
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  12. thecrow
    Though probably not ideal and others do not like older lcd2 with their amp i really enjoy mine. It’s the 2016 version which i believe is still the latest version and i have no impulse to look for another amp specifically for the lcd2.

    Its impedance is (just?) high enough and there is enough power from the wa2 for this to work
  13. KEV G
    Thanks for the info, I think I’ll try em out at CanJam in London or if I go to the HiFi Lounge sooner I could bring my amp in and try it out. It’s a great place and run by great people.
  14. thecrow
    Yes. Definitely look at the option of taking your amp in. And even your dac.

    Let us know how you go
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  15. abvolt
    I used to own the wa7/tp it was good but the dac that woo uses is very lacking, add a better dac to wa7 you'll see right away what I talking about..enjoy

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