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Woo Audio Amp Owner Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by dannie01, Jun 9, 2009.
  1. flea22
    Cheers, I am using a chord qutest dac with the wa7 atm. And it sounds good. But I still have a upgrade itch.
  2. abvolt
    Well I can't help with the wa2 never heard one but I sure do like your dac very nice indeed..
  3. flea22
    Thanks, it really is a great dac, would you say the wa22 was a big step up from your wa7?
  4. abvolt
  5. Nicholasheadfi2
    In my comparison between the wa6 and the wa6se I found that out of the box the se signature is
    A lot brighter than the wa6 I’m not sure if it’s the extra gain or if the wa6se just needs to settle more
    Can anyone tell me what changes there are after burn in and if the wa6se settles or becomes warmer
    After say 300 hrs .

  6. joseph69
    I know I sound like a track on repeat, but +/-5yrs ago I sold my WA6 to 'upgrade' to the SE and totally regretted it. I quickly sold the SE and bought another WA6 and couldn't have been happier. Using the same tubes, I felt the WA6 had plenty of power and a warmer sound signature with many more tube rolling options and took up less real estate as well. I even mentioned that the SE sounded like a SS amp too me, unlike the WA6.
  7. Nicholasheadfi2
  8. Ron Sherwood
    Really enjoying my WA7 2nd gen so far.

    Only about 20 hours use to date.
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  9. Nicholasheadfi2
    Sorry to hear that but I'm quickly getting the feeling that I'm feeling the same way the wa6 sounds a lot more warmer than the se, when I purchased the se I presumed that it had the same warmth but in saying that the overall presentation and dynamics on the se are better and with a larger soundstage too , but at the end of the day the wa6 was in my opinion more emotionally involving and drew you in more , I'm lucky I still have my wa6 so I could always switch back " giving the time for the se to break in properly before I slit my wrists lol .
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  10. audioadvocate
    The WA22 has both balanced and single-ended connections. I was also considering the WA2 but something told me to go for the 22. Then a friend of mine told me about a friend of his who had the wa2. I had the opportunity to listen to it for a few minutes. I had heard the wa22 a few months earlier, but auditory memory is usually not good over time for us humans. With my HD800s using the unbalanced cable, the wa2 sounded great. My son has a single ended headphone amp and swears by single ended. I elected to go with the wa22 as my hd800s came with a 4-pin XLR cable and I had Straightwire Rhapsody (silver) balanced interconnects from a prior old Krell Reference 64 DAC that I sold with a Krell CD transport in the early 2000's. If I had to come up with a difference between the WA2 and 22 (1st Gen.), I'd say that the 22 seemed a bit quieter with a slight bit more dynamic range, and a slight bit more high-end detail. But was it worth hundreds more? Tough to say. The new WA22 (2nd Gen) might be different.....maybe better...so if price is not much of a consideration, maybe a listen to the new wa22 would be worthwhile.

    I have always subscribed to balanced over single-ended. Even if there is no difference in noise floor, S/N ratio, or dynamic range, if a connector accidentally was pulled out with the volume up, the amplified resulting DC current could fry a woofer or tweeter or crossover or all three. When I had dual Krell MDA500 amps driving my old Thiel CS5i loudspeakers, a single-ended hookup high in the audio signal chain with a sudden disconnect would have been catastrophic. But not so with safer balanced Neutrik XLR-terminated interconnects. I suspect that headphone drivers are a bit less vulnerable to high amperage spikes, however. In the 1990's, I used to own the old Stax electrotatic headphones with the ST-1 amp that had one tube....and single-ended was just excellent.

    i inquired about the new WA22 but Woo told me that the changes in the amp's circuit topology required tedious point-to-point soldering and that no upgrades of the 1st Gen to 2nd Gen were planned or possible. I'm happy with the older wa22. The high-end audio bug bit me years ago....always striving for better...more....finer....but the wound from that expensive bug bite has healed for me. If a used wa22 pops up, give it a listen.
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  11. flea22
    Big thanks for the reply, and your comparison between the wa2 and the wa22, it sounds like the wa22 sound is more suited for my sound taste. If I go with the wa22 it will be used in single ended mode with my chord qutest and lcd 3s that I love. Lucky I have no small children or pets that could pull out leads while the amp is in operation.

    It seems like a good time to buy the wa22 new, with it being upgraded to 2nd gen. Would love to know if there is any sq difference with gen1 and gen2.

    So now I have ruled out the wa2, I am in a toss up between the wa22 gen2 and the wa5 le. I really want a end game amp that will keep me happy for a long time in the foreseeable future. (im sure a lot of people say this, lol).

    Also would like to know if the wa22 or wa5 can be open up with allen keys? I ask this just in case in the future it might need some repairs. My wa7 uses some strange bolt I cant open, And im sure I could fix my no led light problem with a simple solder.
    Last edited: May 8, 2018
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  12. attmci
    WA22 likes balanced source.

    WA22-2 was just introduced recently, with a price hike of $500.

    Glad you like your LCD-3. Have you ever had problem with the drivers? The other interested thing I observed is ppl in the 800 and LCD-3 threads always have very different opinions.
    Last edited: May 8, 2018
  13. flea22
    I've had my lcd 3s for around a year now and still haven't had a driver fail, and that is with daily use, I also use them for gaming. So I still have 2 years warranty on the drivers. I want to use the lcd 3s as much as possible inside the warranty time, just in case a driver fails. But one thing that sucks about audeze is you will always have driver fail in the back of your mind.

    Looking at the wa22 on the woo site say "Phase Splitter for use with unbalanced components" . Don't know if this feature brings single ended up to the same quality as balanced.
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  14. JLoud
    I have a WA5 le v2 with a Schiit Yggy. Running the Yggy balanced into the WA5. I use the LCD 3 and 4 as well as a pair of Utopia's with this set up. I absolutely love the amp. Beautiful sound stage and great detail and tone. The WA5 puts out 8 watts out of both balanced and SE jacks. While it is a single ended amp the balanced jack is for convenience. While I feel going balanced from a DAC is worth it.(provided dac is hardware balanced. Like the Yggy.) I don't really hear any difference between balanced and SE on amps such as the Jotunheim. But if wonderful, full, detailed midrange is important, the WA5 is definitely worth a listen. Huge step up from my WA6 se.
  15. JLoud
    Also recommend Emmission Labs tubes. I have the 5U4G rectifiers and the 300B's. Very nice.

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