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Verum Audio - Exciting high performance DIY planar

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by cskippy, Aug 22, 2018.
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  1. Currawong Contributor
    Just an FYI: To quote multiple posts (or even parts of posts) click on the "+Quote" link bottom right of each post you want to quote. You can also select text in a post and a "+Quote" link will appear which you can click. Then click on "Insert quotes" bottom left of the reply box at the bottom of the page and "Quote these posts" in the box that appears.
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  2. kintsaki
  3. ZoddTheImmortal
    Did anyone who ordered verum one in February get a shipment number?
  4. allaces305
    I had the same exact problem happen to my pair. My right channel started going out and I had to tap them and eventually it got worse and worse.. I'm sad to tell you that I had to send them back for repair...I really didn't want to because when they worked they sound Soo amazing but I had to do it.
  5. shanecoughlan
    When did you receive your headphones? Trying to understand the timescale of manufacturing impacted.
  6. Artyouth
    As request.

    At 1:05 I point out the gap between the magnets holder and the membrane holder. This gap may becomes larger by time, because the strong magnetic repulsive force will gradually push the plastic holders away to enlarge this gap. The result is the magnets will goes more far away the membrane and weaken the magnetic field. Sound drops or cuts.

    It is a DESIGN MISTAKE. Stop proud. Face the "VERUM". Take the responsibility.
  7. elira
    Do you think all verum ones will eventually fail due to that issue?
  8. Garuspik
    I need to clarify - channel imbalance was due to bad contact between wire and membrane. EVERYONE who wrote about any problem to me received same answer - ship them back to me, I'll fix everything and send it back to you. You have 2 years warranty. Also, as an "I'm sorry" i include a free pair of perforated leather earpads that costs alone more then return shipment.
    Magnets misplacements on ~0.3mm has no connection with that problem. In fact it's not a problem at all, yet it is fixed also.
    That issue with sound cutouts and imbalance fixed long ago, unfortunately some amount of defective units were shipped ;(
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  9. elira
    When are the perforated leather earpads going to be available for purchase? Also, could you sell a rounded metal ring?, the one included with the headphones is sharp.
  10. Garuspik
    I'm concentrated on delivering orders and minimizing delays. I don't want to make people to wait earpads for several month.
    Metal rings inside earpads are made from 0.5mm steel. They can't be not sharp. That was made for reducing weight.
    Last edited by a moderator: May 23, 2019
  11. Artyouth
    0.3? You must be proud of your good observation.
    The video show there are at least 2mm movement on ONE side. If the same problem distance happen on the opposite side. There are 4mm total.
    I did not study science well but still know how the magnetic force drop rapidly at this CLOSE distance.

    Bad contact between wire maybe the second reason to cause this problem. But I definitely sure the magnets misplace is the main reason! AND YOU KNEW THIS TOO!

    The proof is, month ago you wrote this on the email to ask me fix the sound drop.

    Gmail - Verum serious problem in balance.jpg

    Funny this called "TRUE"......
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  12. Artyouth
    If the cup plastic not strong enough to against the magnetic repulsive force, the plastic exhaustion will occur.
    This happen on my pair, I can't say others.
  13. Garuspik
    @Artyouth - height of the magnet bar is 3mm, and it moves maybe at 1\5 of it's height. You initially wrote me a message that in SE connection your unit works good, in balanced - one channel is silent. My answer was - I have no idea why it is so. You have 2 years warranty - if you feel that it is something wrong with your unit - write me a pm and i'll tell you a shipping address where to send your unit for repair.

    p.s. Also, I'm pretty sure that you have unscrewed on purpose nuts a bit to make those magnet bars so loose. But anyway, I'm still willing to help though you have disassemble your unit.
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  14. kintsaki
    @Artyouth, I performed your test in the video you showed us and the magnets stayed in place
    solid as a rock despite me applying extreme pressure.

    Whatever the problem was @Garuspik must have fixed it as he claims..

    Therefore, I advise all of you that have asked me for a quick fix in order to avoid the shipping
    back and forth to bite the bullet and send your Verum's to him for a permanent fix and enjoy
    the genuine perforated leather pads that he is offering,

    I will have to pay for them. My nephew's girl friend is Ukrainian I am going to have her bring
    them to me on her next visit to Greece.

    Oh. lol, I got home sick for my "Thunderpants".
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  15. shanecoughlan
    Hi all! Let's give @Garuspik some breathing room here. After all, we want him to focus on building and (on rare occasions) repairing the Verum 1. Here's what we know:
    • There is an occasional issue where volume levels drop on one driver in the Verum 1.
    • The cause has identified by the maker as a channel imbalance due to a bad contact between the wire and membrane in certain ear cups.
    • The issue is relatively rare, with 2% of the initial production run of 250 and 0% of the second production run of 250 impacted, as per information by the maker.
    • This issue has reappeared in some new headphones.
    • The maker is clear on two points:
      • If you return an impacted pair, he will fix it, and you will get a set of ear pads made from perforated goat leather back in the box.
      • Your headphones are covered by a two year warranty
    So, in summary, all is looking pretty good! A small amount of users of this handcrafted first generation device will need and get repairs. This will lead to a delay in your long-term listening pleasure. However, it will not stop you getting a great pair of earphones, and there is nice gift for those few users impacted. We can choose to get frustrated by this or to defer our listening pleasure slightly. I think, given the nature of the first device from a new company, we should do the latter. :dt880smile:

    Of course I hope my own pair - when it arrives - is not impacted. I am not super patient. But... I cannot imagine doing better in production and addressing issues than Garuspik is doing today.

    All in all, I think that's a pretty good result for us as a community of users. It shows an approach to service that is positive for Verum Audio.
    Last edited: May 23, 2019
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