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Verum Audio - Exciting high performance DIY planar

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by cskippy, Aug 22, 2018.
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  1. CoFire
    Boobinga with Silver? It won't look like i stole them or match my GRILL!
  2. allaces305
    I really didn't want to send them back but I feel I'm going to have to because it's a persisting problem... Every time I take them off and then replace them on my head I have to tap the grill to make them work properly.. If I don't tap the sound is really low or dead silent.... It's a shame because once I tap it a couple of times and it works it sounds awesome.... I've even tried it with three different cables and the problem is not at the connector.
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2019
  3. omniweltall
    It could be a loose socket.
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  4. Garuspik
    @allaces305 - please contact me on Kickstarter and as any responsible manufacturer I'll fix any problems :wink:
  5. allaces305
    Garuspik is a great guy who resolved my problem right way... He really stands behind his product... The Verum One Kickstarter in my opinion has been a total success and I wish him only the best on his next project.
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  6. Artyouth
    My pair, also I saw others reported the same problem. It is a design mistake.

    Remove the pad, you will see there are 2 screws missing on the baffle.
    That should be 2 on a side total 8, instead of 6 now (membrane trace path design problem, see pic).
    verum no sound .jpg

    Because missing these 2 screws. The baffle didn't have enough clamp force on one side, to keep the magnets in a correct distance. This weaken the magnetic field to get low sound, or no sound. (when you play it loud, magnets misplace may happen)

    This is just what I figure out on MY pair of Verum. Garuspik may give you a clearer explanation. Because he is the designer and I'm sure he have THE IDEA what the problem is.
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  7. omniweltall
    This is very informative. Thank you

    Why would the 2 screws be missing? He ran out of screws?
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  8. SilverEars
    As you can see the traces are where the screws are on the other end, so no screws csn be put there. It's obviously a design choice/limitation

    It's not that screws are missing in any holes, but there are spots where traces are in the way, so no screws are placed there. So, screws are not even all around.
    Last edited: May 1, 2019
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  9. Artyouth
    Let Garuspik answer.
    Hope he will not keep saying HAVE NO IDEA like the time when I reported this problem on the other forum...... (He waste me 500 to buy a low output ohm amp and it actually not a amp pairing matter)
  10. franz12
    Why don't you send just a PM if you want him to answer? What's your point?
  11. Artyouth
    Because I got the HAVE NO IDEA answer on the PM.
  12. Garuspik
    You've got a "I have no idea, send me back and I'll check everything" answer.
    To maximize membrane square it is really one screw is "missing". I've solved the rare of problem of loose contact in later batches and if someone has this problem (less then 2% of clients right now) answer is the same - send me headphones back and I'll fix everything.
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  13. allaces305
    Very interesting... Have you figured out a simple fix or are you also sending them back??? Only very few of us are experiencing this issue.... My left driver works perfectly 100% of the time... It's the right driver that I have to tap on the grill a few times and then it works perfectly for my whole listening session of 3-5 hours.
  14. Artyouth
    Hey Garuspik pls check your email record clearly before you say this in public. I never saw any SEND ME BACK but lot of HAVE NO IDEA.

    Every time when I saw people praise Verum its sound its looks I feel OK because that is a personal preference. However it really not a good build and good CS. At least on my case......
  15. elira
    I received my Verum a couple of days ago, the construction is raw, not very refined. But given that were hand made by a person it looks kind of cool. I still need more time to judge the sound. I’ve had good results watching YouTube, but I don’t like how they sound with music. I hope that improves with some use.
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