1. U

    Chinese planar driver, any good?

    Hello 👋 Im wondering if anyone had tried any of the chinese planar drivers on AliExpress. I have only used dynamic drivers so far and the price is a bit beyond those for the planars so some input would be very appreciated. I am especially interested in these which seem to have a pretty flat...
  2. CoolerCat

    Help needed with ear impressions.

    Hi there, So, I'm looking to have some ear impressions made for maybe custom IEM tips or whatnot, but the problem is that there are no profecional shops where I can have impressions made in my near vicinity so I'm pretty much left with DIYing it. To get to the point, does anyone know where I...
  3. Skaven marine

    dead post (3d printed thing not ready yet so ill create new post soon)

    Link to my design (competed, have not printed yet) ~~~ Info: Anything round except for membrane protector is made with an imported fusion360 cylinder due to TC-made circles being 64 segments while 360 sees it as just a curve/circle...
  4. Skaven marine

    Indrick Borealis, an Aurorus Borealis clone (pls visit the Headphones post instead)

    For anything new pleas visit (Headphones full-size thread) This post will no longer be updated so please visit the Headphones Full-Size forum post Anything asked here I may not reply bcus I...
  5. W

    1/4 inch jack replacements, brands and where to buy?

    I've got some DT770's that the jack broke on. Went to Musician's Friend and bought a new one and soldered it on and it lasted about a week (prob my soldering). That was the last they had in store. Is there a big difference in audio quality with 1/4 jacks? Do "no solder" jacks suck? Is there...
  6. K

    DIY r10 test

    Build 3D model
  7. Suppa92

    Make a Headphone Cable with Dual Unbalanced Mic cable?

    guys, is it a good choice to diy a single-ended headphone cable with any unbalanced cable (eg: mogami w2528 dual )? I recently found a mogami w2528 cable lying around & thought of diy a headphone cable, I just want to know is it good thing to use shield as the ground for the each headphone...
  8. coinmaster

    Anyone from New England passionate about audio design?

    Greetings fellow humans. I have long been developing unique and cutting edge audio stuff solo but I have long dreamt of the day where I would meet someone legitimately interested in audio design such as I to combine two brains into one. My question is simple. Is there such a person out there...
  9. N

    Looking for a dap with no wireless connectivity at all and no mic

    I'm looking for a dap with no radio frequencies - no wireless connectivity whatsoever and no mic, work requirements. I'm looking for a dap to run some iems, blessing 2s, and potentially some fiio fhe (the fiio x crinacle) or some other cheaper more disposable headphones like kz or whatever...
  10. Kobe Audio "Sovannah"

    Kobe Audio "Sovannah"

    Specs: 32 Ohms signature driver Rhodium Plated Plug Aluminum alloy splitter Silver-plated copper litz Inclusions Sovanna Earbuds Storage Case w/ silica gel Leather Cable Winder 3 pairs of foams
  11. HiGHFLYiN9

    Sangaku DIY NuTube Headphone Amp / Preamp

    Great news for the headphone DIY community; Pete Millett has released his Sengaku design as a DIY friendly offering on his site: The original was a TTVJ offering in 2016 for $2K. Changes include swapping SMD for through-hole components and ditching the...
  12. S

    Did I break my MDR-V6 driver?

    Hi all, I was wrapping up my project tonight of converting my V6 to a female jack instead of that damn coiled cord. Already made my first 1/8" stereo cable last night which works great and was adding the jack to the headphones tonight. Removed the coiled cable, tapped the threads and screwed...
  13. R

    DIY balanced DAC

    Hi, I would like to make my own DAC, but I don't know where to start. The only thing I know is that I would like to use ES9038PRO (which I can buy at Mouser). But that is the only thing I know for sure. Are there any schemes for balanced DAC's that I can use as a reference? Any help would be...
  14. I

    Reshelling Blon Bl03 to fix driver flex? Any advice appreciated

    My Bl03 has a driver flex and I think it's because of the vent being blocked by my ear. Some say it's the death of an IEM. :( If it is indeed so, I have low hopes for it being replaced so I'm looking ahead now for possible fixes. One of it is to reshell the drivers into a more agreeable...
  15. O

    Help with DIY AD900X wire replacement

    So my AD900x have been great to me ever since I bought them but the only issue was that the wire was so damn finnicky and would twist on itself. Well my wire finally started ripping because of it twisting so I searched for a way to replace it and found this thread on here to replace the wire. I...
  16. rebbhosar

    AH-D7000, I love you so; How can I make you not smell like s#i+?

    TL;DR: Found endgame for cheaps, Stink to high heaven, tried all the things, no dice. So, I love nearly the entire Foster Group line - alot. I have owned or have loaned near all in the line-up - but the one I loved the most, the ones that kept me up at night locked in a 1000 yard stare towards...
  17. reiten966

    3D Printed Abyss Diana Phi/V2 Protective Guard

    Hey, So I have been working on this protective guard for Abyss Diana V2/Phi which should help with the paint chipping issue that many users are experiencing. I am still working on tuning the fit and will keep the update going on this thread. This project has no affiliation with the company Abyss...
  18. G

    Should I re-cable my HiFi 780s?

    Hey, all! About ten years ago I sent off my HiFi 780s to have the cable shortened. I was in college at the time, and I was sick of stuffing the ~7,000 ft factory cable in my jeans every time I wanted to take my headphones for a walk around campus. I got the cable lopped off to a more manageable...
  19. Grado style gimbals

    Grado style gimbals

    These are custom aluminum gimbals design for DIY grado style headphones using a standard wood or aluminum cup. They also fit Grado SR headphones.
  20. RudeWolf

    KG CFA3 headphone amp

    If you frequent the DIY forum here, then there's a good chance you know about Kevin Gilmore and his contributions to the DIY design library. From Dynalo to Dynahi, to top of the line electrostatic amps like the KGSS and it's fancier cousins. Less known are his current feedback designs for...
  21. I

    My DIY planar headphones (WIP)

    I just want to preface this with a little paragraph. I literally do not know what I am doing. I read a little on how planars work, that's the information I've started with. I've seen the DIY planar thread and have taken some inspiration from that to design my own set of drivers, and the...
  22. L

    Help repairing DT990 PRO headphones stereo image not working properly

    I know this post should be in the DIY thread however I can't seem to post in there yet! Sorry If i'm posting this in the wrong place. I bought a pair of beyerdyamic DT990 Pros second hand from eBay. The guy said nothing was wrong with them but it's partly my fault for being that gulluble he...
  23. S

    HD58x treble filter impedance.

    Hello all. I have assembled this treble filter described here for my HD58X Jubilee. This is a question about impedance. I have measured the impedance of the tip and sleeve channels at 7 ohms which seems high to me. I am a tinkerer and have a limited understanding of electronics so I am just...
  24. I

    I want to fix the only thing I hate about my Sennheiser HD8's

    Hey everyone! First post here with a question. I'm wondering if anybody would by any chance know the paint code for the lighter grey parts? Or know of any automotive colors that come close to it? I like my gear looking mint, and these scratches have been really irritating me. Other Sennheiser...
  25. H

    Help on fixing a broken driver lead connector on a beyerdynamics DT770

    (wanted to post in DIY forum but can't because new member) so my cable connection to the driver lead broke and I decided to be louis rossmann for the day and solder it back together I've done it before on DT990 and it worked fine, what I ended up doing is soldering 2 leads and melting the one...