Our annual BLACK FRIDAY SALE starts on the 16th and we're offering a number of new accessories this holiday season: Burgundy Leather Storage Case By popular demand, we are pleased to offer a new burgundy color to the highly-regarded leather cases...
  2. B

    DIY Project - Bowers & wilkins PX5 BT-Headphones

    Hi everyone, I'm working on a small project. I have received 3 Bowers & wilkins PX5 Bluetooth headphones. They all have the same problem. They turn on and everything works immediately with regard to the LED and in the app. They can be seen in the app on the phone, when I press the ANC button...
  3. msing539

    Affordable Desktop Audio Rack

    I searched for many months for an off-the-shelf solution to hold my gear but to no avail. Next logical step was something custom, and I tried my hand at building one, but soon realized that it's a tough undertaking if you don't have the right tools. Started reaching out to local woodworking...
  4. FA22RaptorF22

    SA5000 Restoration

    Hey Folks, I don't think I've been around here much since around the time of purchasing these headphones back when they were introduced in what 2008? I was able to enjoy them for quite awhile until the right side cut out maybe 10 years ago and they sat in storage since then. Thinking it was a...
  5. littlej0e

    Roon Optimization Guide For Increased Sound Quality

    This guide assumes you have already downloaded and installed Roon Core/Server 2.0 on your source and Roon Endpoint version 2.0 on a Mac or PC. Access the settings menu by clicking on the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines) on the top left of the Roon app. Configure the following: Disable...
  6. R

    Is it possible to increase 40-400 Hz range in headphones?

    Hi, is there any way that I could possibly increase about 40-400 Hz range in open backed headphones? They are planar headphones and I'd like to achieve something similar to Meze Elite What I want to achieve: What I have: Thanks in advance for any answers!
  7. some dude

    Is there a list somewhere of existing DIY headphone amp plans?

    I’m interested in possibly building my own tube amp. It doesn’t need to be very powerful since my headphones are very easy to drive but it needs to have a big tube sound. Maybe something with a 300b but not necessarily. Preferably something that isn’t hideous. Preferably would like too keep...
  8. GREQ

    Sony MDR-SA3000 - Driver Repair !?

    I recently purchased a faulty Sony MDR-SA3000 with hope/expectation that all it needed was a cable repair. Instead the driver was completely dead, giving no ohm reading. Not being one to give up, and with a little soldering experience under my belt, I did some research and actually found a...
  9. VSH Headphones

    VSH 3D Printed DIY Headphones

    I decided to start designing and 3D printing my own headphones. I am aiming to have them be comfortable, repairable and easy to mod and tune. I will also be using widely available parts. Model SH-2 Keep in mind that this just a prototype and things will be changed such as the suspension...
  10. P

    Need help to disassembly an iFi Micro iDSD V1

    So here we go. Before sending the device to my regional ifi certified technician to charge me around 400eur for a brand new battery which goes beyond scam, I wanna play my cards and see if this TP4056 module can miraculously revive it which btw was recommended to me by a guy in another forum...
  11. R

    Is it possible to put an EQ inside a headphone shell in between driver and cable ?

    Hey! There exist many equalizer circuits and I wonder, if I could somehow EQ a driver by putting a resistor and a capacitor or just a capacitor inside the headphone shell between the cable and driver. I have nice drivers but I don't want to use software to tune the EQ, but also don't want to...
  12. Ulfar4

    Yet Another DIY Isodynamic (Planar Magnetic) Headphones

    Hi All, I have been working on this headphones for some time and I want to share some results. I want to clear from start that I won't give away everything that I learned, mainly not revealing the process of the membrane creating. Although it can be guessed from photos. It just cost me too much...
  13. Dsnuts

    TGXEAR discussion thread.

    TGXear Serratus Many of you guys know me from the numerous IEM threads including the discovery thread and such. I start threads that I deem worthy of starting. Meaning the items of topic I feel needs its own dedicated thread. Well recently our good buddy @tgx78 has been around headfi as long as...
  14. S

    Neophyte with IEM cable woes (and some DIY questions)

    Welcome to my inaugural post. I've been lurking this board for a while and I really dig the vibes! I've been enjoying my first pair of IEM's for a little under a year now, but I've gone through a succession of crummy cables. I started with a generic one off of eBay, and I've moved up to one's...
  15. junkyspace

    DIY TRRS A-B Switch

    I am trying to build a simple switch to have a single headset (sennheiser) with a TRRS end that will swap between at least two source (desktop vs. laptop). I bought a Sescom switch and them bought a 4P3T switch to replace the original one after I encountered audio issues, but I had the same...
  16. TGXEar Serratus

    TGXEar Serratus

    Driver Setup: Single Dynamic Driver (300ohm Blue PET Polymer Resin Crystal Diaphragm) Sensitivity: 102dB SPL at 1mW Purchase link and contact info: Serratus is the first flagship produced by @tgx78 under his own TGXEAR brand.
  17. U

    Chinese planar driver, any good?

    Hello 👋 Im wondering if anyone had tried any of the chinese planar drivers on AliExpress. I have only used dynamic drivers so far and the price is a bit beyond those for the planars so some input would be very appreciated. I am especially interested in these which seem to have a pretty flat...
  18. CoolerCat

    Help needed with ear impressions.

    Hi there, So, I'm looking to have some ear impressions made for maybe custom IEM tips or whatnot, but the problem is that there are no profecional shops where I can have impressions made in my near vicinity so I'm pretty much left with DIYing it. To get to the point, does anyone know where I...
  19. Skaven marine

    abandoned project (moved on)

    I have moved on from creating my own modification of an modified version of Borealis clone so of course I have deleted my TinkerCAD and the files from there. Moved onto using another already popular project that costs to get the files.
  20. Skaven marine

    abandoned borealis tinkercad clone thing project (moved on)

    I have moved on from creating my own modification of an modified version of Borealis clone so of course I have deleted my TinkerCAD and the files from there. Moved onto using another already popular project that costs to get the files.
  21. W

    1/4 inch jack replacements, brands and where to buy?

    I've got some DT770's that the jack broke on. Went to Musician's Friend and bought a new one and soldered it on and it lasted about a week (prob my soldering). That was the last they had in store. Is there a big difference in audio quality with 1/4 jacks? Do "no solder" jacks suck? Is there...
  22. K

    DIY r10 test

    Build 3D model
  23. Suppa92

    Make a Headphone Cable with Dual Unbalanced Mic cable?

    guys, is it a good choice to diy a single-ended headphone cable with any unbalanced cable (eg: mogami w2528 dual )? I recently found a mogami w2528 cable lying around & thought of diy a headphone cable, I just want to know is it good thing to use shield as the ground for the each headphone...
  24. coinmaster

    Anyone from New England passionate about audio design?

    Greetings fellow humans. I have long been developing unique and cutting edge audio stuff solo but I have long dreamt of the day where I would meet someone legitimately interested in audio design such as I to combine two brains into one. My question is simple. Is there such a person out there...
  25. N

    Looking for a dap with no wireless connectivity at all and no mic

    I'm looking for a dap with no radio frequencies - no wireless connectivity whatsoever and no mic, work requirements. I'm looking for a dap to run some iems, blessing 2s, and potentially some fiio fhe (the fiio x crinacle) or some other cheaper more disposable headphones like kz or whatever...