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Verum Audio - Exciting high performance DIY planar

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by cskippy, Aug 22, 2018.
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  1. FullBright1
    As you are saying...
    Freedom begins and ends with "choice", with choices, and if we help fund small businesses, we are actually funding more choices for ourselves, = more personal freedom.
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  2. trellus
    What amp are you using with the HD 650?

    And what amp for the Verum 1?

    You might have said earlier in this thread but I've not found that searching for a particular user's posts in a particular thread (not one or the other but both filters) to be very easy...
  3. kintsaki
    After an easy, reversible, and external, mod that even my grandmother can perform,

    I was able to fix all minor problems that bothered some users and to make the Verum the sweatiest most engaging headphone I ever heard and at the same time I enlarged the sound stage and added full fledged body to the notes just like in my "ring" modified Smeggy Thunderpants.

    Now the Verum becomes my one and only endgame.

    God bless you @Garuspik !
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  4. theangelboy
    Any chance we could get some details on this mod?
  5. yavormoskov
    Please provide us with instructions how to improve the Verums even more. And thank you in advance :)
  6. kintsaki
    Verum 1's are perfectly tuned by their inventor.

    Our group's mods are entirely experimental and rely heavily
    on additional tuning by a number of sophisticated mixing and mastering software,
    some which include Sonarwarks,Tone Boosters Audio Alchemy, Variety of Sound, Tokyo Labs and and Acoustica.

    Be patient and I suspect you will see all that in Verum 2 along with an upgrade kit for Verum 1 owners,
    and don't be surprised to see a closed version of Verum.

    You all have an unforgettable weekend!
  7. katulu
    @Garuspik Am I correct in understanding that you are still shipping Verum 1s from Kickstarter? Or is the shipping done for the KS orders? I ask because the last update I heard, there were still some carbon+silver to be shipped (which was my order), but I have read some people say they got the Verums without a tracking number being sent first. I was out of my home for 7 weeks for work, I thought I would have them by now, but I have not received them - or they have been lost or stolen (I hope not).
  8. Fegefeuer
    The earpads are leaving a stain on my skin after a decent session. I tried to "clean" them (already tried this a few weeks back) with some slightly moist babyskin friendly tissue but it happens again.
    The tissue doesn't even show stains or signs yet my skin does.

    Anybody else got this problem?
  9. yavormoskov
    At least I don’t have this issue. My air conditioning is broken right now and the Verums are wet because of me and no....no stains on my skin after many hours.
  10. yavormoskov
    I joined this forum relatively late compared to many of you. The last two days my headphones developed an unexpected issue and maybe some of you have it or know how to solve it. It started when I noticed that the left side is quieter than the right side. Initially I thought it is my amplifier but when I tried 5-6 other headphones, I was convinced it is not that. After that it became a lot more quiet. I realized that something is wrong. Unintentionally I tapped on the left cup while checking the connections. The balance was restored as it was before. I thought it was the jack or the cable but today it was almost no sound at all in the left cup, so I tapped 2-3 times on the left cup grill and the sound is completely restored. Do you know what caused it and how to fix it myself? I don't want to deal with long and very expensive shipping to Ukraine from USA and to wait. I want to enjoy the headphones now. If you experienced it, please share your solution. Thanks.
  11. shanecoughlan
    I believe this is an issue that has occurred before. @Garuspik addressed it in some earlier batches. I have included him in this conversation so he can comment and suggest ways to fix it.
  12. jb77
    @yavormoskov @shanecoughlan is correct this issue was discussed before and @Garuspik fixed the issue for the other member @allaces305
    This was back on page 28 post 414

    521F664A-8525-4EB9-A47D-72863E2FF8FB.png 75023806-CE84-47E3-ABC0-1F9910C7FC0D.png
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  13. Garuspik
    @yavormoskov - sorry to hear about your problems, but to fix everything once and for all you'll need to ship headphones (or at least cups) back to me. I've already sent you a PM. Shipping back of whole headphones via USPS takes about 2-3 weeks and cost about 35$. Shipping only cups ~20$
  14. jb77
    @Garuspik I commend you and your efforts in making a great headphone for a great price! I just read through this thread and decided to purchase a carbon with silver grills!

    Thank you
    Looking forward to the Verum 1
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  15. Artyouth
    The problem cause: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/ver...mance-diy-planar.887175/page-29#post-14930188
    The temporary quick fix: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/ver...mance-diy-planar.887175/page-30#post-14930722

    2% of the first batch and ZERO complaints on the last batch? God bless the plastic exhaustion of the magnets holder.
    Last edited: May 22, 2019
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