1. Sivga P-II Planar Magnetic Over-ear Open-back Wood Headphone

    Sivga P-II Planar Magnetic Over-ear Open-back Wood Headphone

    Copied from Sivga directly :) Planar Magnetic Over-ear Open-back Wood Headphone DESCRIPTION: ·DESIGN - SIVGA P-Ⅱ uses 97mm*76mm ultra-nano double-sided magnetic planar diaphragm unit as the driver, combined with the superior sound characteristics of the black walnut chamber. ·SOUND -...
  2. LSA HP-1 Planar Magnetic Headphones from Underwood Hifi & Kennerton

    LSA HP-1 Planar Magnetic Headphones from Underwood Hifi & Kennerton

    LSA HP-1 LSA HP-1 Retail thru Dealers $2,200.00 Our Internet Direct price: $1,399.00 delivered to anywhere in the world See the latest Youtube review from Audiophile-heaven at: They sum with: "Walter's assault on prices and HiFi norms is becoming more aggressive. He and the small...
  3. JackFX

    *Sold Audeze LCD-2 Shedua

    Looking for either a high end DAC, Tube amp, or a set of headphones that would compliment what ZMF Aeolus misses. These are in basically brand new condition and are beautiful
  4. jbarnhardt

    SOLD: Mr. Speakers Alpha Primes - Like New, Original Owner

    Hi HeadFi-ers. I have a screaming deal for anyone looking to gift themselves (or someone else, what the heck) a great set of headphones for the holidays. Up for sale are my Mr. Speakers Alpha Primes. They are in nearly new condition - I purchased them new from Mr. Speakers and have stored them...
  5. iamalex

    **SOLD** Meze Empyrean WITH Wireworld Platinum Eclipse

    Bought at Stereotec in Zürich (Switzerland) in July 2019. Used around 10 - 15 hours, so it's almost like new. Comes with all the standard accessoires PLUS a 2m Wireworld Platinum Eclipse all silver cable with 1/4" jack (6.3mm). Selling all my gear due to personal reasons. Discount can be given...
  6. Verum 1 (One) Planar Magnetic Headphones

    Verum 1 (One) Planar Magnetic Headphones

    VERUM 1 Welcome Verum 1, our debut product. Each time, we start a new project - we're a thinking about people who will be using it. So for whom Verum 1 is made? No doubts, that our firstborn is an audiphile product - open planar headphones, big over-ear design, premium materials. But our main...
  7. BergOnMyMind

    Oppo PM3 (Australia) Price drop

    Oppo PM3 planar magnetic headphones in like new condition. Comes with original denim case, 3 meter cable and Ugreen 1.2m cable. Domestic shipping included in price. International shipping is extra $20-40 (depending where you are).
  8. Karendar

    (SOLD) Monoprice Monolith m1060c closed back extra cable (modded)

    Hello, Selling my monolith m1060c's which I slightly modded for sound quality. I removed the liner over the driver and added K-Tape which breathes better. This opened up the soundstage a bit. I also removed the foam discs in the cups (still have them) and treated/piled the cups to avoid...
  9. cskippy

    Verum Audio - Exciting high performance DIY planar

    Over a year ago, @Garuspik started a thread in the DIY section with an ambitious project to develop a planar magnetic headphone with the largest diaphragm ever made. He posted all of his progress including fun raw videos showing the first time the driver made sound, even before it was placed in...
  10. Kwangsun

    [SOLD] FS: ZMF Vibro Mark II Purpleheart Massdrop - LIKE NEW

    Had these for just about 2 years, and honestly, have used them so few a times that I just figured, heck, sell them. I own a lot of gear as you can probably guess. The sound of the Vibro just isn't to my liking. They don't suck; definitely not. But not quite as enjoyable as cans I already own...
  11. SoundPEATS Q32 TWS

    SoundPEATS Q32 TWS

    Inexpensive bluetooth truly wireless earbuds featuring bluetooth 5.0 which offers a more robust connection and less dropouts than other similar headphones. Case charging is improved on Q29's thanks to the improved battery and zero insertion force. Comes with a range of assorted tips, recharge...
  12. Lan647

    MrSpeakers Aeon Flow - closed version

    Hi all! I'm selling a mint-condition MrSpeakers Aeon Flow, closed version. Early batch. Used well but gently, in a smoke-free home environment. It has a very neutral and well-controlled FR for a closed headphone and if you need a well isolating headphone for office or travel I have not heard...
  13. S

    For sale: Oppo PM-3 Like New

    LIKE NEW pair of black Oppo PM-3s! Zero blemishes. Less than 10 hours listening time on them. Comes with all original packaging, Apple-compatible cable with inline microphone, 6ft cable, and carrying case. $325 SHIPS FREE
  14. ImOverEar


    Seems a shame to see them go, but up for sale are my PM-1 headphones which are boxed and complete with all accessories. Although I bought these last November, they have been tested and then sat in the box unused. They still have the protective covers on, as I never got around to buying the...
  15. Izzot

    MrSpeakers ETHER C with DUM cable-- closed-back Planar headphones

    You're looking at a used pair of headphones, all the packaging is kept intact with no noticeable marks or signs of use. Purchased less than a year ago, with about 1000 hours of use give-or-take. The headphones also come along with a separate pair of angled ear pads by MrSpeakers that I purchased...