1. A

    Naim Headline Clone

    A Naim Headline clone can be purchased from multiple sellers on AliExpress. Prices can be under $150 shipped for a Naim Headline clone in which all parts are in a single chassis. Prices can be upwards of $550 shipped for a Headline clone that duplicates the Naim look and feel and two chassis...
  2. mod853

    Looking for a good amplifier

    Hey! I would like some recommendations on what headphone amp I should buy. Headphones it will power: HiFiMAN HE4XX Beyerdynamic DT770 Verum 1 Future purchases might include Sennheiser HD600/HD650 or more planars like Sundara. Features it needs: Low output impedance, less than 2ohm, preferably...
  3. cskippy

    Verum Audio - Exciting high performance DIY planar

    Over a year ago, @Garuspik started a thread in the DIY section with an ambitious project to develop a planar magnetic headphone with the largest diaphragm ever made. He posted all of his progress including fun raw videos showing the first time the driver made sound, even before it was placed in...