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Verum Audio - Exciting high performance DIY planar

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by cskippy, Aug 22, 2018.
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  1. Artyouth
    The quick fix is press the magnets back to close to the membrane. You can do this on the pad side magnets but not the other side (you have to remove the grill, the damping, and a cardboard to reach the magnets).
    And this fix is only temporary. The opposite sides of magnets will repulse themselve away from the membrane. This depends on how big the gap between the baffle and the membrane holder. And this gap may becomes bigger and bigger because the plastic baffle will be bended by the continue magnetic repulsive force.
    I have the problem on left side when open box. Now both.

    This is difficult to explain by words. If there are more people have this problem. I will draw a diagram to show how this problem caused. But of course if Garuspik can tell us the truth is great.
  2. GirgleMirt
    Any pics to illustrate the issue? One of the pic (https://www.head-fi.org/threads/ver...mance-diy-planar.887175/page-24#post-14922279) seemed quite a bit weird, but I wasn't able to find pictures which gives an in depth image of what you should expect in fit & build quality... Thanks!
  3. Phantaminum
    Received the Verum One today and putting it through its paces.

    They're a little crude from visual inspection, the headband/headphone adjustments can come right out of a torture chamber, the headband stitching made me chuckle a little, and the earpad opening could be wider/taller. It has quite the utilitarian look from the yolks and up.

    But I digress, the Verum Ones really has a charming quality to it.

    I can't say much on the sound as I'd like to give them at least 100 hours before I make any tangible comments on it. I can say this much; I haven't stopped smiling since I've put them on.
  4. elira
    There is no issue, but the construction looks less refined than mass produced headphones, which makes complete sense. Overall the construction is solid, and I guess they will last a long time.

    Here are some pictures.

    IMG_1955.JPEG IMG_1956.JPEG IMG_1957.JPEG IMG_1958.JPEG IMG_1959.JPEG IMG_1960.JPEG IMG_1962.JPEG
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  5. Th3Drizzl3
    sorry for no updates. other then a few specs of dirt in the finish (mostly in the right cup near the jack) and a small bit of "wave" in the grill metal the set i got honestly could be productions quality. im hoping i dont have the driver issue i only have a fewish hours seat time with them due to being away in another country for the time being (czech republic) ill be heading home mid next week and will def give them the run through and hope for the best. but mine have no major scratches (one SUPER fine teeny tiny one on the grill on the right but i have seen worse then this from big brand production units) stiching looks very nice all lines up evenly, finish of the "zebrawood" is very close on both sides (i wanted carbon but the zebra has grown on me and ill prob buy a carbon set down the road once he has more / better production time in to them. ill also get the fr graph of my set next week to compare with a few others to see how close they are. a freind made me an offer to try to make me actual wood cups to move the driver over to if i give him my empty ones. i have not decided if i want to do that yet though nor do i know if its worth the effort.
  6. Garuspik
    I really had some rare problems in first batches with loose contact but solved it once and for all and at least 250 units from later batch has ZERO complaints which I’m very proud of :wink: Everyone who pm-Ed me on Kickstarter received same answer - send it back and I’ll fix everything.
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  7. allaces305
    You won't stop smiling either... They sound so nice and the build is solid and really growing on me yet not enough to be seen in public..lol... but these really aren't for portable use anyways. It's a shame I have to send mines back for some electrical fix but the cosmetics of my set are immaculate for a hand built small production line..I think these are a really good set of planar headphones even if I have to send mines back and wait even more time... Honestly I really don't want to send them back because when they work they sound wonderful to my ears...Btw yes they can benefit from a nice amp because I can see they like power because I'm using them on a Fiio M9 on high gain volume 90/120 on older albums that are uncompressed and tend to be recorded better than today's over compressed stuff.
    Last edited: May 2, 2019
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  8. yavormoskov
    Random question. Do you know the dimensions of the phones? Width and height? Thanks.
  9. stimuz
    construction doesn't look crude at all to me, but I'm basing that all on the pictures. also props for being able to use open back headphones with a keyboard that loud. I got my model M on a rack cause it's so distracting to me.
  10. xRaptorxPunisher
    Just give your impressions man. Early impressions are always the best because it allows us to not get used to issues. I personally know a headphone right away and can describe it within the first 30 mins. 100 hours seems way to excessive but each to their own!
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  11. Phantaminum
    I’ll give an initial impression of them.

    Whether it’s because it’s a brand new toy syndrome or something else, I find that I’m enjoying the heck out of the Verum 1’s voicing. Beautiful tone, timbre, bass, and speed. It’s been a while since I put on a pair of headphones that made me smile and tap my toes at the same time. I’m definitely keeping them and for $350 they are a steal.

    Well done @Garuspik

    Last edited: May 3, 2019
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  12. Zachik
    Which amp(s) have you used to drive the Verum 1 ?
  13. Phantaminum
    Two amps - MCTH and the Liquid Platinum. It sounds good from the MCTH but sounds fantastic out of the LP. The headphones are actually quite transparent to your chain and tubes.
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  14. yavormoskov
    Just pulled the the trigger. Bought Verum zebrano with silver grills from a head-fier who is far, far away. I think I am going to be waiting for at least two weeks, not counting the customs clearance time in USA. I will probably change the cable right away to a proper military graded silver plated copper cable with Teflon insulation.
  15. franz12
    Taking a look at the LP's spec, it says
    Output Power Balanced Single Ended
    33Ω 6.62 watts 1.78 watts

    As the Verum is less than 16ohms, is it okay to have that huge power flowing into the V1?

    The V1 is a very fine headphone. Enjoy.
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