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Verum Audio - Exciting high performance DIY planar

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by cskippy, Aug 22, 2018.
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  1. FullBright1
    I'll take a "handmade human error headphone flaw" all day, everyday , vs a... "spit out of a Chinese Factory Machine like M&M's made by Nestle, Quality Control issue".
    Many here on the fourm recall when the Sundara, (Chinese Factory) first arrived, they were nothing but "returned, QC issues".
    My Sundara's right speaker played only a few seconds, then died.
    My Verum is perfect. NO QC issue, sounds very good.
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  2. Artyouth
    Sorry for missing the PM.

    Remove one or all layers of back damping will help to tame the fatigue problem.
    I removed all (also the grill) with a thin angled pads and minor 1-2db range EQ, trade to get the musical and more atmosphere information(3d body?) but less resolution. The dynamic, timbre and texture still here. However V1 still can't put me IN THE BAND like my well powered RPs.
    Last edited: May 16, 2019
  3. kintsaki
    The Fostex always puts you in the band/mood because its small driver has non of the hardness and hollowness associated with all the other large driver Orthodynamics. The 3d body refers to the ability to portray each note of each and every voice and instrument with full fledged body sound from start (rise time) to the peak and to the finish (decay) to get that you must enlarge the caps (make them deeper by adding the ring).
    We prefer to deal with fatigue/musicality issues in software rather than hardware when those issues are not severe like in the Verum. On the other brands we don't even bother they are not responding in an acceptable manner to DSP's.
    You may also prefer the bass of the Fostex but bear in mind that people are asking for more treble from the Verum so a new pad is in order. We fixed all that easily with software but yes Fostex bass is more engaging anyway especially in moderate loudness levels..
    Last edited: May 16, 2019
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  4. Artyouth
    I understand what you means prefer software than hardware but I do not have the deep knowledge of DSP and sound science like you.

    I don't know how Fostex get this IN THE BAND immersive nature. Most of my cans put me IN FRONT of the band. V1 are the most IN FRONT and lack of space information. Maybe this is what people say "Speaker Like".

    The bass of V1 and RP are so different, beauty and beast(not a fat one). Below 100 V1 like a hi-res picture deep to 20, but far less the scale, energy and coverage when compare with RP playing loud.
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  5. kintsaki
    Our methods are not straightforward when there is no official file or when the file is an average of.
    To get an idea of what is involved you may start your research by reading and watching the following



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  6. yavormoskov
    Thank you. I just looked at the pads and the Auteur pads are angled. One head-fier posted they make the headphones feel heavier. Do you have the same impression?

    Also the Auteur pads have many types of materials they make them from including lambskin and suede. Which ones you bought? Thanks.
  7. fpantalone
    Ummmm ... you've missed my point altogether, which is not totally surprising. I was referring to his saying that "Audeze should be ashamed" that they charge so much for their product. He apparently isn't aware of how different business models work when taking a product to the marketplace. Like the extreme difference between a single person making headphones in the Ukraine, with no overhead to speak of, and an 'Audeze', with staff, marketing, distributor/retail chain and the associated discounts, etc, etc.
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  8. Garuspik
    Have you heard about economy of scale? For sure, mass production will be MUCH cheaper (even with staff, marketing and dealers).
  9. The8thOctiveBoy
    The Auteur pads are angled, but only slightly. I don't find that they make the headphones feel any heavier with them. And I have the lambskin pads.
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  10. yavormoskov
    Thank you.
  11. FullBright1
    The poster that you referred to........is it his fault or the buyers fault in general, if Audeze has to charge too much for their gear so that they can have a bigger building? As in the end, thats what its all about. Its all about the "look at me" "im somebody", see how BIG, mentality.
    Do you know why businesses fail? Its because this "bigger means better", concept is a fail.
    I see this all the time. For example, there is what is called "appropriate business growth", but there is also the ego - centric business owner who wants to be in Forbes and Fortune, and so this type is only interested in profit margin, and if the overpriced gear is fair at best, then so be it.

    And regarding Audeze, they have a right to do what they like and charge you as much as it takes for them to do what they like.
    Same as any company.
    If you are willing to pay it, they are willing to take it.
    I own Audeze headphones, and if they make something else that i have to have, then they'll get my money.
    But i would prefer to give it to the small shop, hand made, one at a time, business, whenever i can.
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  12. franz12
    I kinda agree with this. I thought it was due to cup resonance, but it could be due to other things.
    IMO, it is not a big deal, but still noticeable when I did head-to-head comparisons with the he1000se.
    To be fair, many other expensive headphones also have similar issues, but it was one out of three in my list that should be addressed hopefully in the next iteration for perfection.
    Last edited: May 17, 2019
  13. SilverEars
    From the first time I've heard a planar (LCD2) I've heard trail of sound that had some hollowness to it. The LCD2 was attributed to being underdriven, but I also attribute it to how their drivers are made, they tend to have a sharp drop after a certain point in the mids. It's a planar attribute. I think it's related to the way the diaphram is being moved and releases hollow type of timbre. I final all planars have certain degree of this, certain ones not all that noticible. I maybe related to how well the drivers are controlled.

    I wonder if it's due to Verum 1 being low ohms, and amps may struggle with it. Two tube amps cute off one of the channels and it's probably due to the low ohmage.
  14. yavormoskov
    I know this is off topic but let me share something. I work in the nutrition supplements industry and I see every day how the big companies are dodging responsibilities, or polluting the earth, or bribing officials for contracts for the military, etc. My point is that the foundation for a stable democracy and a prosperous society is dependent on small businesses and the middle class, not on handful big corporations for whom you-are-just-an-order-number approach to customers . What is why it is of paramount importance to support small businesses like Verum Audio and unique small batch products such as the Verum 1 headphones or even your local hometown farmer. You get the point :)
    Last edited: May 17, 2019
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  15. yavormoskov
    That is the reason why my Chord Mojo is performing better with the Verums and my Burson Fun struggles greatly.Even my sensitive IEMs are more Ohms than the Verum:darthsmile: The issue is that I use the Mojo primarily at work or on the go. I guess is time for a new amplifier. I am torn between Headamp Gilmore Lite MK2, Rupert Neve Designs RNHP or cheap but mighty JDS Labs Atom.
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