1. alexl993

    FS: Audeze LCD-X **SOLD**

    Mint condition LCD-X (Non-creators edition) includes original carrying case, two stock cables (single ended and balanced) manual and warranty card. Manufactured Jan, 2017 so I believe it has the latest drivers. Asking $800 including insured shipping and paypal fees to continental U.S. or...
  2. SDBiotek

    SOLD HiFiMan HE-400i headphones, lightly used

    The headphones are in good cosmetic condition and have not seen much use. They will come with the original cable and box. Will ship only to United States address only. Price is firm and includes shipping and PayPal fees. If interested, please send a PM with your PayPal email, and I will send a...
  3. W

    Need advice for a home/ portable rig!

    Hi folks! Im want to buy myself a good home rig that also can function as a portable one( closed back) and need some guidance since its a ton to choose from. Im happy to buy secondhand/used. Read much about planars reccently, but its not easy to get planars in my budget or being mobile. Im want...
  4. azeral

    //SOLD// Meze Empyrean + 3 ft 3.5mm mini XLR cable

    //SOLD at 2050 USD// For sale is my well cared for Meze Empyrean. From a pet/smoke/pathogen free home. I'm looking to fund my transition into a full two channel setup now that my office rig will be getting less use, so I'm letting these go. They come with all standard accessories (shown)...
  5. Feliks Euforia Tube Amplifier (6SN7 + 6N13S)

    Feliks Euforia Tube Amplifier (6SN7 + 6N13S)

    Technical specification - Model 2019 Input Impedance: 100 kOhm Frequency response: 8 Hz - 75 Khz +/- 3 dB (300 ohm) Power output: 250mW THD: 0.4 % (300 ohm, 20 mW) Supported headphones impedance: 32 - 600 ohm including planar magnetics Premium PsVane CV-181 Mk2 “Gold” /or "Silver" PsVane 6SN7...
  6. 04gto


    Hello everyone, I have these Mr. Speakers/Dan Clark Audio Ether CX Carbon fiber Planar Magnetic headphones for sale. Have only been used for a few hours and are in PERFECT condition. Only includes items seen in pictures, no other boxes, manuals accessories etc. Buyer pays $20 for shipping.
  7. takato14


    You know exactly which LCD-1 I mean. Er, well, actually, you probably don't. Audeze did that frustrating thing which companies tend to avoid doing -- but eventually end up doing anyways -- where they release two headphones with the same model number because the old one is no longer in...
  8. Johnsouter

    Hifiman Ananda For EU Sale

    Hi these are in fantastic condition, boxed just like new. EU only I'll cover PayPal if you cover postage. Pics to follow Cheers
  9. Davidibiza

    He4XX for sale in Europe. Mint

    Bought these headphones from Drop in late December 2019. Barely used, not even burned in. Mint. Selling because I bought a Lcd2c from a headfier a month ago. Price includes PayPal fees and shipping within the European Union. I already paid import taxes so you won't have to :wink:
  10. rendyG

    SOLD : Hifiman Edition X v2

    Selling my beloved HEX v2. Driver is in perfect condition (no wrinkles or dust). I´m mentioning this coz I´ve seen units with wrinkled or dirty looking driver. Unfortunately the thin pleather layer of earpads is starting to peel of slowly on some places as you can see on a picture below. Not...
  11. Johnsouter

    ( SOLD) Audeze LCD-3 (EU)

    Hi, I've had these from new. Purchased March 23rd 2020. In perfect condition with about 20hrs of use. I'll upload pics soon. EU only. I'll cover Paypal if you cover postage Cheers
  12. JackFX

    *Sold Audeze LCD-2 Shedua

    Looking for either a high end DAC, Tube amp, or a set of headphones that would compliment what ZMF Aeolus misses. These are in basically brand new condition and are beautiful
  13. I'mSparticus

    SOLD: Audeze LCD-MX4 (US) $1200

    Hey there, Well time to part with part of my collection. Up for sale are one of my favorite headphones the MX4's (B Stock) from Audeze. Its just hard to justify having 3 TOTL headphones atm, so reducing my collection a little bit. Condition: 8/10, there are a few small paint chips on the...
  14. Lamb-Audio

    *SOLD* Audeze LCD-2 (Shedua/Leather) + Extra Cable

    I'm selling these Audeze LCD-2 headphones (with Fazor) in near-mint condition with beautiful shedua wood and leather pads. Comes in the original travel case with the original cable, plus an additional upgraded single-ended cable from Audeze ($150 value). They sound perfect and look like they're...
  15. thebrunx


    This Headphones are fully working and in mint condition (see photos). The HIFIMAN HE-500 is known to be better sounding than many other headphones costing more than 3 to 4 times its price. It should be used with a headphone amplifier. Safe payment with Paypal. Happy listening and enjoy this...
  16. Rosson Audio Design RAD-0 Over-The-Ear Planar Magnetic Headphones

    Rosson Audio Design RAD-0 Over-The-Ear Planar Magnetic Headphones

    Headphone Designs Each RAD-0 headphone is handcrafted in a unique, one-of-a-kind housing. Select from the available designs in the dropdown menu at the top of this page when purchasing a headphone. #006 Moons Blood #054 Mean Green #058 Tropical Island #062 Red Fawkes #065 Amber Walnut #067...
  17. HirkEukvic

    For sale - Audeze Sine with Cipher cable

    Hi everyone, I'm selling my Audeze Sine headphones (the closed model) with the Cipher cable. I have all the original accessories, including certificate of authenticity, user manual, and carrying case--everything except the box, basically. Aside from a few very small dings to the paint, they're...
  18. CafeRocker

    **SOLD** Monoprice M1060 - Great Condition

    Just picked up a pair of Sundaras, so I'm selling my Monoprice M1060. They are great condition. I picked them up open-box a few months ago. Come with all the original packaging / case / cord. I'll take $180, paypal and shipping included in the continental US. I may consider trades, doesn't...
  19. U2Edge

    SOLD: Audeze LCD-2 2.2F Fazor (2016) Open Back Headphones

    Selling my used but like new Audeze LCD-2 over-the-hear open back planar magnetic audiophile headphones. $550. I'll cover PP fees and insurance, but I'll ask you to cover S&H. Free local pickup and demos available. Lightly adult used a handful of times and stored in the hard pelican storage...
  20. Seazer

    Audeze Mobius Copper very good condition (CLOSED)

    Kept in very good condition, lightly used for a few months before moving on to a different headphone. Copper color, from the original indiegogo. Updated to the most recent firmware. Price includes shipping.
  21. jordannn15

    **SOLD**[WTS] Hifiman Edition XX [W] PayPal**SOLD**

    Like new condition Hifiman Edition XX with upgraded cable, takstar hard case that the headphones fit very nicely in, and dekoni nuggets attached. Nuggets can be taken off easily. Price is $450 shipped to the US. Not interested in trades. I will ship internationally but you will have to cover...
  22. holsen

    ***SOLD*** Tin Audio P1 - 10mm Planar Magnetic In Ear

    These are astoundingly good IEMs. Detail, Clarity, Detail, Sparkle and Lush Mids with a laidback but present bass and sub bass. I've loved these IEMS. So why am I selling them? Simply because I've now got 2 other other IEMS with Planar drivers inside so these have become a bit redundant in my...
  23. jordannn15

    **SOLD**[WTS] Hifiman Edition XX [W] PayPal**SOLD**

    Like new condition Drop x Hifiman Edition XX's with takstar hard case and upgraded cable that terminates in 3.5mm with a 1/4" adapter. Also added dekoni nuggets for better comfort but can be easily removed if you would rather have them off. Price is $450 shipped to the CONUS. Not interested in...
  24. Tweeters

    FS: Hifiman HE400i

    SOLD for $90
  25. Johnsouter

    Hifiman He5se

    Hi, these are in perfect boxed condition. Just like new. I'll cover PayPal, postage will vary on location. EU only. Cheers. Will upload pics soon!