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Verum Audio - Exciting high performance DIY planar

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by cskippy, Aug 22, 2018.
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  1. Garuspik
    Yes, but I've received no reply.
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  2. yavormoskov
    Back to the pads. The stock pads openings are small for my ears apparently. Have you found any bigger pads which do not change the sound dramatically compared to the stock pads? I was looking at the brainwavz xl pads and some angled Dekoni pads for Hifiman (not sure if those are bigger). I guess I can live with certain sonic difference as long as it’s not a lot worse than the stock. Any ideas?
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  3. shanecoughlan
    You may want to wait a little. @Garuspik is creating an option to have real leather thinner perforated pads. There was a note by @cskippy that "They reduce the level below 1kHz by ~3dB and keep a bit of a low bass bump before dropping off at the lowest octaves. Transient response is much better as well as stage, air and for me, comfort."
    @Garuspik noted:
    "1. Many mebmers asked for brighter sounding headphones. How can I achieve this? Can I bring up the treble? Sure no. But I can... lower the whole region before 3 Khz
    2. When using perfo leather I've solved one main problem - I've leveled air pressure on both sides of membrane.
    3. Comfort wise - real leather is much more comfortable especially in summer."
  4. nlwouter
    I used the brainwavz angled sheepskin pads on the verum and although comfortable and even improving the sound a little. I actually advice against angled pads. This because it made the verum feel heavier.
  5. yavormoskov
    That is good to know about the angled pads. I am just looking at Dekoni sheepskin perforated pads for Beyerdynamic.
    By the way, do you know the outer and the opening diameters of the stock Verum pads?
  6. The8thOctiveBoy
    I had the same problem with the stock pads. I'm currently using ZMF Auteur pads, which have a nice big opening. I don't notice any significant change in the sound either.
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  7. FullBright1
    The review that is posted right above yours "slams", the Verums.
    So, what one person loves, another person "slams", here on Head-Fi.
    Nothing new.
    Audeze has created some good headphones and some that are not.
    Thats just the way it goes.
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  8. SilverEars
    I should also add that I compared it to HE500, and prefer the 500. One issue is that 500 can only be had on the used market, but usually shows up for $350, which is comparable in price. 500 is just better to my ears. Hifiman should release the HE500se.

    I think the Verum compares to Sundara althougj presentations are different. Verum has more of a smoother creamy treble presentation, whereas Sundara has more of a forward bold treble, but when it comes to how leveled, both are more or less the same. Verum with it's pads, hits harder in bass and in more quantity. It's more of a sound preference between the two. Sundara goes for $350 right now, so also comparable in pricing.
    Last edited: May 16, 2019
  9. shanecoughlan
    @FullBright1, it goes to show that everyone is different! I think the most important point is "wow, we have so many choices" and the second one is "how cool we can try two or more of these devices." After all, we are here for fun, and because we like nice sound and/or technology. :)

    Thanks @SilverEars! Very useful to have comparisons with existing headphones.
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  10. Artyouth
    Glad to hear you like it. As I said before, you may like this sound.
    How to compare with a well-modded RP?
  11. FullBright1
    The Sundara has the typical Hifiman treble. ITs a bright headphone. The Verum is not a bright headphone, it has a much more balanced and natural sound presentation.
    Not everyone can appreciate the idea of a mostly hand made product. Some will not realize this about the Verum, which is unfortunate.
    "why isn't it all black, and $899 USD". ..... like all the rest. ?
    Because its mostly hand made, and the designer wants to make something special, as everyone makes theirs BLACK. = 99%.
    The Sundara is the typical mass produced Chinese factory "black" headphone. These are endless.
    "And coming in 2019, 2020, 2021", The New Hifiman all black headphones.

    The Verum is a cool gear. It offers a lot of value for the money.
    Some people would prefer more bass, others more soundstage, and some would prefer it to be all black.
    However, it is what it is, and it does what it does, and many will really be glad they own such a fine gear that is so affordable.
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  12. FullBright1
    Yes. all ears are different, and all taste's change.
    The Verum is like the HD600. Not in sound, but in quality and value for the price.
    You can actually pay a lot more money, and get a lot less sound quality then is offered by the V1.
    I dont think you can pay less and get better sound quality.
    This is a unique gear.
    Its one of 3 that arrived recently that are not just like everything else.
    The Neumann is another.
    The Quad is another.
    More then likely, and as a general rule, it will be proven that of these 3, the Verum is going to be the one that everyone will buy, and most will keep.
    The quality of its sound, and the price point. makes this gear an incredible value.
    AND, its a really pretty headphone.
    Very unique aesthetic.
    The builder has realized that by offering these "fancy" wood options, he can please a wider audience, and sell a lot more.
    I hope he uses some Figured Ebony and Flamed Maple, in the future.
    Figured Ebony will be his biggest seller, because most headphone buyers, like black headphones.
    Last edited: May 16, 2019
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  13. shanecoughlan
    Over on Audio Science Review I made a note about how interesting the Verum 1 is as a product. tl;dr: it is a unique product, built from scratch, and with a focus on quality over quantity. The production process has its flaws, delivery dates being the key item, but the increasing trail of satisfied users tells an important tale. As really early adopters we are recording experiences that provide snapshots to help inform future potential users. In my experience a few hiccups are not uncommon.
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  14. abm0
    To quote Garuspik from a certain so-called-forum: "Outer diameter is standard 105 mm. It is limited by cup. Inner diameter is 60mm and height is 25mm." (where height probably means depth).
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  15. kintsaki
    I sent you a PM yesterday you probably did not see it.

    For the time being (until there is a Verum 2 semi open) My ring modified "Smeggy" Thunderpants wins on sound stage. 3d body and musical listening fatigue and loses on loudness, resolution and timbre. When we complete equalization which we did with a different method (not having the official Sonarworks file) we are sure the small fatigue problem will be eliminated. But to get full 3d body and lifelike soundtage we may have to weight for Verum 2.
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