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Verum Audio - Exciting high performance DIY planar

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by cskippy, Aug 22, 2018.
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  1. omniweltall
    Agreed. Give him some breathing room to solve the problem.
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  2. eyoon
    I placed my order mid-February and have not heard anything since.
  3. shanecoughlan
    I ordered mine in early May. Quoted six week manufacturing backlog + Ukrainian postage time. I really hope they turn up late June.

    However, I want to flag that from my experience in the tech and startup sector, you should not worry about these delays from the perspective of actually getting your headphones. Making a product is hard. Mass manufacturing is even harder. There is a lot of debugging to keep quality high as you create processes. @Garuspik is working with a bias towards quality. We might have to wait a little longer for the backlog to be done, but Verum Audio is scaling, and the creator is responsive. You can PM him on this site if you need a specific timeline for your order.
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  4. Currawong Contributor
    No. Magnetic force will not make a gap in rigid, fixed materials larger over time. Unless A: The screws are loose, or B: The material is soft and changes due to pressure, nothing will change.

    I had a look at my magnets, and a single one out of all (both cups) exhibits the behaviour you showed in that video. I reckon if you're not happy, send them back.
  5. kintsaki
    He did solve the problem.

    All of my magnets do not move at all, even when pressed very hard.
    All he has to do is to upgrade the few units that shipped with the problem when they
    are shipped back.

    However there are some competent people out there that would be able to avoid
    the loss of their Verum for a month if @Garuspik would be kind enough to reveal
    the fix to them in a PM and let them take a risk repairing it on their own.
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  6. eyoon
    I agree. I was simply answering a question about shipping dates that was posed by another person, and I think others who might have expectations of actually having their headphones delivered within 6 weeks + shipping time should also be aware. I knew when I placed my order that the (at the time) 4 week preorder time was unlikely to happen based on the fact that they hadn't finished shipping out to the Kickstarter backers at the time (and, I'm still not sure if this has been completed); though, considering that it's been ~3 months without notice for my order, I do think it would be advisable for Verum to post a more realistic timeline for new orders on their website because even now I doubt they'll meet the ~6 weeks mentioned there. So, I'm not complaining. I appreciate that they're taking the time to do things right and aren't rushing, but it would also be great to have a ballpark idea of when I'll actually be receiving mine. And, I also realize that keeping people constantly updated on the status of their orders would probably also slow down the process (I believe Garuspik actually stated this at one point), which is why I haven't sent any inquiries to them.
    Last edited: May 24, 2019
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  7. chinsettawong
    I received my Verum just a few days ago, and I've been enjoying it for a few hours each day. All I can say is that I'm really impressed with its sound quality. I had a pair of working Hifiman HE5 a few years back before it broke down. I remembered that the HE5 was very inefficient and had just so, so sound. Verum, on the other hand, is much, much more efficient and wonderful sounding right out of the box. The openness of the sound is similar to that of my other electrostatic headphones, and the bass is really nice.

    If there is anything that Verum can do to improve, I would say first try to improve the clamping force on the headband. Maybe I have a big head, but I really feel that it clamps too heavily on my head. The second thing is its weight. I understand that the magnets are needed and they are heavy. But if Verum can try thinner magnets and reduce its spacer thickness a little to compensate for that, I think it'll be a winner.

    Overall, I say it's well worth the money. I'll show the headphones to my friends in Thailand. I'm sure that they'll be amazed.

    Wachara C.
  8. RestlessZombi
    I ordered mine on March 22nd and beyond an order confirmation I have yet to hear a date either. This isn't a chase request, I understood that when I ordered there was still Kickstarter units still to be sent and that this was would be sent when ready, potentially in a few months time. I believe that the Kickstarter units are all sent now, if not only a few left. I believe that he was doing these in batches (which frankly makes sense) so you may be lucky and get it sooner should you have chosen a colour being worked on next.

    I'm not sure on what the lead time is, but i think at this point I would expect it to be a couple on months until caught up.
  9. Artyouth
    You PRETTY SURE I unscrewed on purpose?
    You really like to play this kind of game to hide your fault......

    Other people may not have the ability to identify. But you are the creator. You know the screws level very well right? The video show all the screws. From their level you really sure they were unscrewed? Or I can take another video to show how tight the screws and how loose the magnets if you request.
    Last edited: May 24, 2019
  10. D3athbySp0rk
    I don't see where you have room to continuously complain when you've been offered a solution to your issue. Returning it for repairs. I feel as if you've make it sound as if @Garuspik doesn't care about his product and customers. Yet everywhere I've seen him actively replying to those with issues, and offering to fix them with a included bonus.

    I'm not saying the product is flawless, as what you've pointed out may be an issue, But how is that going to help him if you've yet to send it back for him to properly diagnose. Besides, I'm sure he understands his product at a much more technical level then what you've observed, Could just be a fluke when the cup was molded.

    Recommending a solution for a problem is one thing, Bashing him about your flawed product repeatedly is anti-productive when you take no initiative.

    Now that i've stated my mind. Sorry to enter into the forums like so; Hey everyone!

    I ordered my pair January 31st, I shoot @Garuspik an email and he has informed my that my set has been shipped. No tracking number, I'm sure they're way too swamped with orders right now to distribute those currently. But, I think i may've come up with my own solution. Apparently most of those that live in the US that have received their headphones say it comes via USPS. Not that this helps you, indicated by your profiles location. But you may have an option like this available to you, Though I'm sure it'll help others:

    I discovered USPS allows you to track incoming mail and packages, it's called "Informed Delivery" this requires no tracking number, You do have to validate your address. I also took the time to contact USPS and confirm that it'll only show up in "Informed Delivery" once the package has hit the us, and is in their systems. Kinda a neat feature. UPS and FedEx also have a solution like this, But only informs you of the day of arrival.
    Last edited: May 24, 2019
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  11. katulu
    So you ordered in January and your set has shipped. I'm a Kickstarter backer and no tracking number, no update, no response to my PM or post here, and no headphones. Seems wrong to me.
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  12. Artyouth
    The room. This depends on where people pay attention to.
    Some people pay attention to the gifted pad and willing to fix. I pay attention to the magnets misplace is just 0.3mm, he don't think magnets misplace will affact sound, my video is playing trick to unscrew on propose... I have the room, to proof and show the truth. Not the room to complain.
    But I agree if most people ignore the truth and pay attention to somewhere else, I have no room. Thanks for remind me.

    I won't send back to repair. I don't trust him.
    Last edited: May 25, 2019
  13. D3athbySp0rk
    That's what he said, after replying to an email I sent him. I'm sure your set has to be on it's way, considering you were a kick starter backer. I've been following his updates on there, and his most recent is on his website, Informing on 5/10/19 that he's shiped out all pre-order units from the website up to Janurary 30th.

    Mind you I still don't have the headset yet, and I have yet to see it show up on the tracking method I've mentioned. (or atleast I think, hard to tell with very vague parcel descriptions, and un-aware of how it'll register into their tracking system)

    Only thing to do is be patient, They'll arrive eventually. As now he's playing catch-up with his site. backed up on orders. And I can only presume as people review these headphones, word spreads the orders will only stack up more. I personally can't imagine the stress and pressure he's feeling. I personally would collapse under these conditions. After all, we all are only human.

    You do you man, I personally think it's foolish to not act on a warranty with a defective product. But is misguided lack of trust for no apparent reason helps you sleep at night. All the power to you.

    But to re-iterate, Since I feel you may have missed my point. Complaining with lack of resolve dissolves into nothing, but looking like a clown. If you know the solution or have an idea to fix your headphones, then do it. By my understanding the warranty means nothing to you, So fiddling with your own headset shouldn't be an issue if that's the case. In this way you could return with factual evidence of a solution. Then it'd be a contribution. Or even take it to someone that you trust with fiddling with such things, then share your result. That's how to be taken seriously, and being constructive while at it. Otherwise you just look like someone that's out to deliberately sabotage this product.

    Or you know, do nothing, complain, and continue to sit in the same place as where you started.
  14. shanecoughlan
    Indeed. It’s also worth reiterating that he is very responsive and there are many indicators that he is working to do right by his customers.

    There are three points that become evident from this and other forums:

    Shipments of Verum 1 have been delayed but there is a steady stream of people receiving the headsets, which are produced in batches of type.

    The items shipping from Ukraine do not appear to normally have tracking numbers, which understandably unsettles some people, but this does not appear to have impacted delivery except (maybe) in one case when someone was way from home for a month.

    Postage from Ukraine is producing wildly different delivery dates. It appears to be pretty random, not based on geography, but the parcels get through even if they carry a few cosmetic dings (and the headsets inside are fine).

    I agree. In the end, this thread is not really about us. It is about creating a corpus of knowledge to help current and future users. Sometimes we note positives (build, sound and so on), sometimes we note negatives (delivery delays, occasional QC problems), and as a byproduct of @Garuspik having active engagement, we create a knowledge-base of how Verum Audio addresses everything.

    Let’s keep it civil, let’s keep it objective and factual, and let’s make sure people considering Verum 1, people who have ordered Verum 1 and people who are using Verum 1 can quickly and easily find something of value here.

    Oh, and let’s have fun. After all, this is a hobby that we enjoy!
    Last edited: May 25, 2019
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  15. shanecoughlan
    Gently steering this towards a relatively unaddressed issue, can an existing user provide us with precise measurements of the headphone? Height, width and depth, ideally in metric. Perhaps we can collaborate to find a great case as none is included with the headphones. Our buddy @yavormoskov identified a case but it’s huge. I would love to find something more compact.
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