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Verum Audio - Exciting high performance DIY planar

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by cskippy, Aug 22, 2018.
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  1. D3athbySp0rk
    After Re-reading my last post, My tone was a bit more heavily worded then my intentions. My apologies for that.

    Personally I'm extremely excited for my headset to arrive. The Highest grade in audio equipment I own is the ATH-AD500x. And i've used them nearly every day for over 3 years. They're degrading rather fast now. The other headset I own is the ATH-700mk pro2. Which I can't bare due to how hard they clamp, and sound very very muddy.

    I ended up going on a hunt for the best headphones I could possibly find around $300 at first I purchased the M1060. The audio of these blew my mind. But, I was aware with the obvious design flaws, despite being the most comfortable headset I've ever owned, reluctantly I returned them. So after digging deeper I discovered the verums. And here I am now, excited to broaden my horizons.

    I've been lurking this thread since with interest in what people find provides even better audio quality with the verums, being modifications, pad rolling, and ideal amps/DACs

    I currently own a tube amp, but I feel it's very sub-par as it's some chinese brand that was around $100. I enjoy the sound it does provide compared to just connecting directly to my DAC, but I'm sure It's my weakest link in my audio set, any thoughts on tube amps that would pair nicely would be appreciated. My DAC most likely isn't great either, I'm using my AG03 audio interface as a DAC, so any ideas on improving those would be great.

    The biggest issue is I'm not sure what exactly what to look for in a tube amp.
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  2. shanecoughlan
    Hey, I’m super glad to have you here. Your net contribution is a positive and enthusiastic approach. That’s precisely what we need. Occasionally we all have a down moment.

    I come from a tech background so bear in mind my opinion is based purely on measurements and data to triage any purchase. Only at the final stage - when I personally listen - do I pay heed to “like/no like.”

    A valve amp will distort sound. In some subjective audiophile circles this distortion is a perceived benefit. However, the science shows something more like this: “Unless and until somebody comes up with a "magic" pattern of nonlinearity that truly enhances sound quality, I will believe euphonic distortion to be a fantasy. The only "good" nonlinear distortion is that of a nature and amplitude such that the human ear cannot detect it.”

    Which is fine! You might like the distortion you get with XYZ tube amp. But it’s really hard to recommend one to you. It’s hard to know what distortion would be “yay” and what would be a “nay” for you as an individual. You can get some solid data on amps and DACs at audiosciencereview.

    What might be a good start to drive your new headphones is the Topping NX4DSD. It’s small, powerful and Amir saw some great numbers from it at ASR. I just ordered one.
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  3. D3athbySp0rk
    For me, with the very small exposure to tube amps I've preferred in every case. After all, how we do like audio is very subjective, some people enjoy peeking their subs in their car where I can hear it bottoming out in my appartment.

    But going back to tube amps. I believe it's do to how with what I've experienced. My limited experience I've found tubes softens up the overall sound some. I can tell you I do find it straining when the sound is too crisp. I could be completley wong here, as my experience in audio is significantly sub-par to many other on here.

    Hopefully that makes sense.

    But what do I know? I've never listened to good headset on a decent static amp. Glowing vacuume tubes looked cool and vintage, what I first tried out on a small budget.

    Edit: I'll keep that DAC in mind, I've noticed most of these DACs are marketed as portable. I assume this is because they all fit a small form factor? I use my headphones at my desktop, so portability isn't requirement. But I wouldn't mind the option of also using it with my smartphone in rare occasions. Hopefully we'll see a closed-back verums for such occasions in the future!

    2nd Edit: Oh! That's a DAC and amp! Neat!
    Last edited: May 25, 2019
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  4. shanecoughlan
    Totally understand. I quite like the “warm” bias of tube amps or older transistor stuff. For example, the CA-1000 amp with the PL1200 record player I’m prepping for my uncle is pleasantly on these lines. I do veer back to more accurate sounds after a while though, because the warmth is a tad wooly for me.

    Edit: By the way, I also don’t like audio setups that are too forward in treble. Sounds bright to my ears. Hence my preference for things like Bose QC35.
    Last edited: May 25, 2019
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  5. Artyouth
    Solution is not the only value of a post. Reveal a truth and against somone try to distort the truth also.

    I didn't miss your point. You have many points, me too. You didn't miss mine but pay attention and ignore some of them.
  6. allaces305
    Once we have the accurate measurements of the Verum's I believe that Monoprice might have the perfectly sized case and at a great low price... It fits the Audezee LCDs and that can't be much different in size to the Verum's??
  7. D3athbySp0rk
    Best example i've found. not the perfect side by side comparison, But i recently ran into this review, and it's interesting to see it's size right next to other headphones.

    I've linked exactly to the time in the video where you can see multiple headphones next to the verum, Including a set of LCD's

    Edit: and right next the LCD2's

    It appears verum are a tad bit bigger, but defiantly very similar in size.

    I should also include timestamps.
    The first video linked is set at 7:55 and the second at 9:52
    Last edited: May 25, 2019
  8. rendyG
    How do you want to "measure" them?
    Verum has this strange big headband which makes it difficult to find a case for them..
    Last edited: May 25, 2019
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  9. D3athbySp0rk
    Yeah, the headband is quite long.

    Could you provide the following measurements indicated, This would give me a good idea on minimum volume requirement for a box.
    While I wait for my headset to arrive, I'm tempted to craft a wooden box with a foam cutout for storage.
    Last edited: May 25, 2019
  10. elira
    This is on my pair:

    Red: 9 1/2"
    Blue: 5 1/2"
    Green: 7" ​

    Not sure how consistent this is with other pairs.
  11. rendyG
    Or in metrics:
    red 24cm
    blue 13.7cm
    green 17.5cm - this one is adjustable, I think mine is a click wider than stock
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  12. D3athbySp0rk
    Thanks! The biggest variation will be on the red and green axis. (what you've set it to for your perfect fit) this just now dawned on me. If it's not too much trouble, could I get a measurement of that with the cups fully extended on the last notch? I may have to wait to craft my box till my set arrives, depending on how much variation there is there. For aesthetics.

    But that will give others the idea of the absolute minimum volume requirement of a box.

    My understanding is he orders a lot of these parts to his specs, they're machined and then shipped to him where he then assembles them. so the headsets should be fairly consistent, considering the fabrication of mats is most likely out-sourced to a professional company just for this with all the hardware/staff required.
    Last edited: May 26, 2019
  13. elira
    The red one doesn’t change, and the green one in my measurement is fully extended.
  14. elira
    I'm using the Brainwavz XL Micro Suede pads with the Verum One, they are a little bigger than the stock ones but the comfort is better and the sound doesn't change much.
  15. coolcat
    I have a question if the price 350$ already include shipping or the shipping cost is vary depending on where the headphones are send ?
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