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The discovery thread!

  1. mayank11280
    So, I am finally down to either of these choices: Etymotic Research ER4XR and LZ-A6. I understand that the sound signatures of these are dramatically different. However, I can imagine LZ-A6, on the lines of A4, would be at least as much tune-able. Now, the only two criteria are soundstage and detail.

    Oh, that's something I didn't even consider before. Thank you.

    Thank you so much! Could you compare isolation and fit as well?

    I mean, I need an IEM which can do a little of both, that's why I am inclined towards ER4XR more than ER4SR and even considering LZ-A6. However, I do agree, M40X are good neutral pair.

    That's a real out of the box suggestion. I am considering it now. I wasn't aware that they existed. Thank you @FastAndClean
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  2. Jackpot77
    Another model for you to consider might be the Flare Audio "Flares Pro 2" - there is currently a discount advertised on Facebook with the code F25 which knocks 25% off the price. Neutral but musical, excellent IEM for the price in terms of resolution etc and Congress with a Bluetooth module and standard 3.5mm cable. Cable is proprietary so you can't swap for a balanced one but the Bluetooth module is balanced. Might be worth a look?
  3. Bui Hai Anh
    For fit and isolation, T800 is much better than A6, although the former often gives me ear pressure because the air can't escape.
  4. praxis22
    I have the Blon BL03 and the Shuoer Tape inbound from amazon.de at present. Should arrive in 5 days or so. Will be interesting to see how they compare to the Tin P1 and the Okki OH10, both of which I have in my pocket at present. the Tin P1 is amazing, it's not for every track, and it's very much in your head, but at volume the sound and imaging is amazing to me. Try Adelle's 21 album on it, or even Mozart's Requiem Mass in D minor. Mesmerising.

    EDIT: I also found 16 core cables (2 pin & CCX with your choice of 2.5/3.5/4.4 plugs) 14 Euro each, on Ebay.de 28 Euro was what I paid for the LinSoul C8 8 core from Amazon.de originally
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2019
  5. olinko
    Any AliExpress link out there for eartips with a longer nozzle? I've read that it's essential if you're buying the Blon BL03 because the nozzle is short.
  6. Dsnuts Contributor
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2019
  7. ericp10
    Hello fellas! I haven't really bought any new iems or headphones in a while (still sticking with the AKG N5005, Sony Z5. UM ME.1 and iSine 20), but I was wondering if anyone else is hearing an upgrade in the new Apple Music player for iMacs? I have my Garage1217 Project Ember tube amp connected to my desktop iMac and my music seems to perform like never before with space, clarity, warmth and a superior wider soundstage. The Senn HD6XX sounds wider with deeper bass and the N5005 have become bass-audiophile giants with this new music player. The sound is better than many DACs/portable amps I've owned. Does anyone else hear this upgrade too?
  8. Dani157
    +1. And they're available at a bargain price atm. Totally worth it
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  9. baskingshark
    I'm not a foams person, but a few of us BLON users that use silicone tips find that spinfits (which have a longer nozzle) fit the BLON perfectly. Some headfiers use the spinfit CP145, some the CP100. The CP100 has a narrower bore so it boosts the bass slightly (I'm a basshead, hence I use CP100). YMMV.
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  10. courierdriver
    So, which ones have the right sized core/center to fit the BL 03? Is it the T400? They look alot like the Newbee foams I currently use on all my iems. Do these also have a smooth outer coating like the Newbees? I like foams more than silicones for isolation, but they have to be comfortable (Complys and Dekoni's are scratchy to me). How's the comfort and are these memory foam? The price is great, but I don't want to spend money on something I won't use. I'd take a multi pac in green if I could, since they would really stick out from my current red tips. Sorry...I know it's alot of questions, but would really appreciate your feedback. Thanks!
  11. assassin10000
    Much smoother than comply's. Not as smooth as shure olives tho (my favorite foams).

    Size info:
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2019
  12. olinko
    So....which one of the 'Ts' fits the Blon? I can't find the info anywhere on the Blon nozzle length/width
  13. suman134
    I Have had my pair of TSMR 2 a few days and I have to say that these are better than other multi Ba based earphones in its price range.

    I will be posting a few picture and my initial impression soon.
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  14. suman134
    I think you should look for something like TSMR 4 pro.
  15. CesarBR
    Have just received the BL03.
    First impressions are extremely positive!
    Cable is quite simple but usable in my opinion... Tips are crap but the biggest one with wider bore fitted me well, I guess I'm lucky.

    Anyway, it's surreal for the price! It's quite neutral and has that nice coherent DD sound, wide soundstage...
    Only thing I'd like is a bit more bass, but I think this may improve with better tips... I'll try it with the CP145...

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