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The discovery thread!

  1. SciOC
    I'm listening to my KZ ZSX that I've newly received as of yesterday.

    It says a lot about the current crop of chifi that something that sounds this good just sounds kind of boring to me right now....

    I still think I prefer the KZ ZSR for the fun factor, even with the fuzzy detail on the ZSR, but the ZSX is a crowd pleaser. KZ is finally zeroing in on cleaning up their house sound, next they need to work on their cable. Seriously, the stock cables STILL don't have a chin slider?!?

    Overall it just is sort of vanilla and nothing really wows (like the bass extension and staging of the bq3, or the unique sound of the spring 1, or the superbly refined tuning and presence of the bl-03). In my current buying spree, I'd put it right with the DB3 and blon bl-03. Good, competent, but not particularly special or unique. Comparatively, the DB3 and blon are better values.

    Looking forward to comparing it to the TRN v90...
  2. Dsnuts Contributor
    [​IMG] These foams have a smooth coating outside and is very much more comfier than other foams Complys and Dekonis. Way cheaper and also happens to be the best foams I use.

    Been only using the T400/T500 model shown here. Nice Large opening. These foams sound more like silicones than foams.
    I am having our buddy Dannybai try out the foams on his blons will let you all know how they work.

    Just got confirmation. These exact foams works great on the Blons.
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2019
  3. IcedFrosty
    Just saw this new product,

    TFZ KING EDITION Dynamic Driver HiFi In-ear Earphone with 2 Tuning Switches

    Interesting, especially that impedance setting, like in their flagship SG3.

    Sorry, can't show images, since I'm on mobile right now.
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  4. courierdriver
    Ok...thanks bro! I'm gonna order a set on Ali on 11/11. Also still want the DB3 and BL03. Need to get balanced cables for both too. OMG...my poor wallet! Just hoping that the sales will help get me in at about $75-80 with shipping included. Thanks very much for your reply.
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  5. audio123
    My take on the Tansio Mirai TSMR-2. Really engaging sound & perfect entry level to the Tansio Mirai line-up. Enjoy & Happy Listening, as always! :)

    photo_2019-10-21_21-11-12 (5).jpg
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  6. activatorfly
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  7. FreeWheelinAudioLuv
    i got a little confession....the NX7 kicks all sorts of a**. the Sennheiser's and JVC's have rival detail retrieval, but the excellent fit combined with the very matured sound (hundreds of hours of on use) these have developed, I just can't put them down. They are my go to for the foreseeable future (or until Jim improves on their sound and design, or another amazing discovery comes our way).

  8. jant71
    Got my TAPE in today...
    I'll drop a couple of tidbits that should already have been passed down but people just want to talk about graphs. As you can see(but not close enough really to tell) but they work both wearing styles no problem and I am wearing them down there in my BT set up. of course just plug the R cable into L side and vice versa so you are swapped.

    They are also two position post earphones where you can adjust seal and bass amount and the fit depth. So, wearing down with your normal tips can be easier on the outer post so they insert deeper etc.

    Using them there with ADV tips and the FiiO short cable and Mee BTR and they sound excellent but not exactly stock. Need to test them out but sounds like they may have a nice balance unless the Fiio cable is doing it and the wider than stock tips cause I am using dynamic music mode and that does push the bass and treble more than Cinema ear off. Some say they are V but not much at all to me in this configuration. Again, not exactly stock and even with the added treble it is controlled. Way better here how some real brightness is kept under control. Very impressed with the even if under BT at the moment but I can hear it is nice and bright but no negatives. Was using the second post so not as deep a seal so I'll have to test if they are brighter that way to my ears.

    Way too early except they seem to have great bass and sparkly but nicely controlled treble and very accurate vocals. They seem pretty versatile regarding fit. Smaller than my last main use model, the King III, and a nicer fit. Being able to wear both ways and adjust the fit depth should make these able to fit most everyone without issue.
  9. Otto Motor
    Discover the $1300 AME Argent Custom Hybrid Electrostatic earphone with 4 BAs and 2 piezos.

    AME Custom Argent Hybrid Electrostatic Review - Your Love Takes Me Higher • Audio Reviews.jpg
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  10. FastAndClean
    why so expensive?
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  11. activatorfly
  12. Otto Motor
    I don't know.
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  13. Dsnuts Contributor
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  14. baskingshark
    iBasso are releasing a new IEM called the iBasso AM05:


    I used google translate for this on the web, it seems it has:
    1) 5 knowles BA
    2) Gold-plated MMCX connectors with thicker coatings - seems it is more durable than a standard MMCX connector, but not sure if it's a gimmick or not
    3) Aftermarket Knowles filters can be used (like in the Shures and Audiosense models), to let audiophiles tune the sound signature if they wish to

    Seems IBasso has generally good reviews from users, though I admit I haven't heard an iBasso IEM before.
    I think they're retailing it at $299 USD and just for comparisons' sake, the Audiosense T800 is also at the same price but has 8 Knowles BA. I know driver count is not as important as tuning, but this AM05 is gonna face quite a lot of competition at that price range.
  15. SciOC
    I have little doubt that it will be a nice sounding IEM. Ibasso makes solid gear for reasonable prices.

    Will it be the best of the best? Probably not, but a safe bet for the risk adverse as it's backed by a good brand. I'd pay a little extra for an ibasso product versus other random chifi brands.
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