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The discovery thread!

  1. scottanz
    The Ostry KC06A have been my all time favorite, I bought the Ostry KC09 expecting a upgrade to it but its kind of a different beast...
    Long time lurker here but have been following Chi-fi since the Havi/Ostry/Vsonic days and the Havi B3's are another of my favorite, unfortunately the housing cracked like many others have faced.

    Could any KC06A owners provide a recommendation on an upgrade the KC06A?
    And what would you classify the sound signature of the KC06A as?
  2. demo-to
    Actually, I am about to order a second pair. 70€! Steel imo
  3. Dsnuts Contributor
    The driver wars continues. Must be a new record for how many BAs you can stuff in a shell. Lol hows about 21!!


    This design is actually brilliant. If you end up with 2-5 BA fails. How you gonna know?


    $1360 bux get you 21 divers!!
  4. activatorfly
    Insane!.....BA Wars! - I agree you probably wouldn't know if half of them were dummies! (10-12 is the optimum number imo.....)
  5. cocolinho
    ridiculous. I don't see the point really.
  6. Dsnuts Contributor
    With 21 BAs. If that has roll off I would want my money back. Lol.
  7. activatorfly
    Totally! - that kinda money gets you a flagship OLED TV!
  8. Lurk650
    21 drivers per side? Its not an even number so can't be total, right?
  9. Mr Trev
    That's always been a head-scratcher for me with these iems that have an absurd number of drivers… how do you even know if they all work?
  10. Dsnuts Contributor
  11. Lurk650
  12. activatorfly
  13. MDH12AX7
    One more very happy BGVP DMG owner! These are great! Love the sound on the balanced output of my Hiby R3. My impressions are much like @B9Scrabler described. The stock cable is nice but I installed a balanced cable. I am using the blue balanced filters. The fit is great and stays put without needing to be adjusted constantly. Plus they look amazing!
  14. MDH12AX7
  15. Toshu
    Where did you buy yours and also the nice looking cable??

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