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The discovery thread!

  1. snip3r77
    New balanced cable had arrived image.jpg
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  2. snip3r77
  3. twister6 Contributor
    If this is UE, they typically use 0.75mm pins, while budget chi-fi cables use a standard 0.78mm (i got a bunch of similar looking ones from Penon), unless this is 0.75 version?
  4. dweaver
    Thanks DS and Danny. Tough choice :). I am leaning towards the IT01 a bit over the Rythmos just because I own a couple hybrids already that I like. But I will see. Unfortunately I can't afford to buy during this 12.12 sale so won't be getting a good price on the Rythmos anyway...
  5. Dsnuts Contributor
    Rhythmos build quality the shell itself is solid piece of earphone. The rest of the package is utter junk. I suppose the cheapo plastic box it comes with is servicable but not really what I call " premium packaging." What your getting is an excellent earphone with a no frills package. I would say build wise it is on a similar level of the IT01. mmcx female end is solid thus far.

    So this morning I took off my Auglaumour RT-1 the burn in station to bring to work with me. Man I have to admit these are sounding really good as well. Just because I have been touting the IT01 and the Rhythmos in the recent discoveries don't overlook the RT-1. These things are very competent for $55. Also I do notice the sound has become smoother and better balanced from when I was hearing them last. Guys that like their sound with a warmish tilt to tonality, more emphasis in the mids with a smooth quality to their sound will dig these things. Has the least fatiguing type of sound out of the recent bunch and I noticed the mids are much thicker/ fuller in sound vs treble emphasis.

    Compared to the DM5. Guys that want less of a V shaped signature with more upfront midrange might like these more so. Bass seems to have tightend up a bit as well after a week of burn in. I have them in my ears as I type and for a throw around earphone. It is the RT-1 that has the best build quality out of all the recent earphone I have mentioned here on the thread. Not to mention one of the cheapest. These things are built like tanks. Love the extra isolation of these things. Can't wait to try out my new SPC balanced cables on this.
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  6. Dsnuts Contributor
    You cant go wrong on the IT01. It is an excellent earphone. Much better value than the many around the price range. That cable that comes with it alone is probably worth a good $50 or more.
  7. Dsnuts Contributor
    These are the newest SD7 rhythmos 7 driver iems for $180ish. Interesting

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  8. Ahmad313
    It looks more beautiful than the white one ,
  9. Dsnuts Contributor
    Listening to one of my newly acquired balanced cables on a well burned in IT01.

    The IT01 was made for balanced out. The sound is all encompassing. These should not sound as good as they do for the price. Balanced brings a whole new dimension to the IT01. Fuller more dynamic sounding from end to end. That clarity and detail bodes extremely well for the IT01. Some earphones don't sound all that impressive in balanced mode but these will leave you slack jawed once you throw them on a proper balanced source.
  10. Frank88
    Hi, I thought I'd add a note on the Monoprice Monolith gear. Quality certainly has been an issue. I own both the M1060s and the M300s. They both have impressive sound/price ratios but I would not have bought them unless I was ready to do some mods. The M300s have flimsy ear clips that break easily. Getting replacements has been problematic for owners. I knew of the issue before I bought them and suspected I'd need to make some custom clips. Sure enough, the clips broke right away. I got busy making custom ones on our 3-D printer. That solved the problem for me. I am a happy M300 owner now. Ergonomics will always be a bit clunky with those big planar IEMs. DM5s would be more versatile fit-wise, which usually means you'd reach for them more often.
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  11. jant71
    Those are things that i like about them. Made them a great podcast and out in the park earphone. Isolation is great for the winter windy days and the thick smooth vocals great for podcasts and radio along with good imaging/separation. Interested to hear what cables do for them. Stock cable is barely better than my old UE stock so probably get some improvement. Can't expect the best on a $50 earphone. Not that I will upgrade mine as for my uses they are better more forgiving like they are now than trying to up the resolution/detail and trading smooth for sharp and tight.

    Interesting to hear you slap the IT01 cable on other stuff and evaluate it. Sure swapping to DM5 and other knowns will show how good it actually is. Not that anyone has found that same one separately yet have they??

    Falcon-C spotted in the wild...http://watchmono.com/blog-entry-8130.html
    Look forward to that review and comparisons to the Vsonic and JVC.

    Oh, and bought an ADV S2000. Saw they had both mic and non-mic versions FS now. Will see if the early impression holds water and they seem to be quite small and flush fitting so should be good under the hat this winter. Vs. the RT01 and Elecom CH1010 which are equal and maybe a smidge better than the CH9T will make easy work to judge how good they are and if they "compete with many $200 offering" than they shouldn't take a backseat to two $50-$55 offerings in the Auglamour and Elecom :relieved:
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2017
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  12. AudioObsession
    Hmmm, sounds very interesting..
    I just purchased the Tin Audio T2 though (got it for just over $36! :) ) so I may have to wait a bit on the RT-1...

    Would you say that the RT-1 has an overall better sound quality, Soundstage, and build quality then the Tin Audio T2 though??
  13. Dsnuts Contributor
    T2 is a different tuning all together. If your a fan of bass the RT-1 is where you will get that. The T2 not so much. It has really nice realized mids and is more of a neutrally tuned earphone that stays away from a traditional V shaped sound. One of the truly better balanced tuned earphones in the market at any price. The mids really shine on the T2s but rolls off in the sub region in the bass. The treble don't offend either.

    Sound stage width and depth is only average on the T2 being about the middle of the pack on stage but it is difficult to find a even balanced sounding earphone in the price range of the T2. So I would say it is a good buy at the price people are buying for them. But it will depend on what you like in your sound. If you want a more bolder type sound with some bass emphasis and more full bodied sound that is what the RT-1 does well. RT-1 is more colored in sound but is musical and detail is better than you would imagine from them, also it isolates way better than the T2.

    I wouldn't say it is flat out better but is different tuned earphone. It will come down to what you like in your sound.
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  14. Pete7874
    My S2000 came in today. Honestly, this is not my cup of tea. I guess I prefer somewhat V-shaped sound, and these S2000 are a complete opposite... meaning actually A-shaped. However, this may be just an incompatibility issue with my ears... I just can't get them to sit tight enough in my ear canals. When I press them in with my fingers, then I finally get some bass, but even then it's less than what I would like (compared to my old Panasonic HJE350). And the moment I stop pressing them in against my ear, any kind of bass totally disappears and all I hear is predominantly mids. Nice looking IEMs, but there goes my $25.

  15. vladstef
    Never write off IEM's sound if you have any issues with the fitting. It looks like it has a very short nozzle, perhaps a larger foam tip might work best for you.
    Another thing you could try is taping the front vent, it will certainly boost the bass but might destroy overall cohesion - very quick and reversible mod. Be careful not to insert them too quickly as the driver will suffer some additional pressure now, also, don't go lound at first, you don't want to damage anything if it distorts.
    Perhaps some more experienced head-fiers could help you further if none of this works.
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