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The Deals Thread (CLOSED! See the last post for the link to the new thread)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by wyldrage, Aug 6, 2010.
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  1. mikek200
    Man,you have this down to a science
    He's 28 ,so,guess this doesn't apply
    Your not really going to sell your he-6's ,..are you?
  2. thinh4u2

    MEElectronics A161 In-Ear Noise-Canceling Headphones with Balanced Armature Technology

    by MEElectonics

    4.1 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (13 customer reviews) | 

    List Price:​
    $69.99 & this item ships for FREE with Super Saver ShippingDetails
    You Save:​
    $50.00 (42%)

    Free one-day shipping
    Question is...to buy or not to buy...i just splurged on the Senn HD 650...now I see this, ugh. 
  3. mikek200
    Well,I needed to have them re-cabled to use with my mjolnir
    This is the first time I've had the dt880's..so have nothing to compare
    Another headphone which I thought was extremely comfortable,but ,like an idiot ,sold them..,was the HD650's
  4. mikek200
  5. thinh4u2
    Oh sorry to be misleading, I wasn't comparing the A161p's to HD 650, yeah that would be quite a stupid comparison haha.  I was just contemplating whether or not to fork up the cash I dont have to get the A161p's in addition to haha.  I bought the Klipsch x10 for $85 BF and I was very impressed by them, so I kind of want another BA IEM for myself (gave the x10's to my dad for xmas...now im x-less ha ha)
    Can anyone compare the Klipsch x10 to these MEelectronics A161p?
  6. gopanthersgo1
    Oh, I sold my AKG K702's one time for only $180, like an idiot.

  7. gopanthersgo1
    Meewhat came in, got some black M6's, and blue M31's! That's like, $65 worth of stuff for $20! :ksc75smile:
  8. warrenpchi Administrator
    EXACTLY what Doc and I got.  I'm starting to question their understanding of the word "randomly"...
  9. thinh4u2
    I ordered one of the $12 and received the m31p.  It's kinda cool, sounds very V-shaped to me with a very forward & somewhat aggressive presentation.  Bass is definitely present, slightly muddy but I wasn't expecting much for the price.  My only main dislike is the overall very forward presentation, just too aggressive for my taste.  WIsh I had received the A161p, so I don't have to contemplate getting them now for $70 :p
  10. DemonFox
    If anyone is interested in some of the worlds best gaming headsets Amazom has the MMX 300 from Beyer for sale for $288!!! They normally retail for $399 so that's a lot a savings. I've owned them for a little while now and out of the many many gaming headsets I've tried they are by far and away the best for gaming and movies... Not as bassy as the DT770's but they have a wider more defined sound stage than any other headphones I've ever tested. Games are great but movie watching is unreal. Was watching a scene from the Walking Dead and a dragonfly was buzzing around and like a crazy person I practically swatted the air like go away I'm watching a movie! After my wife wanted to have me committed or drug tested, I explained why I did that then let her have a try and she jumped when she first heard it as well. The price tag at first made zero to know sense until I had them on and now for $288 that's a steal.

  11. 5370H55V

    I got the exact combo also, black m6 and blue m31's...
  12. gopanthersgo1
    I'm keeping the M6's, and the M31's are going to my cousin. :D
  13. Doc-holliday
    Yup like warren said I got those same ones. I posted on here earlier that my M31's came DOA in the left side. I got the shipping notification today from Mee and they said to keep the box, extra tips, case etc and ONLY send back the defective IEM.

    Not bad service, immediate response to the problem, they are paying the return shipping, and they let me keep all accessories. Pretty good deal at this point for the $10 i paid.
  14. giraffe
    Amazon has the Ultrasone Pro 750 for $179.35
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