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The Deals Thread (CLOSED! See the last post for the link to the new thread)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by wyldrage, Aug 6, 2010.
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  1. zilch0md
    That's an awesome price!   
    CamelCamelCamel hasn't picked up on it yet - they still show Amazon's lowest recorded price for the VMODA VAMP as $449.99, only recently, after many months of selling at $599.99.
    It's too bad I don't have an iPhone 4/4S - I'd like to try this.
    Amazon must be trying to liquidate their inventory before the iPhone 4/4S is thoroughly obsolete.
  2. mitchflorida
    Amazon now has the Sennheiser HD-598 model at only $210 - $30 gift card = only $180, including the free Amazon gift card, 
    $179.99 to be exact, free 1-day shipping when you get the gift card at the same time.
  3. doctorjazz
    If I read the Amazon site right, you are right about it being for the old iPhone. While I use an Android phone (my wife and 2 daughters all have iPhones, 4 and 4S, I'm the holdout), we do have different iDevices, and iPad 3G, 2 iPod touches that were my daughter's, but I got it as a hand-me-down when she got her iPhone. Can this work with those? Seems like a great deal, but I suspect it would be a kludge. Thanks
  4. warrenpchi Administrator
    Yup, I cameled it as soon as I saw it.  The previous lowest price doesn't even come close.  I don't have any Apple devices so I can't use it, but that deal is just TOO good not to post here (thinking that someone else will get to it eventually).
    Probably on the liquidation.  Plus, at $650 (or even $449), I can't imagine that it's flying off the shelves.  So they might just want to get the inventory moving.
  5. DanPluck
    HMV.co.uk have the Sony mdr-1r for £169.99 delivered and the HD-25sp for £79.99.
  6. thinh4u2
    World Wide Stereo is running a giveaway for a chance to win Denon D600's. No purchase necessary. I've been wanting the D600s to compare it to my D2000, but I can't fork up the $500.  But for free, count me in please :)
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  7. Tus-Chan
    I wonder how many people are going to be going after that deal. I don't want to fork over my personal information if twenty billion people are going after it [​IMG]
  8. elwappo99
  9. DemonFox

    Good deal is a good deal, and if I'm that concerned about the warranty I either don't buy it or get one through square trade.
  10. mikek200
    Hi Elwappo,
    By chance,have you had an opportunity to hear these?
    Seems like one hell of a deal??
  11. elwappo99
    Unfortunately I haven't. I was reading through the thread   on them and mixed reviews : / 
    I don't think they are going to wipe the floor compared to your range of headphones :)
  12. wje
  13. mikek200
    So,I shouldn't sell the he-6's just yet???
    Was thinking these for a Christmas gift for my stepson,as long as he can adjust the bass,he's happy
    Still a nice deal....
  14. elwappo99
    Very unfortunate to read that. I think I read overall positive impressions from individuals early on in the release, and then as more skilled listeners got a listen the reviews turned a little sour like that. Seems to be the pattern with headphone releases over the last few months. 
    Pretty good price I'd have to say. Don't know what kind of personality your stepson has, but the interchangable colors and such might make it pretty interesting? 
    Yea, I'd keep those HE-6 :), although I have been toying with the idea of selling mine :/
  15. DemonFox
    Nah, might as well hold on to the He-6 for now :) 
    But for $150 thats a good price and they are consumer friendly with the looks, customization, and sound. Plus they're super light weight and easy to carry around so all and all its a decent buy for HIM. Now for the guy with the HE-6... Not so much :) 
    Some other alternatives are
    HIFI 580 or 780
    Creative Auravana Live or CAL's
    With the exception on the a900x all are under $200 and pretty easy to find.
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