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The Deals Thread (CLOSED! See the last post for the link to the new thread)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by wyldrage, Aug 6, 2010.
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  1. warrenpchi Administrator
    I got the exact same items, right down to the color choices.  [​IMG]
    Oh no...
  2. Tsujigiri
    That's odd, I'd say that he and Monster are a perfect match for each other, then (they can't sue me for saying that, too, can they?).
  3. LordSnail123
    I got the same thing haha. And both are for friends too!
  4. DemonFox

    Surprise surprise!! I got the same damn thing too!! Color and all


    Anyone listen to m31's yet?? Are they even worth opening or straight to stocking stuffers?
  5. Doc-holliday
    ^ well the sound I briefly got in the right ear only seemed like it had potential if that helps :D....... Hopefully will have my replacement soon.
  6. viralcow
    Current Deal #3 = Sony XBA-3IP Triple-Balanced Armature Earphones New ~$119
    I've ordered from this site before, decently fast shipping, also has good return policy as well.
    Just hurry, because this is not one of those daily deal sites where the deal lasts all day... once they sell out, they get replaced.
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  7. Burns11

    Bought 3, one for a gift, one for me and one for my brother.  For $30 they should sound decent enough to be a beater pair and I'm really intrigued by the waterproofness. 
  8. DemonFox

    Price is back up to $60 so apparently they are that mad at Lance
  9. biocalves
    Amazon just dropped the price of the Audio Technica ATH-M50's to $104.41.

    Seems like a good enough deal for people to grab a pair.


    *Edited for link
  10. whoelse
  11. izaku
    Amazon France selling Sennheiser HD650 for Euro $249 with cheaper price after checkout. include shipping.
    Total for me shipped to Asia region is Euro $232.
    you can use chrome to auto translate French to English.
  12. zilch0md
    This is HiFi, not Head-Fi, but....


    JBL ES30BK 3-Way, 6 1/2" Bookshelf Speaker - Black (Pair)

    $199 at Amazon today.
    This is a "Best Price" (lowest price seen) according to camelcamelcamel - previously, it hasn't sold for less than $250.

    JBL ES250PBK High-Performance 12-Inch Powered Subwoofer (w/400-Watt amp)

    $184.99 at Amazon today.
    This is a "Best Price" (lowest price seen) according to camelcamelcamel - previously, it hasn't sold for less than $275.
    The whole ES series is on sale at Amazon, actually, but I haven't researched price history for any other models.
    Gold Box Deal of the Day
  13. Sniping
    Wow, great find! I'm really tempted to get the sub.
  14. parasitius
    Is $959 for the Ultrasone Edition 8 S-Logic Plus an especially good deal? Camel says it is the lowest Amazon has done it, but I don't know about elsewhere during a typical year? Basically - advice please -- should I desperately try to get the money together before I lose this opportunity?
  15. the fool
    the price on amazon has been quite some time, it is an okay deal but not really good deal because you can always get this headphone at RMC audio for 1049$, both price are lower than the MSRP.
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