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  1. proedros

    if you ae gonna spend that much money , you may wanna check the totl ciems shooout thread by @flinrenick

    Noble iems are good , but if you are gonna spend like 2K, there are better ciems out there - do some reading

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  2. Toom
    Or simply go back to the 846, order a truckload of Tooheys New in and chill out with some great sounding music.
  3. whitemouse
    $2000 USD for 10 Armatures per channel? There are IEMs with 20 Armature drivers per side, so why not buy those? More is better, right lol.

    Are we sure more drivers = better sound? I would suggest a 4 way Armature IEM is enough to cover 20Hz to 20kHz.
    Why not look into Planar IEM, distortion, THE main culprit of sound reproduction is magnitudes lower with Planars, But to each its own.
    I remember thinking HD800 is the top of the game, and then after listening to Planars my little world fell apart :)
  4. Toom
    Are there any multi-thousand dollar Planar IEMs which you can actually play music through without people hearing it in the next street?
  5. whitemouse
    I am not native English speaker, I'm pretty sure I missed the joke due to language barrier. But in shops I've been next to people with iSine in their ears, and I didn't hear what they were listening. Sorry if I'm completely off topic, I may be mistaken what you ment.
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  6. whitemouse
    Just to add to my post above, iSine are not heard to everyone near by, like, let's say, my Grado RS1 are heard by everyone near by. Excuse me if I missed the point Toom was making. Lots of foreigners here, I have 4 friends, none English speakers, reading Headfi
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  7. whitemouse
    I think I got you now. You are saying open back headphones, and IEMs are heard across the street. I take it you don't mean it literally, you are saying that open back headphones leak. Yes, they do.
    Short anecdotal argument, I flew from Helsinki to Bangkok and I was using LCD-3 part of the flight. I know they are open back, and in order to check if Audezes could disturb man next to me, the 1st thing I did was putting them on my lap, with input connected. I did not hear anything at all, only the usual hum of airplane noise. After that I used the LCD to listen to some music. There is no way I disturbed anyone on the plane, since I couldn't hear any sound from them on my lap.
    I sincerely doubt iSine has more leak than LCD3 or i4, simply due to driver size.
    So please, if you wish to build an argument against open back headphones, you got to do better than your latest effort.
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  8. Stranger Than Fiction
    @faithguy: I do indeed like electronic music, particularly progressive trance a la John 00 Fleming, and UK bass. The Vegas certainly took me for a ride upon auditioning but their midrange and sound signature proved to be a deal breaker once I was done with the Kaisers.

    The Kaisers deliver equally on the bass front even though they do things slightly differently. Their slam isn’t as grandiose as the Vegas or the Shures but boy is the impact there when it’s called for. Mids are lush and textured while treble is damn near faultless.

    I will be taking the plunge next month I think.
  9. faithguy19
    Which Kaisers?
  10. Stranger Than Fiction
    ^ The original K10s I think. Addicted to Audio has yet to procure a demo pair of the Encores as they wish to clear the originals’ stock.

    Is there a huge difference between the two?
  11. fuzzychaos
    I am fairly new to decent IEM's (I've had many headphones and have pretty decent home audio) but I agree. I hated the 846. It was like a buzz saw in my ears. I bought it based on some reviews without really taking the time to find out what I like.

    So Far (I have or have owned all):

    1) Noble X
    2) 64 Audio U4 (with Comply)
    3) 1More Triple
    4) Audio Technica CKR100iS
    5) Westone W4r
    15) Shure 846
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  12. Bina
    My current top 10 after last year visits to Canjam London and few trips to Hong Kong. In alphabetical order.

    64 Audio U18
    Jomo Audio Samba
    Jomo Audio Flamenco
    Noble Katana
    Orilous Mellianus
    QDC 8 Studio
    Shure KSE1500
    Unique Melody Meson V3
    Unique Melody Mentor V3
    Vision Ears VE8
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  13. Stranger Than Fiction
    The 846s certainly aren’t for everyone. From what I’ve read those who dislike them would do well to give the Noble Katana a go.

    I too would like to but from what I’ve read the Katanas don’t go low enough for music by John 00 Fleming, Pinch, Consequence, Dave Clarke, etc.

    It’s worth noting straight up meyal (Tryptikon in particular) shines with the K10s.

    I’m a craft beer fanatic and could aliken the Shure SE846 to a big imperial stout aged in Bourbon barrels. One that’s big, big, BIG but lacking complexity (hello Bourbon County we’re looking at you). CA Vegas similarly a barrel aged barleywine that’s all Bourbon character and sweetness but the base beer is overwhelmed (V-shaped according to the salesman I spoke to yesterday but I’m not going there!). The K10s - hmmmm. The perfect pilsner? No... Pilsners don’t offer depth of character... An oaked Belgian tripel fermented with brettanomyces perhaps. Complex, deep, rich, nuanced.

    Katanas are perhaps a young Lambic... haha.
  14. Toom
    If you are drinking all of those, you'll be too busy singing along to the music and bumping into things to notice the quality of the IEMs.

    Speaking of craft beer, I was gifted a 12 beer course with these people for Xmas - https://beerbods.co.uk

    The beers arrive today apparently. Maybe I should wear my 846s while sampling?
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  15. Stranger Than Fiction
    ^ Haha yup most of those are rather high gravity beers! :D

    Apparently the Kats are so agile they don’t just touch their tose, they go deep sea diving too just for fun. So I’ve been told. :)
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