1. DiscoBurger

    Help choosing between my top 3 seeds: Jays Q-jays, UE700s and Phonak Audeo PF 012 (perfect bass)

    I am forced to buy new IEMS when, tragically, my old pair of panasonic HJE900s broke. The "sturdy" zirconium earbud broke when it fell out of my ear and hit my leg....awful. So in lieu of buying the replacement part which apparently does not exsist I'm using this as an excuse to buy a new set of...
  2. Pianist

    Is there a Q-jays appreciation thread?

    I am wondering if there is one. I tried searching, but with no success. If there isn't one already, I want to start my own. These IEMs are probably the most musical I've heard besides Shure SE530, IMO of course. Add to that the fantastic ergonomics and these have to be a real winner at their...
  3. darknessproz

    Three Driver Universal - The End Of The Line?

    Do you think its possible to squeeze anything more than 3 drivers in a tiny universal IEM in the foreseeable future?
  4. Moonlapsev0818

    HELP ME! Ultimate Ears 700 vs. Q-Jays vs. Superfi 5 pros vs. Atrio M5's

    So, i wouldn't quite yet label myself as an experienced audiofille, but i LOVE my music and i really want and appreciate quality. I've been putting up with bad earphones for too long now, and i finally have some extra cash and am excited to invest in some new ones, but im having trouble deciding...
  5. 4

    Review: q-JAYS (incl. pics)

    Review: q-JAYS by JAYS Gallery Introduction/Specifications Driver: Dual Micro Armatures Sensitivity: 95 dB SPL @ 1 kHz Impedance: 39 Ohm @ 1 kHz Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20 000 Hz Isolation: JAYS Sound Isolating System Cord lype: PVC coated with...
  6. YGingras

    Ear impression in Montréal, QC

    So it looks like the only option have the cable replaced on my q-jays is to have them re-shelled.  So be it but now I need my ear impressions.  Could anyone recommend an audiologist in the Montréal area?  How about diy kits?  How much should I expect to pay for ear impressions?
  7. renegade999

    Sennheiser IE8 vs Klipsch Image x10 vs JAYS q-Jays

    Hello everyone,   I guess I've reached a crossroads. I previously owned the Shure SE210 and was very happy with the fit, though I felt it was lacking in bass. I was also pretty impressed with the bundle that came along something that has not been as spectacular with other brands.   I...
  8. naveedh

    Help can't decide

    Hi,   I've been researching and looking for some IEMs but can't seem to find ones that i like.   So far I have tried the Q-jays and didnt like them at all. I felt there was a lack of bass. Based on reviews i purchased some UE700's. I was actually blown away by the clarity and details in...
  9. ramostudio

    Anyone try Q-jays AND Fischer DBA-02's?

    I'm tossing up between these two and was just wondering if anyone had any experience with both of them?   Thoughts?   Thanks!
  10. redbear

    What is earphone really durable?

    Hi, it's my first post also if I read from a bit. I know it's annoying question you have write in other posts. By the way know I must change my earphone because it broke  again. I bought a pair of Shure SE210 two years and half ago. After only 6 month of heavy use but not misuse his cable...
  11. ramostudio

    RE-0 or DBA02 or q-jays!!!?!

    Hello.   I've been lurking on here a while and thought I'd jump in with my first thread question.   I'm interested in these three IEM's as they all seem to be pretty good for their $ and they all get good reviews (I can get a good price on the q-jays which makes them a bit more...
  12. mekon

    Jays Q-jay support is terrible

    Jays support of their q-jays is terrible, beyond words.  I have a pair of out of warranty q-jays which have started having intermittent connection issues in the right ear piece (sound will go dead unless i wiggle wire, and if I move too much, then sound is lost again).  I inquired about an out...
  13. ib1dance

    Audio-Technica ATH-EC700 GM Vibration Relative to Q Jays & sennheiser px100

    Hi Everyone,   I'm pondering about buying some Audio-Technica ATH-EC700 GM ear-bud/clip-on hybrid headphones for ultra portability/stability.   My other  portable open headphones are Q Jays & sennheiser px100's. Which I find provide a decent sound relative to any other "portable" open...
  14. mark2410


    ive had these in my ears all day and i felt they deserve to be commented upon.   id just like to say they are absolutely stunning.
  15. punia

    Etymotic Hf2 upgrade - help me to decide

    Hi All! I own Etymotic Hf2 and really happy about their sound. It's really detailed and analytical – thats exactly what I like. The only thing I can complain is the lack of bass. I use eq (slightly) in iTunes on my Macbook Pro to improve it. I've just started to read head-fi forums and...
  16. Scott549

    Rank the IEM's you've heard

    Kind of a fun exercise to do -- rank the IEM's you've heard. Here's mine: X5 > RE0 > SCL4 > PFE > Q-Jays > SA6 > RE2 > SF.5 Pro > PL30 > C551 > CX300.
  17. YGingras

    Recabling q-jays

    My trusty q-jays, after a few years of very good service, have started glitching when I move the left cable.  I can see a small crack in the insulation so it's a no brainer to tell what the problem is:     http://ygingras.net/gal/l/misc/q-jays-cable-2.jpg   They are out of warranty and...
  18. ashtraz

    Best fun IEM <$200?

    Hello, I'm looking for IEMs under 200 USD. I've read some threads here, so I'm considering buying either the Q-Jays, ER4P or Atrio M5.   I'm a casual listener looking basically for a fun IEM to listen to rock music (The Who, Os Mutantes etc.), aswell as Bob Dylan and also instrumental music...
  19. FLX

    Best sleeves for Q-Jays

    Hi,   I've just got my Q-Jays but the sleeves that come with it aren't the most comfortable ones. It has a small ring on the outside of the sleeve that starts to hurt when I wear it for more than 1 hour. Since I drive my motorcycle everyday, I care a lot about isolation and comfort of the...
  20. JAYS q-JAYS Dual Armature In-Ear Earphones (Sea Blue)

    JAYS q-JAYS Dual Armature In-Ear Earphones (Sea Blue)

    With a size of an astonishing (L)19 x (W)7.5 x (H)7.4 mm the q-JAYS are the smallest earphones on the market. Despite this it fits dual micro armatures and an AirBooster that deepens the bass and listening experience. The sound will blow you away. If you thought you had heard it all – think...