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  1. damobananna
    haha i prolly watched that for way longer than i should have
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  2. whitemouse
    And this is my main issue. I know that with proper fit, with aftermarket foam tips the bass of iSine is there, every sample in 4 different stores in Hong Kong and Bangkok have factory tips, they are clearly not optimal.
    The issue is cypher cable. Is there a reason Audeze doesn't offer USB mini, nor USB C cable with their Cypher DAC/amp? I imagine there is a substantial reason behind their decision to offer DSP with a Lightning connector only. There is no technical reason, no manufacturing difficulty, Lightning is simply Digital Out, so is USB.
    I simply will not buy an idevice because headphone manufacturer makes me buy it, but without Cypher owning iSine seems pointless. Seems unfair, especially being early (2011) Audeze supporter.
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  3. tinyman392
    I think Audeze made a statement a little while back regarding why an Android variant hasn't been released yet. The short statement was that USB DACs and such are more of a challenge with Android than it is iOS. I can't speak from experience though.
  4. hotteen
    Loudness Diffuse Field Equalized tuning
    Shure KSE1500 > Sennheiser IE800 >> AKG K3003 >>> Etymotic ER-4B and 4S > HiFiMan RE-252 and RE-272 >> LEAR LUF-BD4.2 > Shure SE846

    Harman Target Response Curve tuning
    Audeze LCD-i4 (EQ'ed) > Audeze iSine10 and iSine20 (EQ'ed) > HiFiMan RE-200 >> FitEar ToGo TG!334 > > Campfire Audio Andromeda >> A&K Angie >> A&K Layla
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  5. proedros
    seems to me like 846 is probably one of the most hyped/overated iem , but you need to have heard enough totl iems to understand this

    never understood the fuss about it , seems to be a very uneven sound/iem
  6. whitemouse
    Need to hear enough IEMs to know where SE846 stand, true. And I have. Travelling to Singapore, Hong Kong every months lets gives opportunities to audition everything under the sun, custom molds included, custom manufacturers have samples with foam tips, I get a pretty good idea what they sound like. I have heard them with every major DAP and DAC/amp. Should post a photo of some Singspore portable audio shops, every DAP, every IEM, every over the ears headphone model of every manufacturer is there, unless it is something incredibly rare, can't think of any at the moment. If it's mentioned at Head-Fi, it is in a shop in Asia's major hubs. There is absolute craz of personal audio in Asia for past several years, and it doesn't show slowing down.

    Pople's impressions and preferences vary, especially with IEMs, that goes without saying. But to say 846 are most over hyped IEM is just wrong.
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  7. Toom
    Have you heard the 846? What's your current IEM ranking, btw?
  8. whitemouse
    My answer to top IEMS is few posts above. To me there is no need for having more than 1 IEM set, they all isolate outside noise, they all go into ear canal, they are all Balanced Armature, Dynamic, or mix of both, owning several different sets is probably result of upgrading, and keeping the previous favorite. Some people sell their stuff, some keep it, some collect them. Various IEMs are designed to have different curves, maybe people switch beteween their collection of IEMs according to what are listening, but this can be done with EQ.
    SE846 are not flat, not many IEMs are, it's the very low distortion that makes 846 one of the best, and their price that seemed unreasonably high at the time when released has become a norm in industry, actually low. After the SE535, and earlier SE530 ruled the IEM world for quite some time, there was no competition other than Etymotics. SE846 were very audible step forward, 4 Armatures seem to be enough to cover audible spectrum. It is not more drivers = better sound.

    Planar Magnetic tech changed the IEM rules.

    Edit, didn't notice quote wasnt directed at me, sorry :)
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  9. tarhana
    he didn't quote you man.
  10. Toom
    I wasn't asking you though....
  11. whitemouse
    Yep, got carried away :)
  12. Stranger Than Fiction
    I have to agree. Aside from a soundstage that could be a bit more enveloping and treble roll off (which is part rectified by an upgraded cable) the SE846 is damn near flawless. It’s kept me entertained for nearly four years. Electronic music sounds incredible through them.

    That being said it might be time for achange.
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  13. Toom
    Step away from the quicksand!
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  14. Stranger Than Fiction
    lol I went in and auditioned the Noble Kaisers...

    It’s too late for me now...
  15. faithguy19
    If you like electronic music you would probably enjoy the Campfire Audio Vega
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