Rank the IEM's you've heard

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  1. jleewachter
    1.) ER4SR
    2.) ER4S
    3.) ER4PT
    4.) UM3X/UM Pro 30
    5.) IE8/IE80
    6.) Westone 4
    7.) PFE 112
    8.) Westone 3
    9.) Triple.fi 10
    10.) SE530
    11.) UE900
    12.) SE535
    13.) SE215
    14.) SE425
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  2. Incarnation

    1) Empire Ears Zeus XR
    2) Jomo Flamenco
    3) 64audio Tia Fourte
    4) Rhapsodio Solar
    5) Oriolus Mk2
    6) QDC Gemini
    7) 64audio U18
    8) AAW W900
    9) Jomo Samba
    10) FitEar TG 334
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  3. damobananna
    what happened?
  4. damobananna
    sm64/asg. 2
    umpro50/se 846
    gro 7 be

    have some oriolus m2 in the mail!

    Had V2 about a week a nice balanced all rounder not for critical listening more for just drifting off as good as the jupiter in a different way
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  5. Incarnation
    Haha i gave u18 another shot as well as demoed some iems I've never tried before! As well as trying out tg334 again and realised i didn't like it as much. More like a specialist imo
  6. txl112020
    1 Tia fourte
    2 Jomo Flamenco
    3 Campfire Andromeda
    4 QDC Gemini
    5 ve6xc
    6 dk3001
    7 t8ie mkii
    8 k3003
  7. JohannLiebert
    1. Audio Technica Im03 - I lost my first Im03 and my journey began with trying the IEMs stated below. The new Im03 arrived saturday and I can tell you guys I couldn't be happier. Back then I was really satisfied with them but had nothing to compare them too. Now I finally appreciate how awesome they are.
    2. AKT8ie MKII
    3. Shure SE846 / InEar Stagediver 4 / Sennheiser IE800
    4. AK JH Rosie 8 Driver
    5. UE900
    6 Ibasso IT03
    6. DN2000J
    7. Westone 4
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  8. cuemastermind
    1 rhapsodio galaxy v2
    2 oriolus v2
    3 rhapsodio solar
    4 jh audio angie
    5 sd4

    Note 1 and 2 are very different signature galaxy is technically much better than orilous but oriolus is very special iem I prefer this over galaxy if you just want to enjoy music and better all rounder.
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  9. aptr91
    I'm an IEM newbie

    1. Flare R2PRO
    2. Etymotic ER4P
    3. M-Audio IE 30
    4. VSONIC GR07
    5. Fiio EX1
    6. Hifiman RE 00
    7. Chord & Major 7'13
    8. SoundMagic E80
    9. Periodic Audio Beryllium
    10. Shure E2C
    11. Xiaomi Hybrid
    12. KZ ED4
    13. Monoprice 8320
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  10. damobananna
    [QUOTE="damobananna, post: 13921087, member: 45669


    orilolus v2
    sm64/asg. 2/ie800
    shure 846
    gro 7 be

    have some oriolus m2 in the mail!

    Had V2 about a week! a nice balanced all rounder + not for critical listening + more for just drifting off + as good as the Jupiter, in a different way
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  11. Toom
    1. Grosaudio J573!/9
    2. KoKlea Choob "The Eustachian" (reshelled)
    3. Helia 5.26 Ltd Edition 2 (filter modded)
    3. LushNoize Killatron 6
    4. Cerumen PROtean (universal)
    5. Standan DeLiver - Wollitbraker Honeytrap

    Not really, I just made those names up. I love the weird and wonderful world of headphone names.

    My latest and current favourite IEM is the Shure SE846. Yep, I'm an early adopting, bleeding edge kind of guy.
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  12. whitemouse
    Interesting! It seems we have 2 camps here,
    people who own Audeze IEMs put them on top of their list, and people who do not include Audezes in their list at all. Is it because they don't own Audeze IEMs, or they do, but for them Audezes simply don't make it to their Top 10.
    My top is Shure se846, I have auditioned many other, more expensive or similarly priced IEMs, and none of makes replace my 846.

    But auditioning iSine 10 changed everything. The lack of distortion compared to various armature and dynamic flagship IEMs is astonishing. Sadly every shop has only the worst flimsy tips attached, so bass is severly lacking on Audeze Planar IEMs.
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  13. tinyman392
    I'm actually curious if a closed back iSine 10 would have a darker signature. If you compare the Audeze Sine open back and Sine closed back measurements on Innerfidelity you can see that the open back versions have a signature very similar to the iSine 10. The closed back, on the other hand, aren't nearly as bright. Another thing to think about is that the iSine 10 do sound different without the Cipher cable.

    That said, the iSine 10 would be on the top of my list. They are just simply impractical though from a design standpoint :p
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  14. damobananna
    eww i do not like the 846 , they remind me of the opening scene to full metal jacket.
  15. Toom
    Because they are so in your face?

    Fair enough, but I love that about them! They make all those 'neutral' IEMs appear as they truly are -
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