1. MaoDi

    Q-Jays Review

    Hello, My Name is Felix and I have written a review on the Q-Jays. Thought some people might wanted to see it! Sorry, some these pictures were taken with my phone one handed, so they might be a bit fuzzy. sorry. I apologize. Intro: These $180 little tiny tiny earphones housing Dual...
  2. mcdj

    Q-Jays are back.

    Fans of tiny IEMs rejoice; the much beloved, long discontinued Q-Jays are back, with dual armatures and removable cords no less. Oh, and a not so tiny price tag. http://www.jays.se/q-jays
  3. Bobby2131

    How to protect IEMs?

    I know that most of them come with bags but apparently the bag that comes with q-JAYS (what I ordered) sucks so I have to think about something else. I've only had a pair of PXW100's and KSC-75's which I just shove in my pocket along with my iPod but now with paying $180 I'm not sure I'd want to...
  4. Meh

    Suggestion for White IEMs?

    Hey guys, it seems like I'm buying my wife new IEMs every year because for some reason or another she's always managed to mangle the cable and fray the wires. I've gone through various sub $100 IEMs because she's never really cared TOO much about audio quality and also because it's hard to find...
  5. yumigator

    Galaxy S awful with q-jays

    I have a Galaxy S phone (a Fascinate to be exact) running a voodoo kernel. The sound is fantastic with my audio-technica m50's, couldn't ask for more from a phone.   However, my q-jays sound horrible plugged into this phone. The midrange becomes overblown and congested and the whole...
  6. Poetic

    Hello, Does any1 know a good pair of IEM's for my Hisound Player.

    I like neutral sound signature something nice and smooth and beautiful clarity. Price range from 100$-200$. I was wondering if the hifiman he-262 wouid be my choice or maybe the audio technica?
  7. DFXLuna

    IEMs for laying in bed

    Does anyone have any recommendations for IEMs that fit really well when laying side ways? I love my current headphones, AD700s, but they're impossible to lay sideways with. I was thinking of going with the AT CKM500s because they'd have that AT house sound but I was also looking at the Hifiman...
  8. HeroicPenguin

    IEMs that can use Klipsch oval tips?

    Hey guys,   Does anyone have any suggestions of any IEMs ~$150-200 that can use Klipsch tips? So far, they've been the most comfortable tips I've ever used and I'd like to have a second pair of IEMs for comfort/decent isolation that I can kinda beat up (which means that the X10s are probably...
  9. bouda

    q-Jays - foam tips

    Just purchased my first pair of non-cheap IEM and love the q-Jays. Purchased them used, and they came with all accessories except the foam tips. I am going to order some Complys (unless someone here has a better suggestion), however I was wondering if anyone knows where I can get the original...
  10. mudrnudl


    Hello, i would like to know how sound q-jays without amplifier. Because they have little sensitivity and higher impedance and I really want to know if my iPhone 3GS is able to feed them. Thank you very much
  11. andykm717

    Best IEM with iPhone Buttons + Mic

    I am coming from the ER-6i's that have been recabled with the stock apple earbud cables. I had ultimatebuds.com do them for me. They have served me well for the past few years. I had both great sound and the convenience of the iPhone remote controls + mic.   I was going to get the actual...
  12. devin71

    q-JAYS and a-JAYS with Cable Problems

    I have a pair of q-JAYS and a pair of a-JAYS sitting around. They both have problems.   The q-JAYS cables are hosed. I used them for quite a while with tape around the end, but that was only a temporary solution. They are now cracked beyond repair. They are not covered under warranty because...

    Name some headphones cheaper and perform better than this pair

    Right now, Amazon has the Phiaton 200 shipped for about $150. I think this is a decent price for them, but I was wondering if there was a another pair of IEM that are cheaper yet perform better.    I'm also looking at the Ultimate Ears SuperFi 5vi or the older ATHCK7, which are around the...
  14. FripZ

    Small, non-black, sub $80 IEMs. q-jays/s4/Er6i/etc

    Soup. Just registered, been reading for a while though ;D I need some new IEMs. I'll just list the factors that are important to me: - Price <80. Preferably under $50. - SMALL housing. A perfect 10/10 would completely disappear in my ear. - Not black. I'm looking for some white IEMs or even...
  15. Jung-ook

    Recommend me an IEM with a microphone

    Hi, I have a Samsung Fascinate (Galaxy S) and I want to buy an IEM for it to listen to music and make calls.   I've looked at the Monster Turbine series and that is about it.   I can get the Golds for $210 and the regulars for $110.   Any other suggestions?   EDIT: and would the...
  16. tsoakley

    UE700 vs Q-Jays?

    So I've narrowed down my options for a new set of earphones down to the Ultimate Ears 700 and Jays Q-Jays. I can get the 700 for £70 directly from Logitech and the Q-Jays seem to go around £85 on Amazon. I've heard the sound quality on both is excellent and I'm not an audiophile, but everyone...
  17. Bobby9

    Have had two IEMs break on my the past three years, what do I get now?

    In 08 I bought a pair of q-Jays and loved them. Eventually one of the channels cut out so I replaced under warranty. It was all good until the same thing happened to that pair after the warranty expired so I figured whatever I'll try a different company. I bought UE 700's and really liked them...
  18. xPro_MetheuSx

    Jays q-Jays for trance?

    Hi my dear friends;   I have bought a pair Brainwavz M3 but it has not arrived me yet.I listen all of genre but spend too much time for Trance music. I bought this iems for trance. But I saw q-jays here and its price almost same as m3 so I can buy it too. What do you think about q-jays for...
  19. DiscoBurger

    Help choosing between my top 3 seeds: Jays Q-jays, UE700s and Phonak Audeo PF 012 (perfect bass)

    I am forced to buy new IEMS when, tragically, my old pair of panasonic HJE900s broke. The "sturdy" zirconium earbud broke when it fell out of my ear and hit my leg....awful. So in lieu of buying the replacement part which apparently does not exsist I'm using this as an excuse to buy a new set of...
  20. Pianist

    Is there a Q-jays appreciation thread?

    I am wondering if there is one. I tried searching, but with no success. If there isn't one already, I want to start my own. These IEMs are probably the most musical I've heard besides Shure SE530, IMO of course. Add to that the fantastic ergonomics and these have to be a real winner at their...
  21. darknessproz

    Three Driver Universal - The End Of The Line?

    Do you think its possible to squeeze anything more than 3 drivers in a tiny universal IEM in the foreseeable future?
  22. albau

    How these IEMs stack against Shure E3c?

    Ok, I’m switching gears a bit compared to my other thread. I realized that to approximate sound signature (darkish, fun, laid back, spacious, reasonably detailed) of my dead UE 5Pro’s I’ll have to spend $200+ which I don’t want to.   Now after my 2nd pair of 5Pro’s are gone I’m listening to...
  23. xaf

    s+q Jays combined, reshelled - r-Jays custom IEM by Rooth Labs (updated with impressions)

      The s-Jays from Jays are one of my favourite earphones. They are, apparently, the world's first earphone built around the Knowles' SR armature, which was meant to bring to the table, a compromise between a dynamic driver and a balanced armature driver. What transpired was an earphone which...
  24. Moonlapsev0818

    HELP ME! Ultimate Ears 700 vs. Q-Jays vs. Superfi 5 pros vs. Atrio M5's

    So, i wouldn't quite yet label myself as an experienced audiofille, but i LOVE my music and i really want and appreciate quality. I've been putting up with bad earphones for too long now, and i finally have some extra cash and am excited to invest in some new ones, but im having trouble deciding...
  25. 4

    Review: q-JAYS (incl. pics)

    Review: q-JAYS by JAYS Gallery Introduction/Specifications Driver: Dual Micro Armatures Sensitivity: 95 dB SPL @ 1 kHz Impedance: 39 Ohm @ 1 kHz Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20 000 Hz Isolation: JAYS Sound Isolating System Cord lype: PVC coated with...