1. waterwagen

    Replacement for my Shure SCL4s?

    So, my second set of Shure SCL4s have cracked wires and I'm out of warranty. Replacement cost with Shure is $109, which I'm tempted to pay because I LOVE the sound of these earphones. However, I'm tired of this cycle of cracked wires. Can anyone suggest some current earphones that have similar...
  2. gibson5469

    a nice addition to my scl4's?

    I hate to buy some more phones so soon after getting my scl4's but I can't help being curious about something with a more "fun" sound. With the current sale on Altec's rebranded 3 (uhp 336) I was thinking about picking those up, I have $30 off from so they would only cost me...
  3. gibson5469

    Can anyone give me (and noobs) some cliffs?

    It's been awhile since I stayed up on IEM's, 2008 to be exact. ER6i and 3 were the defacto standard sub $100 offerings, and other smaller brands were just making an appearance. Still have my SCL4's, which I'm quite happy with. Got in the logitech 3 deal, and just kramer modded...
  4. Benaiir

    Shures, shures, and shures (Great deal on em')

    I was checking around for the new midnight deals just a minute ago and O-M-G - Shures! SE310. Check it. HoopStick - Stick of the day (Yes, they're a legit company) I don't know the quality of these Shure's in particular, so don't blame me for this it's crap. Please keep this thread UP so...
  5. gibson5469

    SCL4 Nozzle Replacement

    How long have the nozzles on your Shure IEM's lasted you? Can't recall the last time I used my SCL4's but they certainly worked fine then and when I went to use them today the sound out of one side was lower so I swapped nozzles and they the problem was now in the other side. Clearly the nozzle...
  6. JoeyRusso

    Deal on Shure SCL4's at Musician's Friend

    If anyone is interested, Musician's Friend has the Shure SCL4 on sale for $119.00 plus free shipping.
  7. aconteceu

    Deal alert: Shure SCL4 for $119 shipped - today only

    at Musician's Friend:
  8. ckacosta

    Any places in the Denver area where I can try out different mid-high end IEM's?

    I need to upgrade from 4+ years of E4C and SCL4.  I would love to try out some different phones before I buy. Anyone know of anything in the Denver area?
  9. GiantCowOfDeath

    Shure SCL4 woes and what to buy next. Am I right to be paranoid?

    Several years ago I bought Shure E4Cs after doing my research on these forums. They were $300 MSRP but I paid $190 or so. The high end at the time was the E500s I believe which could be had for around $300-$350 (MSRP around $500). My memory isn't so good so this may be a little inaccurate.  ...
  10. ckacosta

    Please help with my SCL-4

    I will soon be receiving my fourth pair of SCL4 for warranty replacement.  Since I can't sell these for enough money to buy something comparable, I will be stuck with them until they fail and I have to get pair #5. What can I do to prevent the cable going to crap?  I wear them over the ear. ...
  11. Scott549

    Rank the IEM's you've heard

    Kind of a fun exercise to do -- rank the IEM's you've heard. Here's mine: X5 > RE0 > SCL4 > PFE > Q-Jays > SA6 > RE2 > SF.5 Pro > PL30 > C551 > CX300.
  12. Mikerman

    Shure SCL4 IEMs at $99: a deal not to be missed?

    I recently saw Shure's SCL4 IEMs (black) being offered at $99 (with free ship/no tax).    Being a longtime Shure lower-price IEM owner (E2Cs and SE210s) and being familiar with the fame of the Shure E4s, but not really having followed the IEM scene in any detail for a few years, I couldn't...
  13. Shure SCL4 - Sound Isolating - headphones ( in-ear ear-bud ) - white

    Shure SCL4 - Sound Isolating - headphones ( in-ear ear-bud ) - white

    Featuring unique, balanced armature drivers for brilliant highs, and tuned port for extended bass, the lightweight and compact SCL4 provides high-definition audio with remarkable isolation for performers and enthusiasts alike.