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Deal alert: Shure SCL4 for $119 shipped - today only

  1. aconteceu
    at Musician's Friend:
  2. priest Contributor
    Great deal. Thanks for posting.
  3. paddy567
    I love these phones, but both my pairs suffered from horrendous cable cracking over the ear. Torn about this - good deal, bad durability.
  4. Shimmer
    I don't wear them around ear, and my cables look like new after 1 1/2 years.  I've also heard that the cables can react with body oils leading to the cracking. 
  5. paddy567
    Yeah I heard that, too, Shimmer, and I have no doubt that is the case, because they cracked both time right where the skin contact is, and I wore them to the gym all the time. Nonetheless, for this kind of dosh I expect more than a year - and have had it from other brands.
    But the isolation is great, I love the warm sound. It's something to be aware of for anyone considering buying, however.
  6. paulr
    Now back to $249 at that site, but typing "shure scl4" into google finds numerous other stores selling it at $119.  Sounds like it's being discontinued.  What is an scl4 anyway?  Does it correspond to someplace in the se110/210/310/420/530 product line? 
  7. rawrster
    The SCL line is different than the SE line. The SCl4 is the same thing was the E4. I don't think it's being discontinued however. Around a year and a half ago there was a similar sale with the SCL3 and SCL4 being priced at $59 and $79 respectively. Shortly afterwards the SE115 was released. My guess is that it is for the upcoming SE425 and SE535 coming out.
  8. paulr
    Thanks.  The E4 was the predecessor to the SE420 and cost about the same, unless I'm mistaken.  I have the feeling that the markup on this stuff is phenomenal.  I have SE210's and I like the way they sound, but I rarely use them because I greatly prefer full sized headphones to IEM's. 
  9. rawrster
    no. The E4 is a single driver and the SE420 is a dual driver.

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