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a nice addition to my scl4's?

  1. gibson5469
    I hate to buy some more phones so soon after getting my scl4's but I can't help being curious about something with a more "fun" sound.

    With the current sale on Altec's rebranded super.fi 3 (uhp 336) I was thinking about picking those up, I have $30 off from buy.com so they would only cost me $9.99 [​IMG]

    What do you guys think?!
  2. koven Contributor
    do it now!
  3. pi3guy
    I bought those for my dad. I listened to them a little bit with some Enya. more bass than I expected, highs and mids were clear, (more clear than my ex51s, if that's any accomplishment), the silicones are fairly soft and comfortable but they are bulky and difficult to put on. Also the wire is rather thick which gives a feeling of durability but also make them less pliable.
  4. rawrster
    I'm not sure the uhp336 would qualify as fun iem's but for $10 i would definitely buy them
  5. mark2410 Contributor
    dear god for us$10 even if you hate them its not like its really a loss, go buy them right this second
  6. walkingman
    Just buy them. You have nothing to lose. There is always the for sale forum if you decide you do not like them.
  7. member1982
    isnt the SCL4 versions for pro audio? i dont know how that differs to the "personal audio" line of Shures. Yes yes i'll use the search function.
  8. gameboy115
    SF3 seems inferior to SCL4...........if I am correct, both are doing great at mid and high, but dun know they are in the same lvl or not
  9. mark2410 Contributor
    your correct the sf3 is inferior to the scl4.

    a venison steak is superior to mcdonalds, doesnt mean you never feel in the mood for a happy meal though
  10. Photofan1986
    LOL for the happy meal^^
    Well I personnally owe the super fi 3. And I must say that on a portable player (even with a rather powerful amp), they cannot fully express themselves. But once hooked with a more powerful source, or an amp, and equalized a tad, they sound terrific! For 10 bucks, man, go for it!
  11. gibson5469
    so apparently since I got the $30 coupon for amazon when I signed up for their chase credit card, I'm not eligible for the buy.com one (another visa promotion offered by chase bank)


    gonna skip out on this one.
  12. gibson5469
    Well I just grabbed the Super.fi 3 from logitech for $37 shipped. Mailed the SCL4's out for warranty this morning, so these should entertain me for the time being :)

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