1. manuvajpai

    [REVIEW] Sony MDR-ZX700 vs. Audio Technica ATH-AD700

    _______________REVIEW: SONY MDR-ZX700___________________   Hello everyone,   The new Sony MDR-ZX700s are Sony's new entry into the $100 segment. They were released in the beginning of 2011 during CES and have gathered some minor head-fi love in the period. Sony claims that they are very...
  2. themanbeast

    Grado-like IEM around $200?

    does something like this actually exist? I love the grado sound but need something isolating and portable. IEMs would be the best for me because it would be something I could easily pakc up and take with me when I leave - I do a lot of LANning for various games, and unfortunately some people who...
  3. Envoy of Light

    Westone UM1 Vs Head-Direct RE2

    Hello everyone, I am looking for a new pair of IEMs for my portable needs and I cut down the choices to either the Westone UM1 or the Head-Direct RE2. The two major things I need from my IEMs are sound quality and noise isolation. Regarding noise isolation, I realize the Westones will isolate...
  4. warpdriver

    Nuforce IEM

    I didn't see any talk of the new Nuforce headset IEM (with mic) Jason of Nuforce claims it will beat the Shure SE210 for half the price Any takers?
  5. iLoveMyuzik

    Monster Turbines vs Head-Direct RE2?

    Hello, everyone. I was wondering what would be the better IEM's to get, the Turbines or the RE2's? I would love everyone's input on the matter. Also, is there anything better that I can get for around $100? Possibly even less?   I listen mostly to hiphop and dubstep, but my music tastes vary...
  6. Cal3257

    Klipsch image S2 or Head-Direct RE2?

    Hi all,    I currently own the Head-Direct RE2's which I got after I didn't like the CX-300 and my maximo i490 were lost. I like the RE2 but think of eventually upgrading to better IEMs.    Now the Klipsch Image S2's are available for $19.99 with free shipping from buy.com, so I am...
  7. armoured

    Anything comparable to Head-Direct RE2 nowadays?

    My RE2's just died and I have not been keeping up with their newest model.    I own many earphones like turbines, triplefi10, x10, and the RE2 simply is one of my favorite. Sad to see it die, but anyone have any recommendations?    Btw the best thing I like bout the RE2's were how light...
  8. hawk1410

    A question about a few IEMs

    So I am currently in India for the next month or so and my main set of IEMs(the Image S4) broke and I am looking for a replacement IEM. Nothing too fancy, just something that does the job. I have been checking out some websited and the only IEMs in my price range(around 100$) that are available...
  9. pHEnomIC

    Have d5000+compass worth getting hd650?

    I have the d5000s w audio gd compass.   Is it worth getting the hd650s? I kinda want a new toy but absolutely love the d5000s.   I am set on source, speakers, and portable.   Also have modded d1001, re-2, and s4i.   My other interest is getting the image x10 but leaning towards...
  10. Magedark

    [Review] MEElectronic M9 - SL [Solid Sub-20$, but watch the needles]

    MEElectronics M9 – SL Review Solid budget choice, but out of this budget, you may want to head elsewhere. Intro: → Well if it's not obvious, I'm reviewing this little piece here. I purchased it after reading |joker|'s review on it, and realizing I needed an IEM for when I head to the PI in the...
  11. BrotherMovesOn

    Sennheiser CX400-B quick hit

    Just thought I'd share a few impressions really quick. I bought these more for their form factor than anything else. I wanted something not too expensive with good sound and a short cord that I could use with the Sony MW600 bluetooth headset receiver.   The pouch and cord wrap were nice...
  12. thanboiha

    Soundmagic pl 50 (with fiio e5) or headdirect re2 (with fiio e5)

    Hello guys im new here but i have been reading the forum as a guest for quite sometime and i have decided to buy a new pair of iems. At the same price i have an option of soundmagic pl 50 and headdirect re2. at sound quality, which one will be better? plz help...
  13. project86

    Mini-Review: digiZoid ZO "portable subwoofer"

        In the world of audio enthusiasts, there are many options and choices to be made. Some can almost be seen as polarizing, such as tube sound versus solid state or analog versus digital. Of course, any reasonable person will see these as options to explore rather than a cause to become...
  14. elgogg

    Alternative for HIFIMAN RE2

    Hi! I'm looking to replace a broken set of HIFIMAN RE2. I really liked them and looking for something with similar qualities at around $40. I have looked on the head-direct site, but there seems to be nothing similar available in this price range?
  15. HeadphoneAddict

    Review: Head-direct.com HiFiMan RE252 Earphones

    I have spent a few weeks with the RE252 and wanted to report my thoughts on them, and this thread looked like a good place to post about them. I have over 350-400 hours on them right now, and put over 200 hours through them before doing any serious listening. They sounded nice with some midrange...
  16. ali123

    Go for the DUNU DN-12 Trident?

    Hi guys, I have a budget of about $40. Now I was originally going to get the RE2 but since it's not available anymore I found reviews for the DUNU DN-12 Trident and they all seem incredibly positive. Now I want the best I can get for the price. I mainly listen to Japanese pop, techno, trance...
  17. randomsgs

    Hifiman IEM tips

    Hey guys. So I recently bought a pair of RE-Zeros and I absolutely love them I've been listening to them with the stock double flange tips and nothing has ever fit my ears so snugly but I lost one of them recently  so I was wondering what my best options are for replacing them thanks in...
  18. Pratt

    RE2 to RE0?

    Just wondering if anyone has both and thinks the RE0 is worth almost 3 times the price (I got the RE2 for $30). I know $80 is hardly a lot of money, but it is if the upgrade isn't that significant. I'm fairly sure that it will be, but the RE2 was also pretty well received back when it came out...
  19. lilaznb0i1

    Best earphones for under 70$

    Hi, Im looking for earphones which are best with pop and trance thats under 70$ I was thinking about getting the Sennheiser CX300-II Precision or HD RE2 w/ E5.   Could you guys help me in my search?   Thanks!
  20. ggops

    Hifiman re0 or re2 with Fiiio5 combo

    I know there are many posts comparing these but I would like to know what would be the better choice because these would be the first actual good quality headphones. Previously ive owned the klipsch s4, meelec m6, lenntek sonix and such, but i find them to be a bit too colored and i would like...
  21. Murcielago64

    Best Open Headphone thats portable??

    I am upgrading from a ATH-AD700 Audio Technica open air headphone.  I like the sound and the fact that its very open.  I need sound leakage, because I use them at work and need to be aware of what I am monitoring.  The issue I have now is size, as they are too big to take with me.  I would like...
  22. zephyrus17

    Recommend Circumaural Headphones

    After my first foray into headphones with a Philips SPC HP1000 many many ears ago that died violently, I moved on to in-ear earphones (now have a Shure RE2). But after some itchiness I've been thinking of getting a set of circumaurals again. My budget is at around AU$300 and I'd like something I...
  23. Ben100014

    Are my Sennhesier CX-300 II's counterfeits?

    Hey all, I bought a pair of Sennheiser CX-300 II's from a third party highly rated Amazon vendor about a week ago. I have had them for a week, and noticed that they don't really sound much better than the headphones that came with my old Zune. After doing some research, I came to a brief...
  24. EternalEmpire

    How's the isolation on the Head-Direct RE2?

    Long story short, my IEMs broke and I need new ones. I like what I've heard about the RE2 and I'm ready to buy them, but I need to know that they're capable of blocking out the average amount of noise you'd expect to find on public transport, or more specifically on busses.   Can anyone...
  25. Xozz

    cheap and durable iems

    Looking for a pair of durable iems/earbuds that are cheap (I mean like REALLY cheap, 30 bucks tops) that still have some semblance of sound quality. Any ideas?