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A question about a few IEMs

  1. hawk1410
    So I am currently in India for the next month or so and my main set of IEMs(the Image S4) broke and I am looking for a replacement IEM. Nothing too fancy, just something that does the job. I have been checking out some websited and the only IEMs in my price range(around 100$) that are available for purchase are - Sony XBA-1, Fischer Audio Paradigm V2, Head Direct RE1, Head Direct RE2, Fischer Audio SBA-01, Brainwavz B2, Klipsch Image S4. I listen to many different genres. I am fond of detail in the treble but for my IEMs I am looking for something with a nice and smooth laid back sound, but with enough detail and seperation that it does not sound too muffled.
  2. AstroTurf
    If it ain't broke don't fix it...
    So, I would suggest that you replace like for like.
    Get a sure thing with the Klipsch Image S4.
    Just my thoughts, Jim
  3. hawk1410
    I was actually not too fond of my S4s, they were comfortable but the sound left a little to be desired and the wires were really flimsy. Any idea about any of those other IEMs?
  4. AstroTurf
    Have not heard any of them myself.

    But, If I had to choose from your list. I would choose the Sonys.

    Just my opinion. Hopefully others will weigh in to help you out.

  5. Swimsonny
    Best IEMs there all though have not heard them all, is the Brainwavs B2, not muddy at all, super clear but lacking a fair but of bass if you coming from s4
  6. mohdkhamsya
    The b2s are regarded as one of the most detailed iems around. Sparkly textured treble, smooth beautiful mids and tight punchy bass. A word of warning though. Coming from a low end iem like the s4, you'll find the b2s harsh and forward. I hated mine at first because I came from a um1. But the sound grew on me and I have to say, it kicks many other more expensive iems in the butt. If you want the detail with a more laid back sound though, you could try the tdk ba200. They're quite impressive too.
  7. hawk1410
    Ok, turns out the Branwavz available are actually the M2 and not the B2 as the dealer told me earlier. Also the Logitech UE 400/500 are available, any word on those?
  8. mohdkhamsya
    I've never heard either of the ue models. Heard the 700. Not a fan of it. I'm sorry I didn't read your post properly and missed out the price range. For sub $100 and the sound signature you have described, I would say you should go with the vsonic gr04 flagship edition (lendmeurears.com). Very balanced all around and fun to listen to. I've never heard the m2s but I've read that they're pretty impressive. I've heard the visang r02, sibling of the brainwavz m1. Some of the reviews claim the both of them to be very similar. If I remember right, they're fairly mid to treble centric. Smooth mids and well textured treble for the price. Not as forward and aggressive but I would say just right. You could also read jokers comprehensive multi iem review. Just Google it. It's a great resource for those looking to buy iems.
  9. Swimsonny
    I found the M2s to bass with rubbish MUDs and you can get the far far better GR06 for the same price!!!
  10. Mr Newyear
    I recommend the Sony MDREX 310lp. Have them and I love them
  11. mohdkhamsya
    +1 for Swimsonny. Btw check this out: http://mad.ly/5053f2. Mp4nation has a typhoon sale going on and if youre willing to stretch, the Brainwavz B2 are going for $120!!

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